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Revision history for Perl extension AnyEvent::JSONRPC::Lite
0.15 2011-12-09T07:06:52+09:00
- fix missing dependency: Test::Exception
0.14 2011-12-08T06:54:56+09:00
- fix that test sometimes fail in 64bit int support environment (RT: #65014)
0.13 2010-10-31T15:40:21+09:00
- preserve guard object to unbind server socket (cho45++)
0.12 2010-05-28T11:35:58+09:00
- fix a documentation bug (tokuhirom++)
0.11001 2009-09-03T17:57:54+09:00
- fix pod spell and its test (tokuhirom++)
- depends latest AnyEvent
- add recommends line for JSON::XS
0.11 2009-09-03T15:23:56+09:00
- fix broken pod syntax
- some refactoring around result condvar (tokuhirom++)
0.10 2009-08-28T20:25:51+09:00
- BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE: client's $cv->recv now just get ->{result} directly.
and just croak when server returns an error by using $cv->croak
- added on_error, on_eof callback options to constructor
- upgrade documents
0.03002 2009-08-27T16:28:48+09:00
- remove Guard object isa check, it's not used when Guard module isn't available.
0.03001 2009-08-27T11:41:18+09:00
- fix disconnect test, checking disconnection in on_error
0.03 2009-08-26T02:04:07+09:00
- fixed some bugs that destroying objects (== disconnection, close server) does not work
0.02 2009-08-04T21:28:38+09:00
- added default on_eof handler to Server for ignoring clean disconnection from client
0.01002 2009-08-02T13:57:19+09:00
- some document fixes
- added missing prereq: JSON
0.01001 2009-07-31T17:03:44+09:00
- added missing prereq: Any::Moose
0.01 2009-07-31T16:43:46+09:00
- original version