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- update tests to use get_info(SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR) for quoting
(when s///ing suff out or update tests to use quoted names).
x use DBD::ODBC & its type_info_all() to test type_info_all in DBD::mysql
- write test scripts for quote_idenitifer();
- add tests for autoreconnect (dev only -- since these will require restarting
mysqld ?)
- Write up test for found_rows = 1
+ document change of behaviour in found_rows
+ Document compile time options to change found_rows behaviour
+ Document compile time option for SSL: 'perl Makefile.PL -ssl'
is not documented
- dbd_login6 with attrib (maybe)
- f_key_info() func & tests.
+ update type_info_all.
- Warnings when invalid GetTypeInfo type is passed into get_type_info;
- make tests should test all mysql column types for native2sql() -- or better
yet have native2sql be generated by a script that also generates the types