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πŸ“š Instant Books Search, powered by Typesense

This is a demo that showcases some of Typesense's features using a 28 Million database of books from OpenLibrary (Internet Archive).

View it live here:

Tech Stack

This search experience is powered by Typesense which is a blazing-fast, open source typo-tolerant search-engine. It is an open source alternative to Algolia and an easier-to-use alternative to ElasticSearch.

The book dataset is from If you're able to contribute book metadata, please do πŸ™

The app was built using the Typesense Adapter for InstantSearch.js and is hosted on S3, with CloudFront for a CDN.

The search backend is powered by a geo-distributed 3-node Typesense cluster running on Typesense Cloud, with nodes in Oregon, Frankfurt and Mumbai.

The dataset has ~28M records, takes up 6.8GB on disk and 14.3GB in RAM when indexed in Typesense. Takes ~3 hours to index these 28M records.

Repo structure

  • src/ and index.html - contain the frontend UI components, built with Typesense Adapter for InstantSearch.js
  • scripts/indexer - contains the script to index the book data into Typesense.
  • scripts/data - contains a 1K sample subset of the books database. But you can download the full dataset from the link above.


To run this project locally, install the dependencies and run the local server:

bundle # JSON parsing takes a while to run using JS when indexing, so we're using Ruby just for indexing

yarn run typesenseServer

ln -s .env.development .env

yarn run indexer:extractAuthors # This will output an authors.jsonl file
yarn run indexer:transformDataset # This will output a transformed_dataset.json file
BATCH_SIZE=100000 yarn run indexer:importToTypesense # This will import the JSONL file into Typesense

yarn start

Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app.


The app is hosted on S3, with Cloudfront for a CDN.

yarn build
yarn deploy


A site to instantly search 28M books from OpenLibrary using Typesense Search (an open source alternative to Algolia / ElasticSearch) ⚑ πŸ“š πŸ”







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