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This project is a plugin for SBT 0.10 providing a command to create Eclipse project files from a SBT project (possibly containing subprojects).

Installing sbteclipse as a SBT plugin

  • To “install” the plugin, either use a local or the globel plugin definition (for details about SBT plugins please see the SBT documentation):
    • The local plugin is just a build.sbt file in the project/plugins folder of your project
    • The global plugin is defined via a build.sbt file in the directory ~/.sbt/plugins.
  • Just add the below lines to your build.sbt file, paying attention to the blank line between the two blocks:
resolvers += {
  val typesafeRepoUrl = new"")
  val pattern = Patterns(false, "[organisation]/[module]/[sbtversion]/[revision]/[type]s/[module](-[classifier])-[revision].[ext]")
  Resolver.url("Typesafe Repository", typesafeRepoUrl)(pattern)

libraryDependencies <<= (libraryDependencies, sbtVersion) { (deps, version) => 
  deps :+ ("com.typesafe.sbteclipse" %% "sbteclipse" % "1.1" extra("sbtversion" -> version))

Using sbteclipse to create Eclipse project files

  • As soon as sbteclipse is properly set up as a plugin, you can use the command eclipse in an SBT session to create Eclipse project files
  • After having created the Eclipse project files you can import the project in Eclipse using the “Import Wizard” to import “Existing Projects into Workspace”


  • create-src to create the common source directories, e.g. src/main/scala, src/main/test, etc.
  • skip-root to skip project creation for the root project


tmp$ mkdir test
tmp$ cd test
test$ sbt
> eclipse create-src
[info] Successfully created Eclipse project files. Please select the appropriate Eclipse plugin for Scala 2.8.1!


sbteclipse is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. If you like it, feel free use it!

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