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Lightbend (Typesafe archive)

Archive of projects previously hosted under Typesafe; See the Lightbend organization for active projects

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  1. zinc zinc Public archive

    ⛔️ [DEPRECATED] sbt's scala incremental compiler

    Scala 304 58

  2. scalalogging scalalogging Public

    Convenient and performant logging in Scala

    Scala 177 22

  3. angular-seed-play angular-seed-play Public


    JavaScript 119 44

  4. activator-akka-stream-scala activator-akka-stream-scala Public

    Demonstrate Akka streams in Scala

    HTML 119 46

  5. activator-akka-distributed-workers activator-akka-distributed-workers Public

    Typesafe Activator template for distributed workers with Akka cluster.

    Scala 117 52

  6. activator-akka-java-spring activator-akka-java-spring Public

    Activator tutorial for Akka showing Java & Spring integration

    HTML 116 57


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