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There are situations when due to strange requirements in project generated Eclipse files need some non stanadard customization.
It would be nice to have simple extension points that would allow customization of generated Eclipse project files.

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Could you please elaborate?


We had to setup Android project and sbteclipse does not support this out of the box.
But there are lots of Eclipse plugins that in order to work require some setup in Eclipse project files.
It would be handy if sbteclipse supported some kind of extension point or post processing functionality that would allow customization of generated project files.


Could you please give some concrete examples how such additional contents in .classpath or .project would look like?

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Examples of such modifications:

  • Customization of natures in .project file. In case of Android this is:

  • Modification of buildSpec in .project file. For example adding such elements:

  • Adding classpath entry in .claspath file:

    <classpathentry kind="con" path=""/>

In general it would be best to have one power feature to customize/post process any generated project file in any way one wants.

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