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package plugin
import sbt._
import sbt.Keys.{ fullClasspath, streams, classDirectory, ivySbt, name }
/** Sbt plugin for using MiMa. */
object MimaPlugin extends Plugin {
import MimaKeys._
/** Just configures MiMa to compare previous/current classfiles.*/
def mimaReportSettings: Seq[Setting[_]] = Seq(
findBinaryIssues <<= (previousClassfiles, currentClassfiles,
fullClasspath in findBinaryIssues, streams, name) map { (prevOption, curr, cp, s, name) =>
prevOption match {
case Some(prev) =>
SbtMima.runMima(prev, curr, cp, s)
case None => + ": previous-artifact not set, not analyzing binary compatibility")
reportBinaryIssues <<= (findBinaryIssues, failOnProblem, streams, name) map SbtMima.reportErrors)
/** Setup mima with default settings, applicable for most projects. */
def mimaDefaultSettings: Seq[Setting[_]] = Seq(
failOnProblem := true,
previousArtifact := None,
currentClassfiles <<= classDirectory in Compile map identity,
previousClassfiles <<= (ivySbt, previousArtifact, streams) map { (i, optArt, s) =>
optArt map { art => SbtMima.getPreviousArtifact(art, i, s) }
fullClasspath in findBinaryIssues <<= fullClasspath in Compile) ++ mimaReportSettings
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