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perl module for serialize/deserialize adobe's AMF data
Perl ActionScript
Tag: 0.09

Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.09.

Changelog diff is:

diff --git a/Changes b/Changes
index cbca15b..7660f08 100644
--- a/Changes
+++ b/Changes
@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
 Revision history for Perl extension Data::AMF

+0.09 2010-08-31T15:28:16+09:00
+     - fixed numeric string start with '0' encoded as number, it should be encoded as string.
 0.08 2010-08-04T09:15:06+09:00
      - fixed bug that Data::AMF::Message didn't compiled at all (by Artem S Vybornov)
      - on AMF3, some fractional numbers was serialized as integers (by Artem S Vybornov)
latest commit 3fb244906f
@typester authored


This is Perl module Data::AMF.


Data::AMF installation is straightforward. If your CPAN shell is set up,
you should just be able to do

    % cpan Data::AMF

Download it, unpack it, then build it as per the usual:

    % perl Makefile.PL
    % make && make test

Then install it:

    % make install


Data::AMF documentation is available as in POD. So you can do:

    % perldoc Data::AMF

to read the documentation online with your favorite pager.

Daisuke Murase
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