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Plugin for sbt to create Eclipse project definitions

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This project is a plugin for SBT 0.10 providing a command to create Eclipse project files from a SBT project (possibly containing subprojects).


  • First add the plugin to your global plugins project ~/.sbt/plugins
  • Then create a SBT project
  • Now you can use the command eclipse to create Eclipse project files
  • Finally you can import the project in Eclipse unsing the “Import Wizard”


  • create-src to create the common source directories, e.g. src/main/scala, src/main/test, etc.
  • skip-root to skip project creation for the root project


~$ mkdir -p .sbt/plugins
~$ cd .sbt/plugins/
plugins$ sbt
> set libraryDependencies += "com.weiglewilczek.sbteclipse" %% "sbteclipse" % "1.0"
> session save
> exit

tmp$ mkdir test
tmp$ cd test
test$ sbt
> eclipse
[error] Only for Scala 2.9!
> set scalaVersion := "2.9.0-1"
> eclipse create-src skip-root
[info] Successfully created an Eclipse project for you. Have fun!


sbteclipse is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. If you like it, feel free use it!

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