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package com.typesafe.webwords.common
import akka.routing._
* An actor pool with a bunch of reasonable defaults for actors
* that do some kind of CPU-bound computation. General loose
* assumptions are that having way more actors than cores is
* counterproductive, that we only want to process each message
* one time, and that the actors in the pool are relatively
* lightweight.
* A lot of the values set here are pretty arbitrary and could only
* be set scientifically with a lot of application-specific tuning.
trait CPUBoundActorPool
extends DefaultActorPool
with SmallestMailboxSelector
with BoundedCapacityStrategy
with MailboxPressureCapacitor
with Filter
with BasicRampup
with BasicBackoff {
self: Actor =>
// Selector: selectionCount is how many pool members to send each message to
override def selectionCount = 1
// Selector: partialFill controls whether to pick less than selectionCount or
// send the same message to duplicate delegates, when the pool is smaller
// than selectionCount. Does not matter if lowerBound >= selectionCount.
override def partialFill = true
// BoundedCapacitor: create between lowerBound and upperBound delegates in the pool
override val lowerBound = 1
override lazy val upperBound = Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors() * 2
// MailboxPressureCapacitor: pressure is number of delegates with >pressureThreshold messages queued
override val pressureThreshold = 1
// BasicRampup: rampupRate is percentage increase in capacity when all delegates are busy
override def rampupRate = 0.2
// BasicBackoff: backoffThreshold is the percentage-busy to drop below before
// we reduce actor count
override def backoffThreshold = 0.7
// BasicBackoff: backoffRate is the amount to back off when we are below backoffThreshold.
// this one is intended to be less than 1.0-backoffThreshold so we keep some slack.
override def backoffRate = 0.20
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