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bad option: -P:xgettext:xitrum.I18n #153

ngocdaothanh opened this Issue Mar 14, 2013 · 8 comments

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I have this project:

sbteclipse-plugin 2.1.2 is used:

This project has this scalac option:

The option is for this Scala compiler plugin:

If you checkout this project and run:
sbt/sbt eclipse

Eclipse files will be created. The content of file .settings/org.scala-ide.sdt.core.prefs:


The problem is that after importing the created project to Eclipse, Eclipse will display this:
bad option: -P:xgettext:xitrum.I18n


What is the reason?
Is there a solution?

myruby commented Apr 2, 2013

I've got this problem too. When I removed this line "P=xgettext:xitrum.I18n,continuations:enable" in file .settings/org.scala-ide.sdt.core.prefs, It seems to be okay. I hope to know the solution to this problem.


This issue where eclipse presentation compiler is unaware of local project scalac plugins. Let me ping the guys on eclipse IDE aand see how we feed scalac plugins to eclipse.

Lightbend Inc. member
dotta commented Apr 15, 2013

@jsuereth The issue is that both the build compiler and the prensentation compiler don't know where to look for the additional compiler plugins. You need to set the Xplugin key and provide the path to the compiler plugin. For instance, adding the following in my .settings/org.scala-ide.sdt.core.prefs fixes the issue:



@dotta Thanks! I'll have to add special "autoCompilerPlugin" support to sbteclipse for this, but I don't think it'll be a huge issue.

@myruby or @ngocdaothanh - DO you have an OSS example project I can use for testing this out?


  • Josh

Sure, use this project:

git clone git://
cd xitrum-demos
sbt/sbt eclipse
(sbt/sbt run if you're curious)

Then open the project in Eclipse.

@jsuereth jsuereth added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 15, 2013
@jsuereth jsuereth Fixes #153 - Scalac plugins not fed to eclipse.
This fixes the issues as described.  A follow on commit adds the necessary fixes
to handle the continuations plugin specially, since he's an odd duck.

Ok, fix is made. I'll look into rolling it into 2.2.0-RC1, since this was an existing feature that was borked.


err read "RC2"


Ok, check out: #158

@jsuereth jsuereth added a commit that closed this issue Apr 16, 2013
@jsuereth jsuereth Fixes #153 - Scalac plugins not fed to eclipse.
This fixes the issues as described:

* Xplugin/P settings can be specified multiple times
* Pull scalacOptions from "compile" configuration, most likely the ones we want for eclipse
* Eclipse cannot support specifying the continuations plugin currently, because it
automagically includes its own.
@jsuereth jsuereth closed this in be5a76b Apr 16, 2013
@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh referenced this issue in xitrum-framework/xitrum Apr 16, 2013

Update sbteclipse #116

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