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Merge pull request #267 from typesafehub/managed

Fix getting the managed source directories
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commit 14a1e34780d5ba92538c6a0a175aae9ff23e6173 2 parents 7a9bcaf + e0e2117
@benmccann benmccann authored
2  src/main/scala/com/typesafe/sbteclipse/core/EclipsePlugin.scala
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ object EclipsePlugin {
val analysis = (Keys.compile in scope).value
if ((EclipseKeys.generateClassesManaged in scope).value) {
val classes = (Keys.classDirectory in scope).value
- val srcManaged = (Keys.sourceManaged in scope).value
+ val srcManaged = (Keys.managedSourceDirectories in scope).value
// Copy managed classes - only needed in Compile scope
// This is done to ease integration with Eclipse, but it's doubtful as to how effective it is.
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