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typesense-js NPM version downloads

Javascript client library for accessing the Typesense HTTP API.

This library can be used both on the server-side and on the client-side. The library's source is in ES6 and during build time, we transpile it to ES5 and generate two artifacts - one that can be used on the server-side and another that uses Browserify and can be used on the client side.


Option 1: Install via npm

npm install --save typesense

Install peer dependencies:

npm install --save @babel/runtime

Note: @babel/runtime is very a common dependency among many JS libraries. So instead of each library adding it as a dependency independently (which will cause multiple instances of @babel/runtime to be installed increasing bundle size), Babel's recommendation is that the libraries ask users to install it once as a direct dependency, so there's only one copy of @babel/runtime for the entire project. In some cases, your JS framework might already include @babel/runtime as a dependency.

Option 2: Include the minified JS file for use in the browser directly

<script src="dist/typesense.min.js"></script>

or via jsDelivr

<script src=""></script>


Read the documentation here for detailed examples:

Tests are also a good place to know how the library works internally: test

Note: When using this library in a browser, please be sure to use an API Key that only allows search operations instead of the master API key. See doc/examples/server/keys.js for an example of how to generate a search only API key.

See Configuration.ts for a list of all client configuration options.


Here are some examples with inline comments that walk you through how to use the client: doc/examples

To run the examples, from the repo root:

npm run typesenseServer
node doc/examples/server/bulkImport.js

GatsbyJS Integration

If you use GatsbyJS for a framework, we have a plugin (that uses typesense-js behind the scenes) to automatically push your site data to Typesense when you build your site. Learn more here.

Firebase Integration

If you use Firebase, we have a Firebase extension (that uses typesense-js behind the scenes) to automatically push your Firestore data to Typesense. Learn more here.

Building UI components

Checkout the Typesense-InstantSearch.js (which uses typesense-js) for UI components you can use to quickly build powerful instant search experiences.


This table refers to server=>client compatibility. Newer versions of the client library maintain backwards compatibility with older versions of the server library.

Typesense Server typesense-js
>= v0.25.0 >= v1.7.0
>= v0.24.0 >= v1.5.0
>= v0.23.0 >= v1.3.0
>= v0.21.0 >= v0.14.0
>= v0.20.0 >= v0.12.0
>= v0.19.0 >= v0.11.0
>= v0.18.0 >= v0.10.0
>= v0.17.0 >= v0.9.0
>= v0.16.0 >= v0.8.0
>= v0.15.0 >= v0.7.0
>= v0.12.1 >= v0.5.0
>= v0.12.0 >= v0.4.7
<= v0.11 <= v0.3.0


After checking out the repo, run npm install to install dependencies. Then run npm test to run the linter and tests.

To release a new version, we use the np package:

$ npm install --global np
$ np

# Follow instructions that np shows you


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at