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* Thanks lint - correct no-inferrable-types headings

* Update packages/eslint-plugin/src/rules/no-implicit-any-catch.ts

Co-authored-by: Brad Zacher <>

* Fix explicit-function-return-type

Co-authored-by: Joshua Chen <>
Co-authored-by: Brad Zacher <>
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Disallow non-null assertions using the `!` postfix operator.

🛑 This file is source code, not the primary documentation location! 🛑

See for documentation.

Rule Details

Using non-null assertions cancels the benefits of the strict null-checking mode.

Examples of code for this rule:


interface Foo {
  bar?: string;

const foo: Foo = getFoo();
const includesBaz: boolean =!.includes('baz');


interface Foo {
  bar?: string;

const foo: Foo = getFoo();
const includesBaz: boolean ='baz') ?? false;

When Not To Use It

If you don't care about strict null-checking, then you will not need this rule.