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An example Akka/Scala application on Heroku, created by Typesafe
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An example Akka/Scala application ready to run on Heroku.

Created by Typesafe,


Unlike the usual "Hello, World" this example shows off quite a few different features of the Akka and Heroku platforms. There's a fair amount of code here, but of course you can zoom in and look at the part you care about.

The "point" of the app (if you can call it that) is to do a shallow spider of a web site and compute some information about it, namely word counts and a list of links found on the site.

The app shows:

  • how to use Akka to write a highly parallel application in functional style, as an alternative to java.util.concurrent
  • how to deploy it on Heroku including how to use addons and multiple processes

You can run the app using free price tiers from Heroku, MongoHQ, and RabbitMQ. You can also run it locally, of course.

A request step-by-step

If you follow an incoming request to the app, here's what the app shows you:

Build and deploy

The build for the app illustrates:

How to run it locally


How to run it on Heroku



Learn more about the Scala and Akka stack at !

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