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Create Web apps with Typescene from the command line
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Create Typescene Web App

Create front end applications with the Typescene framework, using the command line (CLI).

Getting Started

You'll need to have NodeJS installed on your computer, but you do not need to install anything else.

To create a new app in a folder named my-webapp, run the following command in the Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows):

npx create-typescene-webapp my-webapp

This will create a folder inside the current folder, copy source files, and install packages using NPM.

After installation, run the following commands to start a development server and open your default browser:

cd my-webapp
npm run start


You may use the following command line arguments to configure the installation.

Argument Effect
--js Use JS (ES6) only, instead of TypeScript
--jsx Include JSX (TSX) support
--bundler=... Use a specific bundler (either webpack or parcel)
--git Initialize a Git repository
--yarn Use Yarn instead of NPM
--overwrite Force overwrite existing files

Reach Out!

Find us on Twitter for the latest news, and please consider giving us a ⭐️ star on GitHub!


Support Typescene on Patreon for financial contributions.

For contributions in the form of bug fixes and changes, feel free to use Pull Requests or send us a DM on Twitter to discuss how best to approach your issue.


The Typescene source code is licensed under the MIT license.

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