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Support .ts ormconfig in CLI #2828

ssalka opened this Issue Sep 20, 2018 · 6 comments


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ssalka commented Sep 20, 2018

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I have an existing configuration file written in TypeScript, currently being used successfully at runtime. The config (config/mongodb.ts) is as follows:

export default {
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 27017,
  database: 'test',
  type: 'mongodb'

However, I'm unable to use this config file via the CLI - I get the following from running typeorm schema:sync --config ./config/mongodb:

(function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { export default {

SyntaxError: Unexpected token export

I was a little surprised by this. Given that the project is written in TypeScript, and is focused on providing functionality around TypeScript, it seems odd that developers end up having to use a .js or .json file to specify their config.

I've tried using a JSON file instead, which works for the CLI, but causes the following type error:

TSError: ⨯ Unable to compile TypeScript:
config/index.ts(6,14): error TS2322: Type '{ "host": string; "port": string; "database": string; "type": string; }' is not assignable to type 'MongoConnectionOptions'.
  Types of property 'type' are incompatible.
    Type 'string' is not assignable to type '"mongodb"'.

I could patch this by adding an as any type assertion, or by transpiling the file for usage with the CLI, but I'm generally against doing either - I'd prefer to use a TypeScript config file as the source of truth.


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ryuuji3 commented Oct 9, 2018

I would recommend using ts-node to run the CLI; try pre-facing typeorm commands with:

ts-node ./node_modules/.bin/typeorm

In our project, I have npm commands that use the CLI like this to make things easier.
Let me know if this works since I would like to try using .ts files instead of .js myself. Just hadn't thought of trying it til now.


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ssalka commented Oct 11, 2018

@ryuuji3 thanks for your suggestion - although this works as far as getting typeorm to read the config file I specify, I now end up with a MissingDriverError. This seems to be because the TS config file is parsed as { default: {/* actual config here */} } rather than the actual object being exported (this is expected TypeScript behavior). The result is that the reader interprets the driver field as undefined.

In the end, I can get the schema sync to run successfully by exporting each key individually, i.e.

export const type = 'mongodb';
export const host = 'localhost';

But that is also non-ideal because 1) it is less readable than a single object or JSON file, and 2) I lose the ability to enforce the MongoConnectionOptions interface.


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ryuuji3 commented Oct 11, 2018


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ssalka commented Oct 11, 2018

Thanks @ryuuji3, I believe that will do as a workaround (ideally, would prefer that ConnectionOptionsReader can extract a default export from a .ts file).

I'm using TypeScript, so the module variable cannot be used as such. There is a TS-equivalent syntax though (which I've never used before) that appears to work:

export = {/* config */};

Then in my application code, I can write either import * as ormconfig from '...' or import ormconfig = require('...')


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zefexdeveloper commented Nov 9, 2018

I'm getting this error after running ts-node ./node_modules/.bin/typeorm

basedir=$(dirname "$(echo "$0" | sed -e 's,\,/,g')")
SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list


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hackmushroom commented Nov 11, 2018

@zefexdeveloper I had the same issue. I now use a script entry like this in my package.json to get it working:

"scripts": {
    "typeorm:cli": "ts-node -r tsconfig-paths/register ./node_modules/typeorm/cli.js -f ./ormconfig"

That way I can run commands easily. E.g.:

yarn typeorm:cli migration:run

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