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docs(eslint-plugin): rewrite member-ordering docs (#349)

Part of the [PR to enforce an alphabetic order for members]( is to rewrite the existing docs to better document the current behavior of `member-ordering`. As this touches almost any line in the rule documentation, I thought it makes sense to open a separate PR for that.

In this PR, I've reworked the entire rule documentation to make it (hopefully) more clear how this rule works. The examples are mostly taken from the current rule documentation - some with little adaptations.
Besides that, I've changed a few names and added some comments in the rule implementation to make it more understandable (basically the points I didn't understand immediately while trying to understand the current implementation to better describe the rule).
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timkraut authored and bradzacher committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent 18484a2 commit 3b28cacd49a1bc61ba0c3f8f76096f6902b92848
Showing with 474 additions and 418 deletions.
  1. +435 −388 packages/eslint-plugin/docs/rules/
  2. +39 −30 packages/eslint-plugin/src/rules/member-ordering.ts
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