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Revision history for Perl extension Data::MessagePack::Stream
0.07 2012-07-25T10:15:01+09:00
- fix a bug #3 failing to decode empty string (Reported by maxatome)
- add a regression test case fails with Data::MessagePack (by Olivier Mengué)
0.06 2012-06-25T13:22:46+09:00
- fix memory allocation checks
0.05 2012-06-21T16:29:36+09:00
- fix build issue on x86_64 again
- fix some HV/AV leaks (Reported by gleeco)
0.04 2012-06-18T10:34:33+09:00
- enable -fPIC on x86_64 environment
0.03 2012-06-08T20:06:35+09:00
- bundle msgpack 0.5.7 release tar data instead of git submodule
0.02 2012-06-03T11:21:13+09:00
- try to fix build on some environment
0.01 2012-06-01T18:25:36+09:00
- initial version
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