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1993-05-30 Richard Stallman (
* Version 19.10 released.
1993-05-29 Richard Stallman (
* term/bobcat.el: Just load term/keyswap.el.
* term/vt200.el: Just load term/vt100.el.
* term/apollo.el: Just load term/vt100.el.
* term/vt102.el, term/vt125.el, term/vt201.el, term/vt220.el,
* term/vt240.el, term/vt300.el, term/vt320.el, term/vt400.el,
* term/vt420.el: New files. Just load vt100.el.
* term/lk201.el: New file.
* term/vt100.el: Use term/lk201.el.
* term/vt100.el (vt100-wide-mode): Add missing arg in set-frame-width.
1993-05-29 Richard Stallman (
* startup.el (command-line-1): Pass arg to other-window.
* files.el (find-file-run-dired): Doc fix.
(find-file-read-only): Return the buffer.
(find-file-read-only-other-window): Likewise.
(find-file-read-only-other-frame): Likewise.
* timer.el (cancel-function-timers): Renamed from spurious duplicate
definition of cancel-timer.
* add-log.el (find-change-log): Use file-chase-links.
* files.el (file-chase-links): New function.
(backup-buffer): Use file-chase-links.
(file-chase-links): Handle leading .. in symlink target.
* c-mode.el (c-up-conditional): Handle commented-out #-cmds properly.
* window.el (split-window-vertically): Return the new window.
* paths.el (gnus-local-organization): Initially nil.
* isearch.el (isearch-search): Take note of isearch-case-fold-search
initial value.
* lisp-mode.el (indent-sexp): Even if outer-loop-done is t,
still move down one line.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Fix syntax for sgml mode.
* man.el (Man-mode-map): Bind m to manual-entry.
(Man-notify-when-ready): Make arg name consistent.
Use delete-other-window.
(Man-mode): Use buffer-disable-undo, not old name.
* faces.el (x-resolve-font-name): Allow symbol as FACE arg.
Allow t as FRAME arg.
* sendmail.el (send-mail-function): Use defvar. not defconst.
* mouse.el (x-fixed-font-alist): Specify field 7, not field 6.
1993-05-28 Richard Stallman (
* iso8859-1.el: File deleted.
* superyank.el: File deleted.
* vc.el (vc-steal-lock, vc-insert-headers): Fix question whitespace.
(vc-finish-logentry): Use delete-windows-on.
* add-log.el (find-log-file): Use source file's truename dir.
* mh-e.el: Version 3.8.1 from Gildea.
* loaddefs.el (-key): repeat-complex-command moved to C-x ESC ESC.
* hexl.el: Doc fixes.
(hexl-char-after-point): Get rid of mistakenly free variables.
* info.el (Info-insert-dir): Ignore duplicate directories.
* paths.el (Info-default-directory-list): Take out ../../info.
Avoid duplication.
(manual-formatted-dirlist, manual-formatted-dir-prefix): Deleted.
* subr.el (baud-rate): Doc fix.
* add-log.el (find-change-log): Chase symlinks multiple levels.
* rmailsum.el (rmail-new-summary): Set rmail-summary-buffer
to nil at beginning; set it for real after summary is set up.
1993-05-27 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (find-alternate-file): Hide truename and inode number
temporarily, like the visited file name.
* iso8859-1.el: Pass just the downcase table to set-case-...
1993-05-28 Roland McGrath (
* find-dired.el (find-dired-sentinel): Write a line describing death.
Set mode-line-process to record exit status.
Delete the process.
1993-05-27 Richard Stallman (
* frame.el (frame-initialize): Handle reverseVideo resource.
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Handle reverseVideo resource.
* iso-insert.el, iso-ascii.el, iso-swed.el: Provide same name as file.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-dired-compress-file):
Use dired-compress-file, not dired-compress-filename.
* completion.el: Pervasive changes to use Emacs 19 features
and conform to Emacs conventions.
1993-05-27 Jim Blandy (
* Version 19.9 released.
1993-05-27 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: Check for a geometry resource, and apply it to the
initial frame.
1993-05-26 Jim Blandy (
* isearch.el (isearch-forward): Remove the claim that
isearch-whitespace-chars matches any string of whitespace.
1993-05-26 Richard Stallman (
* completion.el: Comment out handling of shell-send-input.
Delete the "local thinking machines" definitions at the end
since they caused compilation failure.
* cl.el (cl-member): Renamed from member.
* time.el (display-time-day-and-date): Use defvar, not defconst.
* subr.el (listify-key-sequence): Avoid the constant ?\M-\200.
* files.el (find-file-noselect): Expand buffer-file-truename
before copying it to anything else.
* dired.el (dired-other-frame): New function, with binding.
* compile.el: Make C-x ` binding just once.
* help.el (finder-by-keyword): Autoload from `finder', not `finder.el'.
* nroff-mode.el (nroff-mode): Don't leave nroff-electric-mode void.
* byte-opt.el (byte-optimize-divide):
Don't optimize to less than two arguments.
* hexl.el (hexlify-command, dehexlify-command): Use exec-directory.
* rmailsort.el: New version from Umeda.
(timezone-make-date-sortable): Make autoload for this.
(rmail-sort-by-recipient): Downcase the strings for sorting.
(rmail-sort-by-recipient): Likewise.
(rmail-sort-by-lines): Renamed from rmail-sort-by-size-lines.
Use numbers to sort by.
(rmail-summary-...): New functions. Bind in rmail-summary-mode-map.
(rmail-sort-from-summary): New function.
(rmail-sort-messages): Don't bother checking major mode.
Put message bounds in sort list, not its text.
Choose string< or < as predicate.
Reorder messages by exchanging them, with inhibit-quit bound.
(rmail-fetch-field): Start by widening.
(rmail-sortable-date-strng): Deleted.
(rmail-make-date-sortable): New function, used instead.
* paths.el (gnus-local-organization): Renamed from ...-your-...
(gnus-local-domain): Likewise.
1993-05-26 Jim Blandy (
* faces.el (x-resolve-font-name): If PATTERN is nil, return the
frame's face.
(set-face-font): Only use x-resolve-font-name if FONT is a string.
Copying a faces shouldn't resolve the font.
* paths.el (Info-default-directory-list): Add
configure-info-directory to this list.
1993-05-26 Richard Stallman (
* scroll-bar.el (scroll-bar-mode): Make default value t.
* help-macro.el (make-help-screen): Handle mouse events.
Be smart about window configurations--when and whether to restore.
* info.el (Info-follow-nearest-node): Omit 4th arg to Info-get-token.
* sgml-mode.el (sgml-validate): compile1 renamed to compile-internal.
(sgml-mode): Add autoload cookie.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Recognize .sgm, .sgml, .dtd.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Treat .H and .hh as C++ files.
* mouse.el (mouse-set-mark): Activate the mark.
Don't bounce the cursor if Transient Mark mode.
(mouse-save-then-kill): Pass explicit args to kill-ring-save.
(mouse-kill-ring-save): Likewise.
* mail-utils.el (mail-strip-quoted-names):
Catch errors from forward-sexp.
* comint.el (comint-filter): Restore buffer-read-only in proper buffer.
* ispell.el: Provide `ispell'.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-set-buffer-mode): Do nothing unless
visited name is an ange ftp magic name.
* advice.el: New version from Chalupsky.
1993-05-25 Richard Stallman (
* dired.el (dired-unmark-all-files): Read arg as a string.
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-mark-deleted): Check for end of buffer.
Pass t as NOWARN when calling rmail-summary-goto-msg.
* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): Test the return value
of dired-check-process properly.
Fix use of nonexistent var `name'.
* info.el (Info-edit, Info-last-search, Info-enable-edit):
Correct case in `Info-mode-map'.
* rmail.el (rmail-bury): Fix call to set-window-buffer.
* loaddefs.el: copy-to-register now on C-x r s.
1993-05-25 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el: Pass x-command-line-resources to x-open-connection.
(x-command-line-resources): New variable.
(x-handle-rn-switch): New function.
(command-switch-alist): Add -rn.
1993-05-25 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el (command-switch-alist, x-switch-definitions): Treat
`-i' like `-itype', as in Emacs 18.
1993-05-25 Jim Blandy (
* Version 19.8 released.
* startup.el (command-line-1): Don't handle `-i'. We're
abandoning the `insert file' meaning in favor of the `use a
bitmapped icon' meaning.
* faces.el (set-face-font): Call x-resolve-font-name on the font
before including it in the face.
(x-resolve-font-name): New function.
* iso-syntax.el: Make downcase into a proper case table before
passing it to set-standard-case-table.
* disp-table.el (standard-display-european): Doc fix. Make
it autoload. Make it respond to prefix arg like a minor mode.
1993-05-24 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el (x-select-text): New arg PUSH.
(x-switch-definitions): Represent -r as `reverse' option.
1993-05-24 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (find-file-read-only-other-window):
Use find-file-other-window.
* paths.el (Info-default-directory-list): Add ../../info.
* info.el (Info-suffix-list): Fix duplicate .z to .info.z.
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Handle `reverse' as parameter.
* frame.el (frame-initialize): Likewise.
* dired.el (dired-flag-backup-files): Speedup:
check explicitly for ~ at end of line.
(dired-flag-auto-save-files): Similar change.
* register.el (jump-to-register):
Don't fail if frame-configuration-p is unbound.
* files.el (cd): Set cd-path to a list.
* simple.el (kill-new): Pass t as 2nd arg to interprogram-cut-function.
* select.el (x-set-cut-buffer): New arg PUSH.
1993-05-24 Jim Blandy (
* disp-table.el (standard-display-default): New function.
(standard-display-european): New command.
* loaddefs.el: Bind [?\M-\C-\ ] to mark-sexp.
1993-05-24 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (shell-command): Don't activate mark even momentarily.
1993-05-24 Jim Blandy (
* case-table.el, disp-table.el, finder.el, iso-ascii.el,
* iso-insert.el, iso-swed.el, iso-syntax.el, iso8859-1.el,
* swedish.el: Change "i14n" keyword to "i18n".
* finder.el (finder-compile-keywords): Replacement unnecessary.
1993-05-24 Richard Stallman (
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-mode): Doc fix.
1993-05-23 Jim Blandy (
* lucid.el (switch-to-other-buffer): Build the list of acceptable
buffers properly.
* faces.el (make-face): Change interactive spec to 'S'.
1993-05-23 Richard Stallman (
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-raw-send-cmd): Allow quitting
during accept-process-output.
* finder.el (finder-known-keywords): Use i18n, not i14n.
(finder-compile-keywords): Substitute i18n for i14n.
Turn off undo in *finder-scratch*. Ignore file names
starting with =.
(finder-mode, finder-current-item): Rename headmark to finder-headmark.
(finder-list-matches, finder-list-keywords): Likewise.
* iso8859-1.el: Call set-case-..., not standard-case-...
1993-05-23 Paul Eggert (
* calendar.el (calendar-daylight-savings-starts)
(calendar-daylight-savings-ends): Default to nil if the locale
never has DST.
1993-05-22 Jim Blandy (
* Version 19.7 released.
1993-05-22 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-comment-to-change-log): Don't take FILE argument, since
vc-update-change-log doesn't support it anyway.
Don't bind default-directory. Instead pass second arg to
(vc-update-change-log): Use find-change-log instead of hardcoding.
1993-05-22 Jim Blandy (
* cl.el (cl-floor, cl-ceiling, cl-truncate, cl-round): Renamed
from floor, ceiling, truncate, and round; the old names conflict
with built-in functions.
1993-05-22 Richard Stallman (
* gud.el (gud-def): Fix inclusion of the define-key.
(gdb, sdb, dbx): Change bindings from letters to control chars.
(gud-common-init): Add save-excursion.
(gud-display-line): Don't mess with buffer-read-only.
(gud-filter): Set output-after-point *after* deleting old prompt.
Likewise for `moving'.
* subr.el (event-modifiers): Doc fix.
* help.el (describe-key, describe-key-briefly):
Discard the click or drag that follows a down event.
* levents.el (event-modifiers): Function deleted.
(read-command-event): For switch-frame event, call select-frame.
1993-05-22 Noah Friedman (
* rlogin.el (rlogin-filter): Yet another rewrite which handles
unusual values of scroll-step in a winning way by window-start
1993-05-22 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (pending-undo-list): Var declared.
* apropos.el (apropos-print-matches): Bind tem.
1993-05-21 Edward M. Reingold (
* holidays.el: Update reference to the papers in S-P&E.
(filter-visible-calendar-holidays): Test for nil date.
* cal-mayan.el: Update reference to the papers in S-P&E.
* cal-french.el: Update reference to the papers in S-P&E.
1993-05-21 Richard Stallman (
* apropos.el (apropos-match-keys): Handle modern keymap structure.
* simple.el (transient-mark-mode): Doc fix.
* outline.el (outline-minor-mode): Make permanent local in all buffers.
Give the command a doc string, and make it autoload.
* lisp-mode.el (lisp-body-indent): Add doc.
1993-05-20 Richard Stallman (
* texinfo.el (texinfo-section-types-regexp): Define here.
* delsel.el: Provide delsel.
(keyboard-quit): Definition deleted.
(minibuffer-keyboard-quit): If Delete Selection mode is off,
do abort even if mark is active.
1993-05-19 Jim Blandy (
Some time-handling patches from Paul Eggert:
* calendar.el (calendar-current-time-zone): New function.
(calendar-time-zone, calendar-standard-time-zone-name)
(calendar-daylight-time-zone-name): Use it instead of current-time-zone.
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Use the same absolute time for both
current-time-string and current-time-zone. Adjust to new format
returned by current-time-zone.
* xfaces.el (face-equal): Doc fix.
1993-05-19 Richard Stallman (
* delsel.el: Renamed from pending-del.el.
Functions and variables renamed to ...delete-selection...
from ...pending-delete...
Bind all minibuffer keymaps alike.
* outline.el (outline-heading-end-regexp): Fix typo.
(outline-minor-mode-map): New variable.
(minor-mode-map-alist): Add new entry.
(outline-minor-mode): Work with above change.
Do not set outline-regexp or outline-header-end-regexp.
1993-05-19 Edward M. Reingold (
* calendar.el (hebrew-calendar-yahrzeit): Correct error from S-P&E
paper in test for Adar I 30 date of death for yahrzeit in a
non-leap year when Shevat 29 must be used.
1993-05-19 Jim Blandy (
* files.el (set-auto-mode): If the buffer's file name is nil,
don't try to compare it against the entries in auto-mode-alist.
1993-05-19 Richard Stallman (
* ispell.el (ispell-command-loop): Make an undo boundary.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Use vector, not string, to bind
printing characters.
1993-05-18 Jim Blandy (
* select.el (xselect-convert-to-class): Just return "Emacs" here.
That's what the class will always be.
1993-05-18 Richard Stallman (
* loaddefs.el: Add bindings for C-SPC and C-/, like C-@ and C-_.
1993-05-18 Jim Blandy (
* startup.el (normal-top-level, command-line, command-line-1):
Don't call the frame and face initialization functions unless
they're bound.
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Don't make
frame-initial-frame unbound; just set it to nil.
* startup.el (command-line-1): Call frame-notice-user-settings
before displaying the startup message.
* server.el (server-switch-hook): New hook.
(server-process-filter): Call it.
* bibtex.el (bibtex-string): Use \" instead of "" to get a double
quote inside a string.
* vms-patch.el (print-region-function): Same.
1993-05-18 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-yank-original): In Transient Mark mode,
don't get error and don't activate the mark.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Extend the dense keymap to 256 chars.
1993-05-17 Richard Stallman (
* trace.el, advice.el: New files.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file): Don't write output if error.
* sendmail.el (mail-setup): Leave point before signature, not after.
* rmailsort.el (rmail-sortable-date-string): Handle date in format
produced by current-time-string.
* simple.el (keyboard-quit): Run deactivate-mark-hook.
(kill-ring-save): If quit happens while cursor is bounced,
make it appear like a command-level quit.
* loaddefs.el: Add bindings for C-digits, C-M-digits, C-- and C-M--.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode): Set deactivate-mark.
* menu-bar.el (fill-region, kill-region, delete-region)
(kill-ring-save): Use mark-active as enable condition.
(undo): Add an enable condition.
1993-05-16 Richard Stallman (
* texinfo.el (texinfo-chapter-level-regexp): Copied here.
1993-05-17 Roland McGrath (
* gnus.el (gnus-info-directory): Variable removed.
(gnus-info-find-node): Don't use it.
1993-05-16 Richard Stallman (
* gnus.el, gnuspost.el, gnusmail.el, gnusmisc.el
* nntp.el, nnspool.el, mhspool.el: Version 3.15 from Umeda.
* frame.el (toggle-scroll-bar): Renamed from toggle-vertical-scroll...
1993-05-16 Richard Stallman (
* texinfo.el: Don't require tex-mode or texnfo-upd.
(texinfo-mode-map): Binding for " deleted.
(texinfo-tex-print): Require tex-mode here.
(texinfo-tex-region): Likewise.
(texinfo-tex-region): Update name of tex-set-buffer-directory.
* tex-mode.el (tex-insert-quote): Doc fix.
* vc.el: Don't require sendmail, compile, or dired.
* simple.el (push-mark): Always activate the mark
if not in Transient Mark mode.
* c-mode.el (mark-c-function): Activate the mark.
* ispell.el (ispell): Deactivate mark before the Ispell run.
(ispell-point): Delete the sit-for; it was confusing.
(ispell): Don't use save-excursion; just restore current buffer.
(ispell-next): Don't save-excursion or save-window-excursion.
(ispell-point): Don't save-excursion.
(ispell-window-configuration): New variable.
(ispell-show-choices): Set it if not nil.
(ispell-next): Initialize to nil. Restore at end.
* simple.el (yank, yank-pop): Don't activate the mark.
* lisp.el (mark-sexp, mark-defun): Activate the mark.
* page.el (mark-page): Activate the mark.
* paragraphs.el (mark-paragraph, mark-end-of-sentence): Likewise.
* simple.el (mark-whole-buffer, mark-word): Activate the mark.
(push-mark): Optional arg ACTIVATE.
(set-mark-command): Use that.
* faces.el (face-initialize): Do make the modeline face.
(x-initialize-frame-faces): Explicitly invert `modeline' face.
(x-create-frame-with-faces): Simplify; do nothing special
with `default' or `modeline' face.
1993-05-15 Jim Blandy (
* version.el (emacs-version): Alpha release 19.6.
1993-05-15 Richard Stallman (
* faces.el: Rename `primary-selection' to `region'.
* mouse.el (mouse-set-region): Call set-mark to activate mark.
* isearch.el (isearch-done): Don't activate mark.
* simple.el (push-mark): Don't activate the mark.
(set-mark-command): Explicitly do so here.
When popping, don't mind if mark is inactive.
(pop-mark): Deactivate mark. Don't mind if it's inactive.
(yank-pop): Don't mind if mark is inactive.
(keyboard-quit): Deactivate the mark.
(kill-ring-save): When bouncing cursor,
bounce the mark too, so highlighted area does not change.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-track-mouse): New function.
This is a kludge; track-mouse must be compiled better.
* simple.el (transient-mark-mode): New command.
* mouse.el (mouse-drag-region): New command, on down-mouse-1.
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Show the answers in the echo area.
* faces.el (face-initialize): Turn off `modeline' face.
Set region-face.
(invert-face): Really do use the default colors.
(x-initialize-frame-faces): Always try "gray" color for
primary-selection; always invert if that fails.
Similar changes for highlight, secondary-selection.
* menu-bar.el: Fix up the edit commands. Add fill-region.
1993-05-14 Richard Stallman (
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-mode): New command. Use for initialization.
* faces.el (make-face): Add interactive spec.
(set-default-font): Deleted.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Handle any length vector in keymap.
(isearch-char-to-string): Handle non-character events properly.
1993-05-14 Jim Blandy (
* subr.el (overlay-start, overlay-end, overlay-buffer): Removed.
* vc.el (vc-version-diff): Match parens.
1993-05-14 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Don't assume that compilation-error-list
is a list; it might be t.
1993-05-13 Richard Stallman (
* emerge.el: Installed version 5 from drw.
Merged in previous FSF changes, plus new changes:
(emerge-count-matches-string): Renamed from count-matches-string.
(emerge-command-prefix): Now C-c C-c.
(emerge-shadow-key-definition): Deleted.
Callers use substitute-key-definition.
(emerge-recursively-substitute-key-definition): Deleted.
Callers use substitute-key-definition.
(emerge-unselect-hook): Renamed from emerge-unselect-hooks.
(emerge-files-internal): Use file-local-copy to handle remote files.
(emerge-files-with-ancestor-internal): Likewise.
(emerge-remote-file-p): Deleted.
(emerge-abort): New command.
(describe-mode): Deleted.
(emerge-hash-string-into-string): Renamed from hash-string-into-string.
(emerge-unslashify-name): Renamed from unslashify-name.
(emerge-write-and-delete): Don't write-file if file-out is nil.
(emerge-setup-fixed-keymaps): Put emerge-abort on C-].
(emerge-find-difference-diff): Renamed from emerge-find-difference.
(emerge-find-difference): New command. Now on `.'.
(emerge-diff-ok-lines-regexp): Renamed from emerge-diff-ok-lines.
(emerge-diff3-ok-lines-regexp): Renamed from emerge-diff3-ok-lines.
1993-05-13 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-version-diff): Don't move point in current buffer.
1993-05-13 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (tags-table-including): Take new third arg CORE-ONLY.
If non-nil, ignore files without extant buffers.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Call tags-table-including first with
CORE-ONLY set, and then afterwards with it clear.
1993-05-12 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el: Require menu-bar.el.
* menu-bar.el: Provide 'menu-bar.
* compile.el (Setting minor-mode-map-alist):
Put the map directly in the alist, not a variable name.
* vc.el: Likewise.
* macros.el (kbd-macro-query): Fix prompt string.
* loadup.el: Preload mouse, scroll-bar and select if have multi-frames.
* vc.el: Improve doc strings and prompt strings.
(vc-cancel-version): Ask whether to revert buffer.
* lmenu.el (default-menubar): Make initial value nil.
(kill-this-buffer, x-new-frame)
(sensitize-file-and-edit-menus-hook, format-buffers-menu-line)
(buffers-menu-max-size, complex-buffers-menu-p)
(buffers-menu-switch-to-buffer-function, buffer-menu-save-buffer)
(buffer-menu-write-file, build-buffers-menu-internal)
(build-buffers-menu-hook): Functions and variables deleted.
* faces.el (face-initialize): New function.
All initialization code moved into it.
Call at end of file, if using X frames already.
(x-create-frame-with-faces): Don't use faces if not initialized.
* startup.el (command-line): Call frame-initialize explicitly.
Call face-initialize.
(normal-top-level): Call frame-notice-user-settings explicitly.
* frame.el: Do not put those functions on hooks.
* terminal.el (te-pass-through): Handle meta chars and non-char events.
(terminal-map, etc.): Use default bindings, not fillarray.
Make the maps sparse.
(terminal-meta-map): New map; lets us make ESC a prefix key.
(terminal-map): Bind ESC to terminal-meta-map.
(te-more-break-unread): Handle non-char as last-input-char.
(te-filter): Delete code that worked with meta-flag.
(terminal-emulator): Don't look at meta-flag.
(terminal-mode): Don't make meta-flag local.
(te-stty-string): Quote the args that have ^. Add pass8.
1993-05-08 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-diff): Report an error if the buffer isn't registered.
(vc-registration-error): New function.
(vc-next-action, vc-diff, vc-print-log, vc-backend-diff): Use it to
make VC's error messages more uniform.
* vc.el (vc-directory, vc-revert-buffer1): Quote lambdas with
(function ...) for Emacs 18.
(compilation-old-error-list): Set if undefined, for Emacs 18.
1993-05-11 Jim Blandy (
* faces.el: Re-arranged to put accessors at the top.
1993-05-10 Richard Stallman (
* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-quit): New function, now on q.
(buffer-menu): Update list of options.
Don't save a window config.
(Buffer-menu-select): Don't call Buffer-menu-execute.
Don't restore a window config.
(Buffer-menu-mode-map): Buffer-menu-select now on v.
1993-05-10 Roland McGrath (
* bytecomp.el (byte-recompile-directory): If ARG is non-nil, set
it to its prefix numeric value. Test for ARG being zero with eq,
not zerop.
1993-05-09 Richard Stallman (
* rmailout.el (rmail-output): Undo June 11 1992 change:
Don't try to use Date field in the From.
* faces.el: Rename all references to try-face-font to
internal-try-face-font, so we don't need lucid.el.
* faces.el (read-face-name): Call face-list, not list-faces.
Fail more gracefully if we can't build bold, italic, etc,
versions of the default font.
* faces.el (make-face-bold, make-face-italic,
make-face-bold-italic, make-face-unbold, make-face-unitalic):
Implement NOERROR argument.
(x-initialize-frame-faces): Use the NOERROR argument to the
font manipulation functions to avoid errors while starting up.
Remove initialization of isearch font.
* xfaces.c (internal-x-complain-about-font): Add new frame
argument, so we can check the frame parameters to find the
default font. Callers changed.
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Fix typo. Dyke out
code to fully qualify the modeline font; we may not be able to
do that correctly.
1993-05-09 Richard Stallman (
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-expand): Delete a search-forward call
after the second replace-match.
1993-05-09 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (find-change-log): If there is a buffer-local value of
change-log-default-name, just return it with no searching.
Previously if it was set to a nonexistent file name, we would
loop forever.
1993-05-09 Richard Stallman (
* replace.el (query-replace-map): Bind [escape] like "\e".
* macros.el (kbd-macro-query): Use query-replace-map to define answers.
* vc.el (diff-switches): Define var here as well as in diff.el.
(vc-backend-diff): Handle either string or list.
* comint.el (comint-filter): Increment opoint only if after
insertion point.
1993-05-08 Jim Blandy (
* faces.el: Call internal-set-face-1, not internat-set-face-1.
* faces.el: Don't set frame-creation-function here; term/x-win.el is
the appropriate place to set it.
* faces.el: Only apply x-initialize-frame-faces to X frames; pass
over terminal frames.
* faces.el: Provide 'faces.
1993-05-08 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: Since we require faces.el, there's no point in setting
frame-creation-function to x-create-frame - just set it directly
to x-create-frame-with-faces.
1993-05-08 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Don't output a newline before From...
* rmail.el (rmail-convert-to-babyl-format): Delete 1 char
if we see a newline instead of what we expect.
* register.el (jump-to-register): Allow file name "in" a register.
* scroll-bar.el (scroll-bar-drag, scroll-bar-drag-1): New functions.
Put scroll-bar-drag on down-mouse-2 in scroll bar.
Leave up-events on mouse-2 unbound.
* help-macro.el: Provide help-macro, not help-screen.
* help.el: Require help-macro, not help-screen.
* menu-bar.el: Don't add menu bar to minibuffer-only frames.
1993-05-07 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-directory-18): New function.
If Emacs 18, make vc-directory alias to this.
1993-05-07 Richard Stallman (
* loaddefs.el: Bind M-right and M-left to forward-word, backward-word.
Unbind M-up and M-down.
* calendar.el (calendar-mode-map): Add arrow key bindings.
* rmail.el (rmail-resend): Add `resent' attribute.
(rmail-forward): With prefix arg, run rmail-resend.
1993-05-07 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el Require 'faces, too. Move (require 'select) to top,
with the other requires.
1993-05-06 Jim Blandy (
* finder.el: Bind finder-exit to 'q', not 'x'; the former is the
conventional way to get out of such a package.
(finder-summary): Use substitute-command-keys.
(finder-mode): Use \\<...> to make sure we get the right keymap.
1993-05-06 Richard Stallman (
* replace.el (flush-lines, keep-lines, how-many):
Delete spurious `s' from prompt arg to read-from-minibuffer.
* comint.el (comint-filter): New function.
(comint-exec): Install the filter.
* simple.el (previous-matching-history-element): If minibuf is empty,
use the last regexp specified a the default.
(next-matching-history-element): Likewise.
* comint.el (comint-previous-matching-input): New command, on M-r.
(comint-next-matching-input): New command, on M-s.
(comint-previous-similar-input): Commented out.
(comint-next-similar-input): Likewise.
(comint-previous-input-matching): Deleted.
(comint-last-input-match): Var commented out.
(comint-mode): Don't make comint-last-input-match local.
1993-05-05 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Delete the entries for makefile-mode.
* asm-mode.el: Doc fix.
* man.el: Rename functions and variables `man-*' to `Man-*'.
(manual-entry): Make prompt string clearer.
* simple.el (blink-matching-paren-distance): Change default to 12,000.
1993-05-04 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (minor-mode-map-alist): Don't use it if it's void.
(vc-cancel-version): Doc fix.
(vc-backend-diff): Use diff-switches, not vc-diff-options.
(vc-diff-options): Variable deleted.
1993-05-03 Edward M. Reingold (
* calendar.el: Update reference to the papers in S-P&E.
(calendar-print-astro-day-number): Correct spelling error in
message string.
1993-05-03 Richard Stallman (
* help.el (help-for-help): Use lower case letters for help options.
* rect.el (string-rectangle): Renamed from fill-rectangle.
(string-rectangle-line): Renamed from fill-rectangle-line.
1993-05-01 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-dired-prefix-map): New keymap.
Use it in minor-mode-map-alist for vc-dired-mode.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-mode-line): Don't alter key bindings.
(vc-toggle-read-only): Put on C-x C-q unconditionally.
(vc-mode): Add permanent-local property.
1993-04-30 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (find-file-noselect): On VMS, always set buffer-file-name
to the truename.
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Fix format of compilation-error-list.
* files.el (find-file-noselect): Do set buffer-file-name
to the truename, when find-file-visit-truename.
1993-04-29 Jim Blandy (
* yow.el (yow): Fix interactive spec.
* files.el (insert-directory): Undo change of March 23;
dereferencing links is inappropriate for dired.
* edebug.el (edebug-display): Call the `mark' function with the
FORCE argument non-nil, so that we don't get an error if the mark
isn't set yet.
* edebug.el (global-edebug-prefix, global-edebug-map): Add
autoload cookies for these, so they are present when Emacs starts
* edebug.el (global-edebug-map): Bind `C-x X d' to edebug-defun in
this map; we can't bind it to `C-x x', as the installation
instructions suggest, because that conflicts with
1993-04-29 Richard Stallman (
* complete.el: New file.
* vc.el (vc-match-substring): Renamed from match-substring.
(vc-parse-buffer): Use new name.
* shell.el (shell-prompt-pattern): Undo last change.
* files.el (file-truename): Redo esr's change.
* loaddefs.el: Put arrow key bindings back to the ordinary Emacs cmds.
* simple.el (up-arrow, down-arrow, left-arrow, right-arrow): Deleted.
* simple.el (kill-line, next-line-add-newlines): Doc fix.
(kill-whole-line): Doc fix.
(kill-forward-chars, kill-forward-chars): Reinsert as before.
* simple.el: Change defalias to define-function.
1993-04-28 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1):
Ignore non-marker elts of compilation-error-list.
* compile.el: Add compilation-minor-mode to minor-mode-alist and
(compilation-minor-mode): New defvar.
(compilation-minor-mode-map): New defvar; keymap with the bindings
from compilation-mode-map except SPC and DEL.
(compilation-mode-map): Construct this keymap to inherit from
(compilation-setup): New function, code broken out of compilation-mode.
(compilation-mode): Call it.
(compilation-minor-mode): New function to toggle
compilation-minor-mode; if setting it, call compilation-setup.
1993-04-28 Eric S. Raymond (
* bibtex.el: Installed Aaron Larson's new bibtex.el. See the
header comment for details.
1993-04-28 Roland McGrath (
* gnuspost.el (gnus-inews-organization):
If ORGANIZATION is "", set it to nil.
1993-04-28 Roland McGrath (
* files.el (file-truename): Undo last change.
1993-04-27 Eric S. Raymond (
* files.el (file-truename): Do the right thing when $HOME = "".
* simple.el (hscroll-step): New variable.
(hscroll-point-visible): New function.
(left-arrow, right-arrow): These use hscroll-point-visible for
better auto- scrolling behavior.
* picture.el: Completed the package entry point's name change from
edit-picture to picture-mode.
(move-to-column-force, picture-end-of-line): When movement is
completed, scroll horizontally if necessary to make point visible.
(picture-beginning-of-line): New function.
(picture-mode-map): Use substitute-key-definition.
* gud.el (gud-format-command): Fix %f expansion to send only the
basename of files to gdb.
1993-04-27 Jim Blandy (
* disp-table.el (describe-display-table): Don't use the term
"rope"; we're using vectors of characters now.
(standard-display-8bit, standard-display-ascii): Set the element
of the display table to a vector, not an integer; the latter
doesn't mean anything.
* mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu): Don't right-justify the buffer
name; this doesn't look nice if we use a proportional font.
* sendmail.el (mail-setup): Don't insert "--\n" before the
signature. If they want it, they can put it in their .signature
* lucid.el: Comment out fset of set-screen-width properly.
* lucid.el: Provide 'lucid.
* lucid.el (switch-to-other-buffer): Avoid buffers whose names
start with a space.
1993-04-26 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (find-tag-interactive): New function to read args.
(find-tag-noselect, find-tag, find-tag-other-window)
(find-tag-other-frame, find-tag-regexp): Use it.
(find-tag, find-tag-other-window):
Take new arg REGEXP-P, pass to find-tag-noselect.
(find-tag-regexp): Call either find-tag-other-window or find-tag,
rather than find-tag-noselect and switch-to-buffer[-other-window].
(tags-location-stack): New defvar.
(find-tag-noselect): If NEXT-P is '-, pop location off
1993-04-26 Eric S. Raymond (
* cmacexp.el: Installed Francesco Potortì's enhanced and
cleaned-up version, see its commentary for details.
* tex-mode.el: Doc fixes. Also a few tweaks to pacify the
* terminal.el: Some defvars moved.
Defvars added for many variables.
(te-stty-string): Specify the characters explicitly--not `stty dec'.
1993-04-26 Eric S. Raymond (
* files.el (cd): Handle leading "~" like an absolute filename.
* dired.el: Changed fsets to defaliases.
1993-04-25 Eric S. Raymond (
* comint.el (comint-mod): Nuked. A call to ring-mod replaces it.
(comint-mem): Nuked. A call to member replaces it.
* ring.el: Rewritten. A poor choice of representation made the
old code excessively complex. The new version is smaller and
faster. The interface is unchanged, except that ring-remove now
accepts an optional numeric argument specifying the element to
* gud.el: Set no-byte-compile local variable t to work around a
byte-compiler bug.
(gud-def, global-map): Move C-x C-a commands to global map. Restore
original C-x SPC global binding.
* vc.el (vc-diff): Get proper error message when you run this with
no prefix arg on an empty buffer.
(vc-directory): Better directory format --- replace the user and
group IDs with locking-user (if any).
(vc-finish-logentry, vc-next-comment, vc-previous-comment): Replace
*VC-comment-buffer* with a ring vector.
1993-04-25 Eric S. Raymond (
* simple.el (down-arrow): New function. Uses
next-line-add-newlines to suppress addition of new lines at end of
(up-arrow): Alias of previous-line, added for consistency.
These changes complete terminal-type-independent support for arrow
* tex-mode.el (tex-compilation-parse-errors): Added. At the
moment, this would have to be applied manually. It's not worth
trying to integrate this with the rest of the mode more tightly
until we decide whether and how compile's interface is going to
change away from a closed subsystem.
* files.el (cd): Changed to use to resolve relative cd calls.
(cd-absolute): Added. This is actually the old cd code with a
changed doc string.
(parse-colon-path): Added. Path-to-string exploder --- may be
useful elsewhere.
* ring.el: Added and fixed documentation.
(ring-rotate): Nuked. It was (a) unused, and (b) totally broken (as
in, any attempt to use it died with a type error, and when I patched
it to fix that I found its algorithm was broken).
(ring-ref): Added doc string.
1993-04-25 Jim Blandy (
* bytecomp.el (meta-flag): Declare this an obsolete variable.
* subr.el (listify-key-sequence): Use a character constant to
decide which bits to flip, not an integer constant.
1993-04-24 Noah Friedman (
* shell.el (shell-prompt-pattern): Add `;' as potential prompt
delimiter (for `es' and `rc' shells most particularly).
1993-04-23 Eric S. Raymond (
* isearch.el: Replaced all fsets with defaliases.
1993-04-23 Eric S. Raymond (
* bytecomp.el (define-function): Changed name back to defaliases
to get things in a known-good state. The unload patch had been
half-applied, leading to lossage.
* register.el, gnuspost.el, find-dired.el, cust-print.el,
* two-column.el, tar-mode.el, shell.el, lselect.el, select.el,
* ispell.el, life.el, picture.el, rmail.el, mim-mode.el, replace.el,
* tex-mode.el, frame.el, lucid.el, subr.el:
All fsets changed to defaliases.
* edt.el: Some fsets changed to defaliases.
* telnet.el: Commentary added.
(telnet): Doc fix.
(rsh): Added entry point for rsh to remote host, per suggestion by
Michael McNamara <>. No change to any other code.
* info.el (Info-find-node, Info-insert-subfile): Do the right
thing if info files have been compressed or gzipped. This is
saving me lots of disk space.
* simple.el: All fsets changed to defaliases.
(kill-forward-chars, kill-backward-chars): Deleted. These were
internal subroutines used by delete-char and delete-backward-char
before those functions were moved into the C kernel. Now nothing
uses them.
(kill-line): Added kill-whole-line variable. Defaults to nil; a
non-nil value causes a kill-line at the beginning of a line to
kill the newline as well as the line. I find it very convenient.
Emulates Unipress' &kill-lines-magic variable.
(next-line): Added next-line-add-newlines variable. If nil,
next-line will not insert newlines when invoked at the end of a
buffer. This obviates three LCD packages.
(left-arrow, right-arrow): New functions. These do backward-char
and forward-char first. If line truncation is on, they then scroll
left or right as necessary to make sure point is visible.
* loaddefs.el: All fsets changes to defaliases.
(global-map): Changed bindings of [left] and [right] to left-arrow and
right-arrow respectively.
1993-04-22 Roland McGrath (
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-binary-file-name-regexp):
Match .z and .z-part-?? files.
1993-04-21 Eric S. Raymond (
* makefile.el: Rewritten and simplified, commentary added. It now
will usually detect when the makefile target or macro lists need
to be rebuilt and do it automatically; in particular, this means
you no longer have to deal with an annoying wait at find-time.
1993-04-19 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Typo fix in last change.
* shell.el (shell-mode): isation/ization (doc fix).
* shell.el (shell-mode): Capitalize mode name.
* vc.el (vc-comment-to-change-log): Restored interactive spec.
Why was it removed? Why does the only log entry mentioning this
function contain no actual information?
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1):
Completely rewrote compilation reparsing code.
* files.el (find-file-noselect): Never set SAME-TRUENAME to a
buffer whose buffer-file-name is nil.
* files.el (set-auto-mode): If the buffer begins with "#!", look
for -*- in the first two lines, not just the first one.
1993-04-17 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Make a numeric time zone indicator
with current-time-zone--don't run `date'.
1993-04-16 Eric S. Raymond (
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile, byte-compile-keep-pending)
(byte-compile-file-form-defmumble): Generate define-function
rather than fset, to install definitions for defun, defmacro, etc.
* loadhist.el: New file.
* tar-mode.el: Add defvars to pacify the byte compiler, at RMS's
* diff.el (diff-parse-differences): Small robustification ---
don't lose if we call this with compilation-parsing-end nil
1993-04-16 Eric S. Raymond (
* electric.el (shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer):
Moved to window.el.
1993-04-16 Jim Blandy (
* comint.el (comint-match-partial-pathname): Move "---" range in
character class in regular expressions to the end of the character
class; this way, it meets the POSIX regexp specs.
* files.el (abbreviate-file-name): If abbreviated-home-dir ends
with a slash, don't remove the corresponding slash from filename
when we collapse the home directory to ~.
1993-04-16 Noah Friedman (
* rlogin.el: Add autoload cookies for all defvars.
(rlogin-process-connection-type): New variable.
(rlogin): Use it to determine process-connection-type.
(rlogin): Set process mark to point-max, not point-min.
(rlogin-with-args): Put `+' inside \(\) pair in string-match.
(rlogin-password): Take optional arg `proc' for use by rlogin-filter.
Write docstring. Call new winning version of comint-read-noecho
instead of doing reading by hand.
(rlogin-mode): Wrote docstring.
(rlogin-filter): Completely rewritten to be more efficient.
1993-04-14 Richard Stallman (
* resume.el (resume-suspend-hook): Renamed from empty-args-file.
Add autoload cookie.
(resume-emacs-args-buffer): Renamed.
(resume-write-buffer-to-file): Renamed.
* two-column.el (tc-dissociate): Renamed from tc-kill-association.
Move binding to C-x 6 d.
1993-04-14 Roland McGrath (
* autoload.el (update-file-autoloads, update-directory-autoloads):
If called interactively, save generated-autoload-file when done.
1993-04-14 Richard Stallman (
* makefile.el (makefile-mode): Fix typo in autoload cookie.
* isearch.el: Doc fixes.
1993-04-14 Eric S. Raymond (
* gud.el (gud-mode): Created C-c synonym bindings in the GUD
buffer's local map.
(gud-key-prefix): Changed to C-x C-a.
1993-04-14 Eric S. Raymond (
* help-macro.el: Name changed from help-screen.el to fit in a
14-character limit.
* sun-curs.el: Name changed from sun-cursors.el to protect the
1993-04-14 Eric S. Raymond (
* finder.el: Rewritten. The Finder is now a major mode with the
ability to browse package commentary sections and a completely
point-and-shoot interface similar to Dired's.
* window.el (shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer): Moved from
electric.el to windows.el, minor bug fix. This is to avoid code
duplication between vc.el, electric.el, and finder.el.
(ctl-x-map): Added C-x - and C-x + as experimental bindings for
shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer and balance-windows
respectively. Since shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer has to
live here anyhow, let users use it to manage screen space.
* lisp-mnt.el (lm-commentary-region): Gone.
(lm-commentary): New function, replacing lm-commentary-region.
1993-04-12 Jim Blandy (
* bytecomp.el: The `suspend-hooks' variable is obsolete now, and
`suspend-hook' is the right name.
1993-04-12 Jim Blandy (
* term/sun-mouse.el (suspend-emacstool): Run suspend-hook, not
1993-04-12 Richard Stallman (
* rot13.el (rot13-display-table): Use `vector', not `make-rope'.
* disp-table.el: Use `vector', not `make-rope'.
* rot13.el (rot13-other-window): Add autoload.
1993-04-12 Noah Friedman (
* comint.el (comint-process-echoes): New variable.
(comint-mode): Make it buffer-local.
(comint-send-input): Delete text from process mark to point if
variable `comint-process-echoes' is non-`nil', since it is assumed
process will re-echo the text.
1993-04-12 Richard Stallman (
* disp-table.el: Use `vector', not `make-rope'.
* rot13.el (rot13-other-window): Add autoload.
(rot13-display-table): Use `vector', not `make-rope'.
1993-04-10 Eric S. Raymond (
* gud.el (gdb, sdb, dbx): Improved prompting a la grep.
* comint.el: Clean up cmu* uses in header comments.
1993-04-10 Jim Blandy (
* paragraphs.el (sentence-end, forward-sentence): Doc fixes.
* finder.el (finder-by-keyword): Build an alist to pass to
completing-read, instead of building an invalid obarray.
* finder.el (finder-by-keyword): If the user quits or enters the
empty string in response to the keyword prompt, restore the old
window configuration properly.
1993-04-09 Eric S. Raymond (
* emerge.el (emerge-with-ancestor): Applied Donald Erway's fix
patch, which included the following explanatory comment: "D.Erway
- This used to just do emerge-get-diff3-group on 2, then on
3. This was incorrect, since the file 3 info for a diff can
precede the file 2 info for that same diff. So we save and restore
point to overcome this."
1993-04-09 Jim Blandy (
* subr.el (overlay-start, overlay-end, overlay-buffer): New
* finder.el (finder-by-keyword): Build an alist to pass to
completing-read, instead of building an invalid obarray.
* finder.el (finder-by-keyword): If the user quits or enters the
empty string in response to the keyword prompt, restore the old
window configuration properly.
1993-04-08 Roland McGrath (
* autoload.el (generate-file-autoloads): Doc fix.
1993-04-08 Eric S. Raymond (
* gud.el: Massive changes, amounting nearly to a rewrite. The new
features include auto-configuring support for SVr4, more commands,
and a full minor-mode implementation that binds all GUD commands
not just in the GUD interaction mode, but in C buffers visited by
GUD. The common prefix of GUD commands is now C-x X, like
electric-debug mode.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-mode): Name change. This looks better in keymap
listings and conforms to the naming conventions used by other
* vc.el (vc-directory. vc-start-entry, vc-next-action)
(vc-next-action-on-file): The vc-directory listing is now in an
augmented Dired mode that supports vc-next-action on all marked
* dired.el (dired-noselect, dired-internal-noselect)
(dired-insert-directory): Enhancements to support passing dired a
DIRNAME argument consisting of a directory-name car and a
list-of-files cdr. This is needed to support VC's augmented
dired, which wants a filtered file display that recurses (showing
all version-controlled files in subdirectories as well as the
top-level ones).
* menu-bar.el: Added and corrected library headers.
1993-04-08 Richard Stallman (
* menu-bar.el: Entered into RCS.
* lucid.el: Add copyright notice.
1993-04-07 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compile-internal): Initialize the process-mark.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist):
Tighten first regexp so that it
requires a colon or open-paren before the line number, not just
* compile.el (compilation-parse-errors): Remove debugging setq.
* compile.el (compilation-filter): New function.
(compile-internal): Make it the process's filter.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist):
Fixed MIPS CC regexp to match file
names longer than one char.
(compilation-parse-errors): Error if compilation-error-regexp-alist is nil.
1993-04-07 Richard Stallman (
* menu-bar.el: New file.
* fill.el (fill-nonuniform-paragraphs): New command.
1993-04-07 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compile-internal): Initialize the process-mark.
1993-04-07 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Tighten first
regexp so that it requires a colon or open-paren before the line
number, not just whitespace.
1993-04-07 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (find-file-noselect):
Verify other buffers' file numbers are still valid.
1993-04-07 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-filter): New function.
(compile-internal): Make it the process's filter.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Fixed MIPS CC
regexp to match file names longer than one char.
(compilation-parse-errors): Error if
compilation-error-regexp-alist is nil.
1993-04-07 Richard Stallman (
* tabify.el (untabify): Don't really change where restriction starts.
1993-04-06 Richard Stallman (
* dired.el (dired-pop-to-buffer): Adjust count-lines val for last line.
1993-04-05 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (find-change-log): New function.
(add-change-log-entry): FILE-NAME frobnicating code moved there;
call it.
* vc.el (vc-comment-to-change-log):
Renamed from vc-comment-to-changelog.
Take optional arg and pass it to find-change-log.
Added docstring and interactive spec.
1993-04-05 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist):
Merged HP-UX 7.0 fc regexp with the
GNU format regexp: just allowing blanks to terminate the line number
makes that one handle the HP case. Merged MIPS RISC CC regexp with
Apollo cc regexp: make "s optional, and don't anchor to bol.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist):
Changed MIPS RISC CC regexp (last one) to
be anchored at bol, and to never match multiple lines.
1993-04-03 Eric S. Raymond (
* man.el, assoc.el: Installed Barry Warsaw's new and much more
featureful man page browser.
* finder.el, help-screen.el, faces.el: Added or corrected
documentation headers
1993-04-03 Noah Friedman (
* comint.el: New comint-read-noecho.
1993-04-02 Eric S. Raymond (
* chistory.el (repeat-history-command): Bug fix. Someone forgot a car.
1993-04-02 Richard Stallman (
* mpuz.el (mpuz-try-letter): Use read-char to read digit.
Use message directly also. Use downcase.
(mpuz-read-map): Deleted.
* dired.el (dired-unmark-all-files): Read the arg as just a char.
1993-04-01 Richard Stallman (
* lisp-mode.el (eval-defun): Rename argument to avoid collision.
(eval-last-sexp): Likewise.
1993-03-31 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (etags-tags-completion-table): Rewritten with a mondo regexp.
1993-03-31 Jim Blandy (
* timer.el (timer-program): New defconst.
(run-at-time): Use timer-program as the name of the program the
subprocess should run, and search for it in exec-directory, rather
than checking the entire exec path.
1993-03-31 Roland McGrath (
* simple.el (indent-for-comment): Use skip-syntax-backward in place of
Correctly set INDENT to the return value of comment-indent-function.
* etags.el (etags-tags-completion-table): Use skip-syntax-backward
instead of skip-chars-backward.
* view.el (view-exit): Use local map view-old-local-map,
not (current-local-map).
(view-buffer-other-window): Remove spurious backslashes from
interactive spec.
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Make bindings of user-defined keys be
each a vector containing the user's binding, rather than 'user. Check
(vectorp DEF) and call the vector's elt, rather than checking (eq 'user
DEF) and calling something completely random.
* novice.el (enable-command): Remove spurious assignment of free
variable `foo'.
* help.el (describe-function): For Lisp functions, write a
prototype call before the docstring, instead of an argument
description after it.
1993-03-30 Noah Friedman (
* files.el (find-backup-file-name): Delete nothing if overflow
in number of versions to keep.
1993-03-30 Jim Blandy (
* subr.el (int-to-string): Make this an alias for the subr
1993-03-30 Richard Stallman (
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Delete the binding for C-h.
(isearch-done): Customize the message about mark.
1993-03-30 Noah Friedman (
* comint.el (comint-read-noecho): Rewritten to provide some simple
editing ability and be able to abort when called from a process
filter. Re-arranged and updated docstring.
1993-03-30 Eric S. Raymond (
* ring.el: Changed summary line.
1993-03-30 Richard Stallman (
* faces.el: New file.
1993-03-29 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (rmail): Don't use mbox as inbox by default.
* simple.el (count-lines): Use save-match-data.
* buff-menu.el: Put back removed years in copyright notice.
1993-03-29 Eric S. Raymond (
* vc.el (vc-next-action, vc-print-log, vc-diff, vc-revert-buffer):
Improved logic for parent buffer finding.
(vc-cancel-version): Bug fix.
1993-03-29 Richard Stallman (
* mailabbrev.el: Provide mailabbrev, not mail-abbrevs.
1993-03-28 Richard Stallman (
* fill.el (fill-individual-paragraphs): When skipping mail headers,
skip to a blank line.
* env.el (setenv): Renamed back from putenv.
* replace.el (regexp-history): New history list.
(occur, flush-lines, keep-lines, how-many): Use it.
(occur): Don't insert previous string in minibuffer gratuitously.
Just use it if input is empty.
Use save-match-data around count-lines.
1993-03-28 Noah Friedman (
* setenv.el: Renamed to env.el. Provide `env', not `setenv'.
(setenv): Renamed to `putenv', which is the more proper complement
of `getenv'. `setenv' retained as an alias.
Make VALUE parameter optional; if not set, remove VARIABLE from
* rlogin.el (rlogin): If given a prefix argument and an rlogin
session for HOST is already running, start a new rlogin process
rather than switching to the existing one. Added docstring.
Bound `proc' in let*.
(rlogin-explicit-args, rlogin-password-paranoia): New variables.
(rlogin-filter): Prompt for passwords in minibuffer if
rlogin-password-paranoia is set.
(rlogin-with-args, rlogin-password): New functions.
1993-03-28 Eric S. Raymond (
* vc.el (vc-comment-to-changelog): A useful vc-checkin hook, added.
(vc-checkout): Now rejects attempts to check out files via FTP.
* vc.el: The `derived buffers' in the mode (the VC log buffer,
status buffers, and most buffer output commands) now know which
file buffer was their parent, and most commands will try to find
such a parent buffer when executed from within a special buffer.
* makefile.el: Added autoload cookie for entry point.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Added pairs for .ms, .man, .mk,
[Mm]akefile, .lex.
* electric.el (shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer): Added doc
string. Made argument optional, because window-buffer does the
right thing with nil.
* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-menu-mode-map): fillarray isn't a
valid operation on maps any more.
1993-03-27 Eric S. Raymond (
* refer.el: Installed.
1993-03-27 Richard Stallman (
* lucid.el (try-face-font, find-face, get-face): New aliases.
1993-03-27 Eric S. Raymond (
* abbrevlist.el, old-inf-lisp.el, old-screen.el, old-shell.el,
* oshell.el: Removed.
1993-03-27 Noah Friedman (
* rlogin.el: Updated copyright year and added autoload cookies.
(rlogin): Set process marker to beginning of buffer.
(rlogin-filter): Use unwind-protect to restore match-data. Use
insert-before-markers instead of insert to keep input and output
from getting garbled. Delete spurious ?\C-m chars in output
instead of replacing them with ?\ .
1993-03-27 Richard Stallman (
* case-table.el: Add autoloads.
(set-case-syntax-delims, set-case-syntax-pair, set-case-syntax):
Rename arg STRING to TABLE. Do not set the standard case table.
1993-03-26 Eric S. Raymond (
* loaddefs.el: Commented out function-key-error definition and
uses in the global keymaps. RMS and jimb objected to the amount
of space these took up in the keybinding listings.
1993-03-27 Eric S. Raymond (
* lpr.el (printify-buffer): Added, debugged from Roland McGrath's
printify-buffer code in LCD.
* cookie.el (cookie): Enhanced it to handle both LINS files and
UNIX fortune files.
* rect.el (fill-rectangle): Added. Inspired by Lynn Slater's
insert-box package in LCD, but the interface and implementation
are different.
* loaddefs.el (ctl-x-map): Added binding for fill-rectangle.
* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-toggle-read-only): Added, per Rob
Austein's suggestion in the LCD package bm-toggle.el.
* subr.el (add-hook): Added optional arg to cause hook to be
appended rather than prepended to the hook list. This obviates
the 23 different hook-bashing packages in LCD.
* subr.el (current-word): Added. Lots of help and default-generator
functions in LCD use it, and it's remarkably difficult to get
right, especially given the new syntax primitives.
1993-03-26 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (local-write-file-hooks): New variable.
(set-visited-file-name): Kill local-write-file-hooks as local var.
(basic-save-buffer): Use local-write-file-hooks.
1993-03-26 Eric S. Raymond (
* yow.el (psychoanalyze-pinhead): Needed a prefrontal lobotomy. I
gave it one.
* two-column.el: Added Commentary.
1993-03-25 Richard Stallman (
* help.el (describe-function): Add blank line above doc string.
* uncompress.el: Add provide call.
1993-03-25 Eric S. Raymond (
* lisp-mnt.el (lm-last-modified-date): Fixed return bug.
(lm-author, lm-maintainer): These now return cons pairs, not strings.
* shell.el: Brent Benson's patch to support `cd -'.
* mh-e.el (mh-unshar): Added.
* emacsbug.el: Added a (provide 'emacsbug); lisp-mnt.el needs this.
1993-03-24 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el (x-defined-colors): Use x-color-defined-p instead of
(x-handle-geometry): Use x-parse-geometry instead of x-geometry.
1993-03-24 Jim Blandy (
* calendar.el (calendar-standard-time-zone-name,
calendar-daylight-time-zone-name): Initialize these at load-time,
as well as calendar-time-zone.
* calendar.el (calendar-time-zone): Fix code which initializes
1993-03-24 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el: Bind M-next to an alias scroll-other-window-1
to get better doc string output.
1993-03-23 Eric S. Raymond (
* compile.el: Fix library headers.
1993-03-23 Jim Blandy (
* files.el (insert-directory): Do chase symlinks before passing
the directory name to ls.
1993-03-23 Eric S. Raymond (
* buff-menu.el: Incorporated changes from Bob Weiner's enhanced
buff-menu from the LCD archive.
1993-03-23 Richard Stallman (
* replace.el (query-replace-map): Define backspace like delete.
1993-03-22 Eric S. Raymond (
* cookie.el: Created. This file contains what was formerly the
guts of spook.el, lightly hacked to support more than one
simultaneous cookie database.
* spook.el, yow.el: Modified to use cookie.el. Total code in
the three files cookie.el, yow.el and spook.el is less than the
old spook.el + yow.el.
* time.el, timer.el, uncompress.el, underline.el, view.el, vip.el,
* xscheme.el: Added or corrected Commentary section. This finishes
my pass over the lisp libraries; I'll teach the finder about
these commentary sections soon.
1993-03-22 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el (x-win-suspend-error):
suspend-hook renamed from suspend-hooks.
1993-03-22 Eric S. Raymond (
* help.el, register.el, replace.el, reposition.el, rfc822.el,
* rlogin.el, rot13.el, scribe.el, scroll-bar.el, sendmail.el,
* setenv.el, sgml-mode.el, simple.el, simula.el, sort.el, spell.el,
* spook.el, studly.el, tabify.el, text-mode.el: Added or corrected
Commentary headers.
1993-03-22 Edward M. Reingold (
* diary-insert.el: Change the name to diary-ins.el.
* calendar.el: Change all autoload references to diary-ins.
1993-03-22 Eric S. Raymond (
* man.el, mlconvert.el, mlsupport.el, modula2.el, mouse.el,
* mpuz.el, netunam.el, novice.el, nroff-mode.el, options.el,
* outline.el, page.el, paragraphs.el, picture.el, prolog.el,
* rect.el: Added or corrected Commentary sections.
1993-03-22 Eric S. Raymond (
* abbrev.el, ada.el, add-log.el, array.el, autoinsert.el,
* autoload.el, awk-mode.el, bib-mode.el, bibtex.el, buff-menu.el,
* bytecomp.el, c++-mode.el, c-mode.el, cl-indent.el, cmacexp.el,
* cmulisp.el, cmuscheme.el, comint.el, compare-w.el, compile.el,
* debug.el, diff.el, dired-aux.el, dired.el, disass.el,
* dissociate.el, doctor.el, ebuff-menu.el, edebug.el, ehelp.el,
* emacsbug.el, emerge.el, files.el, fill.el, fortran.el, gosmacs.el,
* hanoi.el, hexl.el, hideif.el, icon.el, indent.el, iso-insert.el,
* iso-swed.el, iso-syntax.el, iso8859-1.el, ispell.el, kermit.el,
* ledit.el, life.el, lisp-mode.el, lisp.el, lpr.el, macros.el,
* mail-utils.el, mailalias.el, makefile.el, makesum.el, mim-mode.el,
* modula2.el, nroff-mode.el, perl-mode.el, prolog.el, scheme.el,
* sgml-mode.el, tex-mode.el:
Added or corrected Commentary sections. There's more of this
coming; soon, the package finder will be able to browse Commentary
sections, and I want almost all packages to have useful ones.
1993-03-21 Richard Stallman (
* help.el: Don't load help-screen at run time if compiled.
* simple.el (line-number-mode): New function and variable.
* loaddefs.el (default-mode-line-format-default): Use %l.
1993-03-21 Jim Blandy (
* time.el (display-time): Doc fix.
* isearch.el (isearch-switch-frame-handler): Call
handle-switch-frame instead of select-frame; it has been renamed.
* simple.el (comment-indent-function): New variable, intended to
replace comment-indent-hook.
(comment-indent-hook): Make this default to nil now.
(indent-for-comment): If comment-indent-hook is non-nil, call it
for backward compatibility; otherwise, call
* bytecomp.el: Declare comment-indent-hook an obsolete variable.
1993-03-20 Jim Blandy (
* lucid.el: Alias lower-screen and raise-screen to lower-frame and
raise-frame, the new names for those functions.
1993-03-19 Eric S. Raymond (
* bush.el: Deleted.
* finder.el: Make sure that when new keywords are compiled, we see them
1993-03-19 Eric S. Raymond (
* vt100-led.el, bg-mouse.el, sup-mouse.el, sun-mouse.el:
Moved to term directory.
1993-03-18 Eric S. Raymond (
* Makefile: Created. This exists mainly so developers elsewhere
can unlock the lisp files to accept an update tar, then relock
them without locking the few that should stay writeable.
* solar.el, ange-ftp.el: Corrected Keywords header
* ftp.el: Nuked (actually, moved to =ftp.el).
ange-ftp.el replaces this.
1993-03-18 Jim Blandy (
* solar.el (solar-time-string): Round the time properly.
1993-03-18 Eric S. Raymond (
* abbrev.el, abbrevlist.el, add-log.el, apropos.el, array.el,
* autoload.el, awk-mode.el, cal-french.el, cal-mayan.el,
* calendar.el, cmulisp.el, cmuscheme.el, comint.el, compile.el,
* completion.el, cust-print.el, dabbrev.el, debug.el, diary.el,
* diff.el, disass.el, edebug.el, edmacro.el, emacsbug.el, finder.el,
* inf-lisp.el, ispell.el, life.el, lisp.el, lunar.el, macros.el,
* netunam.el, old-shell.el, scribe.el, spell.el, sun-cursors.el,
* terminal.el, unrmail.el, vms-pmail.el:
Add or correct Keywords headers for finder.
1993-03-18 Richard Stallman (
* frame.el (make-frame): Renamed from new-frame.
(new-frame): Alias for make-frame.
1993-03-18 Edward M. Reingold (
* tex-mode.el (tex-send-command): Fix the command sent so that no
blank is inserted when replacing the asterisk with the file name.
1993-03-18 Eric S. Raymond (
* term/wyse50.el (function-key-map): Nuke code no longer bound to keys.
* term/tvi970.el (function-key-map): As many key cookies as possible
renamed to fit the new conventions documented in lisp/term/README.
* term/vt100.el, term/news.el (function-key-map):
Fix things so that bindings are added to the keymap already created by
terminal initialization.
1993-03-17 Eric S. Raymond (
* help-screen.el: Installed, following release. Now package
writers can easily implement help screens resembling Emacs's
own on-line help system.
* help.el: help-for-help now uses make-help-screen from help-screen.el.
1993-03-17 Richard Stallman (
* finder-inf.el: Deleted the RCS file.
1993-03-17 Eric S. Raymond (
* isearch.el, lselect.el, select.el, scroll-bar.el, texinfo.el,
* pending-del.el, profile.el, texinfmt.el, ls-lisp.el, meese.el,
* isearch.el, tmenu.el, lmenu.el, rmailsum.el, unrmail.el,
* hippie.el, lmenu.el, rmailmsc.el, rlogin.el, mhspool.el,
* lisp-mode.el, novice.el, mouse.el, vms-pmail.el, vc-hooks.el,
* levents.el, iso8859-1.el, isearch.el, hippie.el, find-gc.el,
* cust-print.el, find-dired.el, etags.el, electric.el, dired.el,
* dired-aux.el, cust-print.el, cmuscheme.el, cmulisp.el, cl.el,
* case-table.el, byte-run.el, ange-ftp.el, backquote.el:
Added or corrected library header comments.
1993-03-17 Eric S. Raymond (
* finder.el (finder-compile-keywords): Treat nil in a path
argument as $PWD.
(finder-by-keyword): Handle LFD as input gracefully.
1993-03-17 Eric S. Raymond (
* vc-hooks.el: Increment version number to match vc.el's.
* vc.el (vc-header-strings): Name changed to vc-header-alist, to match
the docs.
(vc-finish-logentry, vc-next-comment, vc-previous-comment)
(vc-comment-search-forward, vc-comment-search-backward): The VC comment
ring is now a separate buffer from *VC-log*; editing of old comments
is no longer destructive.
1993-03-16 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-version-diff):
Use (message ...), not (message (format ...)).
(vc-backend-checkout, vc-backend-assign-name): Correct bogus messages.
* vc-hooks.el: Merge today's change by eric with everybody else's
change (from 1992/08/04 through 1993/02/24).
1993-03-16 Jim Blandy (
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-from-buffer): Put buffer containing
compiled code in binary overwrite mode.
* simple.el (quoted-insert): In overwrite mode, don't read digits
as an octal character code. In binary overwrite mode, overwrite
the characters instead of inserting them.
(overwrite-mode-textual, overwrite-mode-binary): New symbols, for
use in the mode line.
(overwrite-mode): Doc fix. Use force-mode-line-update.
(binary-overwrite-mode): New function.
* loaddefs.el (minor-mode-alist): Make the mode line element for
overwrite-mode be the symbol `overwrite-mode'.
1993-03-16 Eric S. Raymond (
* vc.el, vc-hooks.el: The macro vc-error-occurred has to move from
vc.el to vc-hooks.el for C-x C-f of a nonexistent file to work.
1993-03-16 Jim Blandy (
* calendar.el (calendar-time-zone): Initialize this when
calendar.el loads, not in the defvar.
1993-03-15 Jim Blandy (
* register.el (view-register): Neglect not to avoid failing to
properly display all the possible sorts of things one might find
in a buffer.
Make frame configurations start with a distinctive symbol.
* frame.el (current-frame-configuration): Return a list as before,
but starting with `frame-configuration'.
(set-frame-configuration): Check that CONFIGURATION is a list
starting with `frame-configuration', strip it off, and do as before.
(frame-configuration-p): New function.
* register.el (jump-to-register): Use frame-configuration-p,
instead of catching an error in set-frame-configuration. Really now.
* indent.el (indent-region, indent-region-function): Doc fix.
* indent.el (indent-line-function): Doc fix.
1993-03-14 Jim Blandy (
* sort.el (sort-float-fields, sort-numeric-fields): Use
string-to-number, not string-to-float or string-to-int.
* sort.el (sort-float-fields): Make this autoloaded.
* sort.el (sort-numeric-fields): Doc fix.
1993-03-14 Richard Stallman (
* lselect.el, select.el: New files.
* term/x-win.el: Require select.el.
(x-select-text): Update call to x-set-cut-buffer.
Put `PRIMARY' and `CLIPBOARD' in upper case.
(x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value): Put `PRIMARY' in upper case.
* lucid.el, lmenu.el, levents.el: New files.
Much of lmenu.el comes from Lucid.
1993-03-13 Richard Stallman (
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-next-msg): Call display-buffer.
(rmail-summary-previous-all, rmail-summary-next-all): Likewise.
(rmail-summary-rmail-update): Do nothing if rmail buffer not visible.
(rmail-summary-mode-map): Don't bind C-n, C-p. Use ordinary move cmds.
1993-03-12 Eric S. Raymond (
* term/x-win.el: Added library headers.
1993-03-12 Eric S. Raymond (
* loaddefs.el (global-map): Fixed a typo in the binding of
* term/x-win.el: Added library headers back in. Didn't touch
any key bindings or code, and won't without making sure there
won't be any repeat of the bad-patch brouhaha.
1993-03-11 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el: Cancel previous change, since it discarded
earlier necessary changes.
1993-03-11 Eric S. Raymond (
* term/vt100.el:
Added headers, commented out code the duplicates startup effects.
* term/x-win.el: Added headers, removed function bindings.
* term/wyse50.el: Added headers, changed some keycap names.
* term/tvi970.el: Added headers, changes some keycap names.
* term/sun.el: Added headers, removed function-key bindings.
* term/news.el: Added headers, changed a few cookie names.
* term/keyswap.el: Initial revision
1993-03-11 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: Disable suspending under X windows by setting
suspend-hooks, not suspend-hook. The latter is an obsolete name.
Use add-hook instead of setting suspend-hooks directly.
1993-03-11 Eric S. Raymond (
A boatload of changes to terminal support and terminal capability
initialization that make it a lot smarter, with a more uniform
and featureful interface across many different keyboard types.
* term.c (fkey_table): Has been expanded to handle the entire
intersection of the capability sets defined by X keysyms and
terminfo. That is, every keysym for which there is a natural
equivalent in terminfo is now bound to that by the startup code.
* loaddefs.el (global-map): Natural default keybindings set up for
almost all supported keysyms other than function keys. All
other keysyms are now default-bound to a function which explains
that the key is not bound to anything, then raises an error.
* term/README: Terminal package conventions and standard keysym
cookies are now documented here.
* term/AT386.el: New package installed. Handles IBM-AT style
console keyboards with style and flair.
* term/new-at386.el: Removed, it was obsolescent.
* term/apollo.el: Nuked and linked to vt100.el. All it formerly
did was load vt100.el.
* term/bobcat.el: Copied and linked to `keyswap.el'.
* term/keyswap.el: The old bobcat.el with headers and docs.
This is available for other terminal packages to call.
* term/news.el: Cleaned up, headers added.
* term/sun.el: Headers added, [again] changed to [redo]. This
package is a hairball and should probably be scrapped if we
can find or built a better one.
* term/tvi970.el: Headers added, [enter] changed to [kp-enter].
* term/vt100.el: Headers added, cleanup, explicit function-key
enable is no longer necessary.
* term/vt200.el: Nuked. It's now a link to vt100.el. This is possible
because all the things handled differently on the vt200 are
mined out of termcap by 19's initialization before either
package is loaded.
* term/wyse50.el: Cleaned up, headers added, various cookie names
changed, function bindings removed.
* term/x-win.el: Cleaned up, headers added. Some bindings of keycap
cookies to functions were removed; all that stuff is handled
terminal-independently in loaddefs now.
Other changes:
* help.el: Added binding and menu line for new `P' package-finder
command. Won't actually take effect till the next Emacs build.
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkin): Fixed bizarre POM-dependent bug
introduced into VC by a bad patch. This was one for the
books....badly corrupted vc-checkin code somehow mostly functioned
for three days. The Code That Would Not Die...
1993-03-11 Richard Stallman (
* startup.el (command-line-1): Fix copyright year.
1993-03-10 Edward M. Reingold (
* diary-insert.el (insert-anniversary-diary-entry,
insert-block-diary-entry): Fix calendar-date-display-form used.
1993-03-10 Jim Blandy (
* files.el (basic-save-buffer): If file-precious-flag is set, and
we write the buffer to a temp file and then rename it, don't
neglect to set the new file's modes properly.
1993-03-10 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el (function-key-map):
Map key symbols backspace, return... into ASCII chars.
Likewise their Meta versions.
Also add `ascii-character' properties.
1993-03-09 Eric S. Raymond (
* term/at386.el: Removed. The new terminal initialization stuff
makes it superfluous. I wrote it, so I should know. :-)
* vc.el: Installed version 5, the new baseline. This version
merges my changes with Paul Eggert's.
1993-03-09 Richard Stallman (
* timer.el (run-at-time): Allow an integer as TIME.
(cancel-timer): New function.
* c-mode.el (c-beginning-of-statement): If next to a comment,
use sentence motion.
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Use query-replace-map.
* replace.el (query-replace-map): New keymap.
(perform-replace): Use query-replace-map.
(query-replace, query-replace-regexp, map-query-replace-regexp)
(replace-string, replace-regexp): Don't print `done' if unread chars.
* help.el (command-apropos): Print echo area message iff found symbols.
* rmailsum.el (rmail-update-summary): New function.
(rmail-new-summary): New arg redo-form. Considerable rewrite
of how and when buffers are selected.
(rmail-summary-mode): New local vars rmail-summary-redo,
revert-buffer-function, post-command-hook, rmail-current-message.
(rmail-summary-expunge): Use rmail-update-summary.
(rmail-summary-get-new-mail): Likewise.
(rmail-summary-expunge-and-save): Likewise.
(rmail-summary-input): Don't update summary at all.
(rmail-summary-reply): Do the work inside save-window-excursion,
then switch to the mail buffer.
(rmail-summary-retry-failure): Likewise.
(rmail-summary-edit-current-message): Delete spurious autoload.
(rmail-summary-summary): Function deleted.
Use plain rmail-summary on h and C-M-h.
(rmail-summary-rmail-update): New function.
* rmail.el (rmail-delete-forward): Go to summary buf to change D mark.
Always do the motion in the rmail buffer; let that handle summary.
(rmail-undelete-previous-message): Likewise.
(rmail-select-summary): New macro.
(rmail-show-message): Use rmail-select-summary.
(rmail-get-new-mail): Likewise.
(rmail-expunge): Likewise.
* pending-del.el: New file.
1993-03-08 Richard Stallman (
* subr.el (posn-timestamp, posn-col-row, posn-point, posn-window)
(event-end, event-start, mouse-movement-p): Moved from mouse.el.
* mouse.el: Functions moved to subr.el.
1993-03-07 Richard Stallman (
* subr.el (event-basic-type): New function.
* isearch.el: Renamed from isearch-mode.el.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-other-meta-char): Call listify-key-sequence.
(isearch-unread): Don't call it here.
(isearch-mode-map): Bind the ASCII-equivalent function keys.
1993-03-07 Paul Eggert (
* vc.el (vc-update-change-log): Check that ChangeLog is writable
before starting the expensive rcs2log process.
Use call-process instead of shell-command to invoke rcs2log;
this avoids undesired shell escapes and is more robust about errors.
Put mark at point-min, so that the new insertion is in the region.
(vc-checkin-hook): Fix `runs-hooks' typo.
(vc-checkout-writeable-buffer-hook): New var.
(vc-next-action): Fix bug: initial checkin was botched when C-x v v
was applied to a new file while vc-initial-comment was non-nil.
(vc-register): Don't barf when registering a new, empty buffer.
(vc-directory): The `No files are currently registered'
message was wrongly worded, because sometimes the message talks
about locked files, not registered files.
(vc-file-tree-walk): Change (apply 'funcall ...) to (apply
...), since the 'funcall is redundant.
When traversing a directory tree, message
"Traversing directory XXX" so that the user can see what progress is
being made. Traversal can take a long time. Omit first argument,
since it is always the current directory. All callers changed.
(vc-file-tree-walk-internal): New function.
(vc-do-command, vc-diff, vc-version-diff, vc-backend-diff):
Remove redundant calls to `format'.
(vc-diff): Remove unused variable `old'.
(vc-version-diff): When recursively generating a difference
listing, don't append the latest output unless diff was actually run;
otherwise, you'll get the output from the previous file by mistake.
1993-03-07 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el (function-key-map):
Map key symbols backspace, return... into ASCII chars.
1993-03-07 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-mode): Don't make a pre-command-hook.
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Use mark-marker; don't alter mark-active.
* subr.el (event-modifiers): New function.
(eventp): New function.
1993-03-06 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-unread): Find last list element by hand.
* info.el (Info-forward-node): Properly go to first menu item.
(Info-insert-dir): Bind temp wider, around use.
* term/x-win.el (function-key-map):
Map key symbols backspace, return... into ASCII chars.
Likewise their Meta versions.
Also add `ascii-character' properties.
* simple.el (set-mark): Activate the mark.
(mark): Handle region-active. New optional arg FORCE.
(exchange-point-and-mark, push_mark): Pass FORCE.
(set-mark-command): Likewise.
* terminal.el (te-escape-extended-command-unread): Handle any key seq.
* emerge.el (emerge-show-file-name): Handle any kind of event.
* fortran.el (fortran-abbrev-start): Handle any kind of event.
(fortran-window-create-momentarily): Likewise.
* ehelp.el (electric-help-command-loop): Handle any kind of event.
* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-list): Handle any kind of event.
(Electric-buffer-menu-exit): Handle any key sequence.
* info.el (Info-summary): Handle any event
when flushing the display.
* simula.el (simula-electric-label): Handle any event
when flushing the display.
* subr.el (momentary-string-display): Handle any event
when flushing the display.
* comint.el (comint-dynamic-list-completions): Handle any event
when flushing the display.
* subr.el (listify-key-sequence): New function.
* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal): Use listify-key-sequence.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-unread): Handle multiple args.
For Emacs 19, use listify-key-sequence.
If not Emacs 19, assume they are a meta sequence.
(isearch-other-meta-char): Pass the whole key sequence.
(isearch-other-control-char): Make this alias for ...-meta-char.
* rmail.el (rmail-bury): Record Rmail buffer to bury it later.
1993-03-05 Richard Stallman (
* disp-table.el: Add autoload comments.
(rope-to-vector): Deleted.
(describe-display-table): Don't use rope-to-vector.
* compare-w.el (compare-windows): Use compare-buffer-substrings.
1993-03-05 Jim Blandy (
* bytecomp.el: Declare suspend-hook to be an obsolete variable.
1993-03-05 Edward M. Reingold (
* calendar.el (hebrew-calendar-yahrzeit): Change reference to
nonexistent function last-month-of-hebrew-year to the correct
function hebrew-calendar-last-month-of-year.
* cal-mayan.el (calendar-mayan-haab-on-or-before,
calendar-mayan-tzolkin-on-or-before): Change `mod' to `%'.
* cal-mayan.el (calendar-next-tzolkin-date): Delete bogus second
1993-03-04 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (kill-ring-save): Doc fix.
* sun-mouse.el (suspend-emacstool): Run suspend-hooks, not
* resume.el: Doc fix.
* simple.el (yank, yank-pop): Always return nil; don't rely on
exchange-point-and-mark to return nil.
* fill.el (justify-current-line): Return nil, to be sure to
conform with documentation.
1993-03-03 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (write-file): Handle directory name as arg.
* rmail.el: Major changes from Bob Weiner <>
Handle some Emacs 18 function names to run in 18.
This is to facilitate working with Weiner.
(rmail-reply-prefix): New variable.
(rmail-reply): Use that variable to add to subject.
(rmail-retry-failure): Change binding to M-m.
(rmail-forward): Look for >From as well as for From.
Handle case where neither is found.
(rmail-last-regexp): New variable.
(rmail-mode): Make rmail-last-regexp local.
(rmail): Don't update rmail-mode data for old buffer
if it's not in rmail mode.
Error if in Rmail Edit mode.
(rmail-bury): New command, plus key binding.
(rmail-summary-by-topic): New key binding.
(rmail-insert-inbox-text): Check for pop case earlier.
(rmail-convert-to-babyl-format): Handle Content-Length field.
(rmail-maybe-display-summary): New function.
(rmail-redisplay-summary): New user option.
(rmail-undelete-previous-message, rmail-delete-forward)
(rmail-get-new-mail, rmail-show-message): Update summary buffer if any.
Call rmail-maybe-display-summary to put it back on screen.
(rmail-only-expunge): Renamed from rmail-expunge.
(rmail-expunge): New function.
(rmail-message-recipients-p, rmail-message-regexp-p): New functions.
(rmail-summary-exists, rmail-summary-displayed): New functions.
1993-03-02 Richard Stallman (
* cl.el (defsetf): Use eval-and-compile for self-update-fn.
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): Never move past second hdr line.
1993-03-02 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el (x-switch-definitions): Use the proper names for
the scroll bar parameters.
Use the term `scroll bar', instead of `scrollbar'.
* term/x-win.el, frame.el, mouse.el: Terminology changed.
* scrollbar.el: Renamed to scroll-bar.el.
* term/x-win.el: Require `scroll-bar', not `scrollbar'.
1993-03-02 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (new-frame): Doc fix.
* info.el (Info-directory-list): Doc fix; it is set according to
* info.el (Info-find-node): Don't try to set the info buffer's
directory according to Info-directory; that variable doesn't exist
any more. Instead, let Info-insert-dir set the current directory.
(Info-insert-dir): Properly check for upper- and lower-case forms
of "dir", with and without ".info" extension. Set the buffer's
default-directory to the directory containing the first dir file
we find, and cache it in Info-dir-contents-directory.
(Info-dir-contents-directory): New variable, to cache the
directory we decided to use as the merged directory's
* term/x-win.el (x-switch-definitions): Use the proper names for
the scroll bar parameters.
1993-03-01 Richard Stallman (
* frame.el: Doc fixes.
(set-pointer-color): Renamed to set-mouse-color.
(set-border-color): New function.
* info.el (Info-insert-dir): Make menu items in Top node
pointing each of the other nodes.
* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail): Reset read-only after find-file.
1993-03-01 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (kill-region): If the buffer is read-only, call
`barf-if-buffer-read-only' instead of just `ding', to get the
appropriate error condition and message.
* hexl.el (hexl-mode-map): When initializing, remember that the
argument to key-binding is a key sequence, not a single key.
* mouse.el (mouse-split-window-vertically): If the user clicks too
close to the top or bottom of a window, split at the closest
reasonable line. Give a helpful error message if the window is
too small to be split anywhere.
(mouse-split-window-horizontally): Similar changes.
1993-02-28 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (insert-buffer): Make sure this returns nil.
* simple.el (quoted-insert): Use insert-char, instead of writing
out the loop.
* etags.el (find-tag-other-window): If another window is already
displaying the tag's buffer, explicitly set that window's point to
the tag's position.
Use the term `scroll bar', instead of `scrollbar'.
* term/x-win.el, frame.el, mouse.el: Terminology changed.
* scrollbar.el: Renamed to scroll-bar.el.
1993-02-26 Richard Stallman (
* frame.el (auto-raise-mode): Renamed from toggle-auto-raise.
(auto-lower-mode): Renamed from toggle-auto-lower.
1993-02-26 Jim Blandy (
* timer.el (run-at-time): Doc fix.
* autoload.el (generate-file-autoloads): Add another
save-excursion so that point is before the generated autoloads
after we scan the file.
1993-02-25 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): Find end of first paragraph
from after the header line.
* subr.el (walk-windows): Doc fix.
* register.el (point-to-register): Make arg ARG optional.
(window-configuration-to-register): Likewise.
(frame-configuration-to-register): Likewise.
1993-02-24 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el (scroll-bar-mode, scroll-bar-mode): Move these
functions to scrollbar.el.
* scrollbar.el (scroll-bar-mode, scroll-bar-mode): Here they are.
Make scroll-bar-mode set the {vertical,horizontal}-scrollbars
parameters in default-frame-alist, and modify all extant screens
using the correct parameter names.
1993-02-24 Richard Stallman (
* vc-hooks.el (vc-find-file-hook): Discard vc status of file
if we will actually have to create the buffer.
1993-02-22 Jim Blandy (
* gud.el (gud-break): With a prefix argument, set a temporary
(gud-apply-from-source): New argument ARGS, to pass to FUNC. Now
it's really like `apply'.
(gud-set-break): Add another argument to this method.
Document it in the section describing how the methods are supposed
to be used.
(gud-gdb-set-break): New argument TEMP; if non-nil, set a
temporary breakpoint.
(gud-sdb-set-break, gud-dbx-set-break): New argument TEMP. Ignore
it, since I don't know how to set a temporary breakpoint in these
* subr.el (string-to-int): Make this an alias for
1993-02-21 Jim Blandy (
* two-column.el: Add autoloads for the functions defined in
1993-02-21 Richard Stallman (
* info.el (Info-insert-dir): New function.
(Info-find-node): Use Info-insert-dir to visit dir file.
* mlsupport.el (esc-map, ctl-x-map): Define as functions.
1993-02-20 Richard Stallman (
* apropos.el (super-apropos-check-doc-file):
Look for DOC file in proper directory.
* files.el (insert-directory): Doc fix.
1993-02-19 Richard Stallman (
* help.el (describe-function):
Print the arglist if the function is bytecode or a list.
1993-02-17 Jim Blandy (
* files.el (revert-buffer): Reverse the sense of the first
argument, but leave interactive usage the same.
* vc.el (vc-resynch-window): Call vc-revert-buffer1 with the newly
appropriate arguments. This seems to be the only file which was
adjusted for the new meaning of the revert-buffer arguments.
1993-02-17 Roland McGrath (
* autoload.el (generate-file-autoloads):
If no buffer was visiting FILE when we started,
kill the buffer we create.
1993-02-17 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-backward-regexp):
New arg no-recursive-edit, always non-nil for interactive call.
Rename first arg, and set it right in interactive call.
(isearch-forward-regexp): Likewise.
(isearch-forward, isearch-backward): Likewise no-recursive-edit.
1993-02-16 Richard Stallman (
* frame.el (frame-initialize): Fix error syntax.
(toggle-horizontal-scroll-bar): Likewise.
(toggle-horizontal-scroll-bar): Renamed from set-horizontal-bar
(toggle-vertical-scroll-bar): Likewise.
(toggle-auto-lower, toggle-auto-raise): Likewise.
(set-foreground-color, set-background-color):
Renamed from set-frame-{fore,back}ground.
1993-02-15 Jim Blandy (
* informat.el (Info-tagify): Change the regular expression which
recognizes node names to work properly with Emacs 19's regexp
1993-02-15 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (find-file-hooks): Delete permanent-local property.
(find-file-not-found-hooks): Likewise.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lambda):
Test of byte-compile-compatibility was backwards.
1993-02-12 Jim Blandy (
* gosmacs.el: Bind M-h to delete-previous-word, not
backward-kill-word; the latter has different prefix semantics.
* frame.el: Clean up initialization code.
(initial-frame-alist): Doc fix.
(minibuffer-frame-alist): New default value, with a reasonable height.
(filtered-frame-list, minibuffer-frame-list): New functions.
(frame-initialize): Use minibuffer-frame-list, instead of writing
it out.
(frame-notice-user-settings): Thoroughly rearranged.
Notice changes to default-frame-alist as well as initial-frame-alist.
Properly handle requests to make the initial frame into a
minibufferless or minibuffer-only frame.
Create a minibuffer-only frame if the initial frame should lack a
minibuffer and there are no other minibuffer frames created by the
user's initialization file.
Fix any frames using the initial frame as a surrogate minibuffer
Restore the current buffer after creating and deleting all these
* frame.el (set-default-font, set-frame-background)
(set-frame-foreground, set-cursor-color, set-pointer-color)
(set-auto-raise, set-auto-lower, set-vertical-bar)
(set-horizontal-bar): Give these docstrings.
(set-auto-raise, set-auto-lower, set-vertical-bar)
(set-horizontal-bar): Make these toggle or look at the prefix
argument, like minor modes.
* frame.el (set-vertical-bar): Use the proper parameter symbol.
(set-horizontal-bar): Signal an error indicating that horizontal
scrollbars are not implemented.
* lisp-mode.el (lisp-fill-paragraph): New function.
(shared-lisp-mode-map): Bind M-q to lisp-fill-paragraph.
1993-02-11 Richard Stallman (
* flow-ctrl.el (enable-flow-control...): Renamed from evade...
(enable-flow-control): Add autoload.
1993-02-10 Richard Stallman (
* gosmacs.el (set-gosmacs-bindings): Fix binding of \eh.
1993-02-10 Jim Blandy (
* gosmacs.el: Require 'mlsupport, to get definition of
1993-02-10 Stephen A. Wood (
* fortran.el (fortran-prepare-abbrev-list-buffer): Put quote in
front of first argument to `insert-abbrev-table-description'.
* fortran.el (fortran-is-in-string-p): Fixed incorrect behavior
when in first statement of a buffer.
1993-02-08 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): Undo Jan 25 change. It worked
for buffers in indented-text-mode, but lost for change-log-mode,
which is what matters.
1993-02-08 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-forget-errors): Just set
compilation-directory-stack to nil; no need to loop through it.
(next-error): For a non-numeric prefix arg, pass nil for
compile-reinitialize-errors's FIND-AT-LEAST arg.
(next-error): When getting marker for error source location, be
sure to examine buffer local value of compilation-old-error-list
before switching to source file buffer.
1993-02-08 Jim Blandy (
* rmailout.el (rmail-output, rmail-output-to-mail-file): Reverse
the order of the arguments and make COUNT optional, for backward
compatibility's sake.
* cl.el (cl-version): Mark as no longer in beta test.
1993-02-07 Jim Blandy (
* subr.el (mod): Add back this alias for %.
1993-02-07 Richard Stallman (
* sort.el (sort-build-lists): Record the key as pair of positions;
don't copy string from buffer.
(sort-subr): Use compare-buffer-substrings.
1993-02-06 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-setup): Use fill-region-as-paragraph
for To field; handle the CC just like the To.
* rmailsum.el: Big rewrite from
1993-02-05 Roland McGrath (
* comint.el (make-comint): Added docstring.
1993-02-05 Roland McGrath (
* simple.el: Restore nuked information in minibuffer history bindings.
Use intelligent method of disabling completion-oriented bindings.
1993-02-04 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el: Once again, go back to ordinary next-history-element
for M-n in minibuf, even for completion.
1993-02-02 Richard Stallman (
* sort.el (sort-subr): Doc fixes.
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Allow dash in timezone name.
1993-02-01 Jim Blandy (
* texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Make page-delimiter buffer-local, and
set it according to texinfo-chapter-level-regexp.
* simple.el (kill-region): If the buffer is read-only, do beep,
but also put the region in the kill ring. Doc fix.
1993-01-31 Roland McGrath (
* mailabbrev.el (mail-abbrev-end-of-buffer):
Changed interactive spec from "P" to "p".
1993-01-29 Richard Stallman (
* cmacexp.el (c-macro-expand): Use expanded name to write or delete.
Send two eofs.
1993-01-28 Roland McGrath (
* simple.el (next-complete-history-element): Restore point after
replacing the buffer text with the appropriate history element.
1993-01-28 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el: Don't use the completion-oriented history commands.
* paths.el (sendmail-program): Try /usr/ucblib/sendmail.
1993-01-26 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: x-selection-value has been renamed to x-selection.
x-own-selection has been renamed to x-set-selection, and the order
of its arguments has been reversed, for consistency with other
lisp functions like put and aset.
* term/x-win.el (x-select-text): Adjusted.
(x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value): Check the primary selection,
using x-selection, instead of checking the cut buffer again.
* term/x-win.el: Doc fix.
1993-01-25 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Use new name
frame-live-p, instead of live-frame-p.
x-selection-value has been renamed to x-selection.
x-own-selection has been renamed to x-set-selection, and the order
of its arguments has been reversed, for consistency with other
lisp functions like put and aset.
* term/x-win.el (x-select-text): Adjusted.
(x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value): Check the primary selection,
using x-selection, instead of checking the cut buffer again.
* disass.el (disassemble): Add autoload cookie for this.
* bytecomp.el (byte-decompile-bytecode): Add an autoload for this.
compiled-function-p has been renamed to byte-code-function-p.
* subr.el: Define compiled-function-p as an alias for it.
* bytecomp.el: Register compiled-function-p as obsolete.
* bytecomp.el, byte-opt.el, disass.el, help.el, map-ynp.el: Change
* subr.el (numberp): Remove fset which made this an alias for
integerp; now numberp also recognizes floats.
1993-01-25 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (tags-query-replace): C-t.
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): Restrict PARAGRAPH-END to
being on the first page.
* simple.el (next-complete-history-element): Use only buffer
contents before point to match history elements.
1993-01-25 Roland McGrath (
* simple.el ({next,previous}-complete-history-element): New functions.
Bind them to M-n/M-p and next/prior in minibuffer completion maps.
1993-01-24 Jim Blandy (
unread-command-event has been replaced by unread-command-events.
* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal): Use this to push back all
key sequences for processing by the main command loop, instead of
trying to simulate its behavior ourselves.
* bytecomp.el: Document unread-command-event as an obsolete
variable, although nothing but the GNU Emacs 19 sources use it.
Adjust obsolescence message for unread-command-char.
* comint.el (comint-dynamic-list-completions): Change uses of
unread-command-event to work with unread-command-events.
* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-list, Electric-buffer-menu-exit):
* edebug.el (edebug-outside-excursion): Same.
* ehelp.el (electric-help-command-loop): Same.
* electric.el (Electric-command-loop): Same.
* emerge.el (emerge-show-file-name): Same.
* fortran.el (fortran-abbrev-start,
fortran-window-create-momentarily): Same.
* gnus.el (gnus-Subject-next-article): Same.
* info.el (Info-summary): Same.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-update, isearch-unread): Same.
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Same.
* mlsupport.el (push-back-character): Same.
* replace.el (perform-replace): Same.
* simula.el (simula-electric-label): Same.
* subr.el (read-quoted-char, momentary-string-display): Same.
* sun-mouse.el (mouse-second-hit): Same.
* terminal.el (te-escape-extended-command-unread): Same.
* vip.el (vip-escape-to-emacs, vip-prefix-arg-value)
(vip-prefix-arg-com): Same.
* simple.el (quoted-insert): Doc fix.
1993-01-23 Jim Blandy (
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): Instead of deleting the text
whenever the text of the region happens to be the same as the
front of the kill-ring, delete it only when the front of the kill
ring is identical to the last text we put there, and point and the
mouse click are at the same position.
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): If the undo list is disabled,
don't build an undo record.
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): If we're deleting the text,
kill from point to the mouse click, not from point to mark; mark
and the mouse click may not be the same. If they're not, this
screws up the undo record we create, corrupting the undo list
pretty nastily.
1993-01-22 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: Doc fix.
* mouse.el (mouse-set-font): Account for the fact that
x-popup-menu returns nil if no selection is made.
* mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu, mouse-set-font): Bind these to the
down-going events.
(mouse-split-window-vertically): Move the binding for this down
out of the commented-out scrollbar section, so it is on S-mouse-2
on the mode line.
1993-01-21 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): Fix the regular expressions used
for finding paragraph beginnings and endings so that they think
lines containing only whitespace and asterisks are paragraph
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): If we've just started a new
date, limit the searches to within the current date, not the first
paragraph; the latter extends into the previous date.
1993-01-21 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (tags-loop-scan): Set default value to an error form.
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer): When propagating a change of
name after file-find-noselect, refer to tags-file-name, not the
undefined var FILE.
1993-01-20 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): When modifying the
paragraph-separate regexp, don't let it match paragraph starts.
1993-01-19 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer):
Error if called with 'same and no current table.
1993-01-19 Jim Blandy (
* mouse.el (event-end): Work on click events, too.
(mouse-split-window-vertically): Use event-end and
posn-col-row, instead of mouse-coords, which is obsolete.
* mouse.el: Comment out the scrollbar commands until we make them work.
* mouse.el: Comment out jla's experimental things. What are these
doing in the distribution source anyway?
* mouse.el: Bind the help menu to C-down-mouse-2, instead of
C-mouse-2; this way, you can use the mouse-up event to make the
menu selection.
(help-apropos-map, help-keys-map, help-manual-map, help-misc-map)
(help-modes-map, help-admin-map): Give the menu names for these
keymaps using make-sparse-keymap's optional argument, rather than
constructing them by hand.
* scrollbar.el: Require 'mouse.
(scrollbar-set-window-start, scrollbar-scroll-down)
(scrollbar-scroll-up): Use event-end, from mouse.el.
1993-01-19 Jim Blandy (
* x-mouse.el: Deleted; it was the interface to the Emacs 18-style
mouse interface, which doesn't exist anymore.
1993-01-15 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-switch-label-regexp): New constant.
(electric-c-terminator, c-indent-line, indent-c-exp): Use it to
correctly recognize default labels in switch statements.
1993-01-15 Richard Stallman (
* shell.el (shell): Doc fix.
1993-01-14 Roland McGrath (
* files.el (switch-to-buffer-other-frame): Pass t to pop-to-buffer.
1993-01-14 Jim Blandy (
* scrollbar.el: New file.
* term/x-win.el: Require 'scrollbar.
1993-01-12 Richard Stallman (
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): When deleting, avoid delay
and don't set the mark. Replace obsolete fn event-point.
(mouse-kill): Replace obsolete fn event-point.
1993-01-11 Jim Blandy (
* page-ext.el (next-page): Correctly handle negative page count.
1993-01-11 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (kill-append): Doc fix.
1993-01-09 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Don't try to delete the
initial frame if the user took care of that.
1993-01-09 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (mail-unsent-separator): Add `-- begin message --'.
* dired.el (dired-regexp-history): New history list.
(dired-read-regexp): Use that history list. Take just one arg.
* dired-aux.el (dired-mark-read-regexp): Give dired-read-regexp 1 arg.
1993-01-08 Roland McGrath (
* upd-copyr.el (update-copyright): Doc fix.
1993-01-08 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry): Search for existing ChangeLog
in parent dir and its parents.
1993-01-08 Roland McGrath (
* timer.el (run-at-time): Use a pipe to talk to the timer process.
1993-01-07 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (set-goal-column): Make this disabled by default.
1993-01-07 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-send):
Don't clear modified or delete autosave if visiting a file.
1993-01-05 Richard Stallman (
* hippie.el: New file.
1993-01-04 Richard Stallman (
* apropos.el (apropos-match-keys): Handle non-chars as keys.
1993-01-02 Richard Stallman (
* compile.el (compilation-sentinel): Change buffer-read-only with let.
1992-12-29 Richard Stallman (
* mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu): Select the window clicked on.
1992-12-28 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry):
Notice when ENTRY is equal to FILE-NAME,
not the hard-wired string "ChangeLog".
Added missing regexp-quote's in same-day entry search.
Search only in the first paragraph for a similar entry to add to.
1992-12-26 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (abbreviated-home-dir): New variable.
(abbreviate-file-name): Properly convert abbreviated homedir to ~.
1992-12-24 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer):
When picking a table and using tags-table-list,
skip over nonexistent files in the list.
* etags.el (etags-verify-tags-table):
Use eq instead of = in case char-after returns nil.
1992-12-21 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer):
Don't look in list for tags-file-name if nil.
* etags.el: Many comments added and docstrings fixed.
(tags-table-list): Elt of nil is not special.
(tags-expand-table-name): Value of nil is not special.
(tags-next-table): Removed arg RESET; no caller used it.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Don't need to do tags-expand-table-name
in or form. When table is invalid, only set tags-file-name to nil
globally if its global value contained the losing table file name.
(find-tag-tag): Return a string, not a list.
(find-tag-noselect, find-tag, find-tag-other-window)
(find-tag-other-frame): Changed callers.
(etags-recognize-tags-table): Call etags-verify-tags-table, rather than
duplicating its functionality.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): When CONT is 'same, set it to nil after the
cond. We want the normal list frobbing to take place in this case.
(find-tag-other-window): Save and restore window-point around call to
1992-12-21 Roland McGrath (
* subr.el (ignore):
Use defun instead of fset to define; the byte compiler is smart
enough now not to compile this trivial function into slow byte code.
1992-12-21 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): Calculating the proper fill-prefix
shouldn't change the buffer text. Make it not. If we're in the
blank space before another comment, fill that one as a comment,
not as normal text.
1992-12-20 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (kill-region): Change interactive spec to signal an
error if the buffer is read-only, and remove the code to do a
copy-region-as-kill if the buffer is read-only.
1992-12-19 Richard Stallman (
* loadup.el: Display load-path at start.
1992-12-19 Jim Blandy (
* sendmail.el (mail-position-on-field): `end' is guaranteed to be
at the beginning of the header separator; don't skip back to the
end of the previous line.
* loadup.el: Dump under the name `emacs', not `xemacs'.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Tightened up
BSD/GNU regexp to insist that line number end with a colon or
1992-12-17 Jim Blandy (
* rmail.el (rmail-unix-mail-delimiter): Not all time zone names
end with "T". Accept any sequence of three or four alphabetic
* simple.el (set-mark-command): Clarify doc string.
* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal): Don't apply string-to-char to
get the first element of the key sequence - it might be a vector.
1992-12-15 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): When guessing the fill prefix,
don't ever grab any actual text.
1992-12-14 Jim Blandy (
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Add regexp for the
MIPS CC distributed with Ultrix.
1992-12-12 Jim Blandy (
* paths.el (Info-default-directory-list): The info files are
supposed to be in /usr/local/info these days. Add it to the list
of directories to search.
1992-12-11 Jim Blandy (
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Set the default directory of the *vc*
buffer to the directory containing FILE.
1992-12-09 Roland McGrath (
* info.el (Info-{first,second,third,fourth,fifth}-menu-item): Removed.
(Info-nth-menu-item): New function; bound to 1..9.
1992-12-08 Jim Blandy (
The find-file-name-handler function in ../src/fileio.c is now
callable from lisp; use it instead of writing out its code.
* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): Just that.
* dired.el (dired-uncache): Just that.
* files.el (file-local-copy, file-truename)
(file-name-sans-versions, make-directory, save-buffers-kill-emacs):
Just that.
* ls-lisp.el (insert-directory): Just that.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-unhandled-file-name-directory): New
function. Set ange-ftp's `unhandled-file-name-property' to its
1992-12-07 Jim Blandy (
* lpr.el (lpr-switches, lpr-command): Make these defvars, not
1992-12-04 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): When trying to make sure that the
comment ender isn't on its own line, don't signal an error if
there is no comment ender.
1992-12-03 Jim Blandy (
* sendmail.el (mail-self-blind, mail-interactive)
(mail-yank-ignored-headers): Make these defvars, not defconsts.
Otherwise, they wipe out the user's customizations when we
autoload sendmail.el.
1992-12-01 Jim Blandy (
* hanoi.el (hanoi): If pole-spacing is odd, round down, not up.
To see if the window is wide enough, just check if one half of a
ring will fit inside pole-spacing.
1992-11-27 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-change-log-entry):
Expand file-name again after chasing links.
1992-11-20 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-next-action): Undo previous change.
1992-11-19 Jim Blandy (
* vc.el (vc-next-action): Pass t as NOQUERY argument to
vc-resynch-window here too. This means that all uses of
vc-resynch-window pass t; I'm going to wait until I understand the
situation better before I rip out the NOQUERY argument
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Try to preserve the position of mark
as well as point.
(vc-position-context, vc-find-position-by-context): New functions
to help with that, made out of the old innards of vc-revert-buffer1.
1992-11-18 Jim Blandy (
* fortran.el: New version of version 1.30 (!) from Stephen A. Wood
1992-11-17 Jim Blandy (
* fortran.el: New version (1.30) from "Stephen A. Wood"
* subr.el (lambda): Doc fix.
1992-11-15 Jim Blandy (
* simple.el (comment-column): Doc fix.
1992-11-13 Jim Blandy (
* paths.el (rmail-spool-directory): Add dgux-unix to the list of
systems which put their mail in "/usr/mail".
* lpr.el (lpr-command, lpr-switches): Removed strings starting
with \newline; this file is loaded in loaddefs.el, and doesn't
need to follow that convention.
* lpr.el (lpr-command): Add dgux-unix to the list of systems which
want "lp".
1992-11-12 Jim Blandy (
* bytecomp.el: Declare unread-command-char an obsolete variable.
* vip.el (vip-escape-to-emacs, vip-prefix-arg-value)
(vip-prefix-arg-com): Use unread-command-event instead of
unread-command-char; respect its new semantics.
* simula.el (simula-electric-label): Same.
* comint.el (comint-dynamic-list-completions): Same.
* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-list, Electric-buffer-menu-exit):
* ehelp.el (electric-help-command-loop): Same.
* electric.el (Electric-command-loop): Same.
* emerge.el (emerge-show-file-name): Same.
* fortran.el (fortran-abbrev-start, fortran-window-create-momentarily):
* gnus.el (gnus-Subject-next-article): Same.
* info.el (Info-summary): Same.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-update, isearch-unread): Same.
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Same.
* mlsupport.el (push-back-character): Same.
* replace.el (perform-replace): Same.
* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal): Same.
* subr.el (read-quoted-char, momentary-string-display): Same.
* sun-mouse.el (mouse-second-hit): Same.
* terminal.el (te-escape-extended-command-unread): Same.
* emerge.el (emerge-file-names): Use `temp-buffer-show-function',
not `temp-buffer-show-hook'.
(emerge-combine-versions-edit): Fix misarranged cond expression;
the t is an `else' clause, not a function call in the preceding
* simula.el (simula-calculate-indent): Call backward-word with the
appropriate argument.
* vip.el (vip-delete-char, vip-delete-backward-char, ex-delete):
Don't pass nil as a fourth argument to vip-append-to-register; it
takes only three.
(vip-mark-point, ex-mark): Pass required second argument to
* bytecomp.el: Require 'backquote.
* subr.el (lambda): Don't use backquotes in lambda's definition.
* disass.el (byte-compile): Specify that the 'byte-compile feature
is provided in the file "bytecomp".
1992-11-11 Jim Blandy (
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-repaint-buffer): Give this a non-hacky
definition using (message nil).
(ange-ftp-read-passwd, ange-ftp-process-filter): Uncomment out the
calls to ange-ftp-repaint-buffer.
1992-11-11 Eric S. Raymond (
* c-mode.el (c-style-alist): Add quotes around C++ style name.
1992-11-10 Jim Blandy (
* rect.el (operate-on-rectangle): Use move-to-column's FORCE
argument instead of implementing it ourselves.
(rectangle-coerce-tab): No longer used; deleted.
* rect.el (open-rectangle): Leave point at the upper corner of the
rectangle just opened, in imitation of open-line. Fix doc typo.
(open-rectangle-line): Use skip-chars-backward's LIM argument to
leave spaces before the line segment's beginning undisturbed.
* rect.el: Provide 'rect.
1992-11-08 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-cancel-version): Use yes-or-no-p.
1992-11-06 Richard Stallman (
* startup.el (after-init-hook): Doc fix.
1992-11-05 Jim Blandy (
* isearch.el (isearch-frames-exist): This isn't what we want -
replaced by...
(isearch-gnu-emacs-events): Non-nil if should expect events in the
style generated by GNU Emacs 19. Set if set-frame-height is
fboundp; this is true on any GNU Emacs 19, whether or not it was
compiled with multiple frame support.
(isearch-mode-map): Test isearch-gnu-emacs-events instead of
isearch-frames-exist to see if we should bind switch-frame events.
(isearch-update): Test isearch-gnu-emacs-events instead of
isearch-frames-exist to see if unread-command-char's quiescent
value is nil or -1.
* simple.el (previous-line): Doc fix.
1992-11-05 Stephen A. Wood (
* fortran.el: Version 1.28.8.
(fortran-indent-to-column): Make turning of lines that begin with
`fortran-continuation-string' into properly formatted continuation
lines work for fortran TAB mode.
* fortran.el: Version 1.28.7a.
Cleaned up some doc strings.
(fortran-abbrev-help, fortran-prepare-abbrev-list-buffer): Use
`insert-abbrev-table-description' and make buffer in abbrevs-mode.
* fortran.el: Version 1.28.7.
Many changes since version 1.28.3. Added auto-fill-mode, support
for some Fortran 90 statements. Adjust comments to conform to new
gnu conventions.
(fortran-mode): Fix `comment-line-start-skip' by changing \\1 to
\\2 and include cpp statements in matching. Changes for auto fill.
(fortran-auto-fill-mode, fortran-do-auto-fill, fortran-break-line):
New functions to implement auto fill.
(fortran-indent-line, fortran-reindent-then-newline-and-indent):
Added auto fill support.
(find-comment-start-skip, is-in-fortran-string-p): New functions.
(fortran-electric-line-number): Works better in overwrite mode.
(fortran-indent-comment, fortran-indent-line)
(fortran-indent-to-column): Use find-comment-start-skip instead of
searching for `comment-start-skip'.
(fortran-mode, calculate-fortran-indent): Added indentation
for fortran 90 statements.
(fortran-next-statement, fortran-previous-statement): Bug fixes.
(fortran-mode, calculate-fortran-indent)
(fortran-setup-tab-format-style, fortran-setup-fixed-format-style):
`fortran-comment-line-column' meaning changed. Now defaults to 0.
1992-11-05 Richard Stallman (
* term/x-win.el (command-switch-alist, x-switch-definitions):
-ib was used for two things. Use -itype for icon type.
1992-11-04 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el: Moved functions to support selections and cut
buffers out from amidst the X initialization code.
* simple.el (kill-line): Don't shift point before doing the delete.
* startup.el (normal-top-level): Don't worry about setting
default-directory to PWD if PWD is shorter. And, if PWD isn't
accurate, delete it.
1992-11-03 Jim Blandy (
* compile.el (compile-internal): Use NAME-OF-MODE in the prompt
when offering to kill an existing process.
* autoload.el (make-autoload): When creating an autoload
invocation for a macro, pass (list 'quote 'macro) as the sixth
argument, not just t. autoload's sixth argument is now a type
instead of just a boolean value, so we should use a value which
reflects that.
* cl.el: New version - 3.0 - from Cesar Quiroz.
* etags.el (find-tag-noselect): Doc fix.
1992-11-03 Richard Stallman (
* rect.el (insert-rectangle): Put mark at upper left corner.
* dired-aux.el (dired-mark-confirm): For `compress',
say `Compress or uncompress'.
(dired-map-over-marks-check): Likewise.
1992-11-01 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-search): Handle all sorts of errors
from regexp search.
1992-10-31 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (make-directory): Renamed from make-directory-path.
Optional argument says whether to create parent dirs.
Invoke file-name handler here.
(after-find-file): Delete code that offers to create dir.
Instead, just print a message.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lambda):
Don't compile the interactive spec if it is a call to `list'.
1992-10-30 Jim Blandy (
* ange-ftp.el: Tighten the regular expression used in
file-name-handler-alist to recognized ange-ftp filenames; the
slash, username and hostname must be at the start of the filename,
not just anywhere in the filename.
1992-10-30 Richard Stallman (
* tabify.el: Doc fix.
1992-10-28 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-admin): Pass t as noquery arg to vc-resynch-window.
* paths.el (manual-program): Always use /usr/ucb/man if that exists.
1992-10-27 Richard Stallman (
* fortran.el (fortran-tab-mode): Add defvar.
(fortran-analyze-file-format): Bind i.
(fortran-tab-mode-string): Add defvar.
(fortran-tab-mode): Use `arg' as variable, not as function.
(fortran-prepare-abbrev-list-buffer): New function.
(fortran-abbrev-help): Call that.
(fortran-window-create): Use screen-width, not frame-width.
* info.el: Rename buffer-flush-undo to buffer-disable-undo.
(Info-goto-emacs-key-command-node): Fix typo.
(Info-menu-item-sequence): Commented out.
(Info-follow-nearest-node): Use new event format.
Select the window clicked on.
* vc.el (vc-log-file, vc-log-version): Declared.
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region):
Use region-beginning and region-end, in interactive spec.
1992-10-26 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-edit-string):
Bind cursor-in-echo-area only around read-char/allocate-event.
1992-10-24 Richard Stallman (
* vc-hooks.el (vc-prefix-map): Put vc-diff on = and vc-directory on d.
* vc.el (vc-resynch-window): New arg NOQUERY.
Pass it to vc-revert-buffer1.
(vc-checkout, vc-finish-logentry, vc-revert-buffer, vc-finish-steal):
Supply t as NOQUERY arg for vc-resynch-window.
Don't revert workfile from master if buffer is modified.
1992-10-23 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (set-visited-file-name): Change the auto save file name.
* macros.el (insert-kbd-macro): Replace nonprinting chars with escapes.
If arg is empty, use last macro as default.
* sendmail.el (mail-aliases): Doc fix.
* help.el (describe-function): Print `an autoloaded', not `a ...'.
* simple.el (goal-column): Don't put the defvar inside the
1992-10-21 Richard Stallman (
* dired.el (dired-chown-program):
Treat silicon-graphics-unix like usg-unix-v.
* rmail.el (rmail-mode-map): Delete binding of M-r (use global one).
* lpr.el (lpr-command):
Treat hpux and silicon-graphics-unix like usg-unix-v.
* rmailout.el (rmail-output-to-rmail-file): Call abbreviate-file-name.
* files.el: Doc fixes.
1992-10-20 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (comment-region): Do move to next line, in neg arg case.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-mode-map): Make the top-level keymap dense.
Explicitly bind control characters at that level.
* files.el (file-truename): Check for root by seeing if
directory-file-name returns same as DIR.
Look for a file-truename handler for the file name.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-registered): Look for a vc-registered handler.
But only if file-name-handler-alist is bound.
* ange-ftp.el: Add dummy handlers for file-truename and vc-registered.
(ange-ftp-add-vms-host, ange-ftp-add-dl-dir, ange-ftp-add-mts-host)
Use default-directory, not dired-directory.
(ange-ftp-allow-child-lookup): Eliminate dired-local-variables-file.
* mailalias.el (mail-aliases): Add definition here.
1992-10-19 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Add condition-case around
the body, so at worst we return nil.
1992-10-18 Richard Stallman (
* paragraphs.el (kill-sentence, backward-kill-sentence)
(kill-paragraph, backward-kill-paragraph):
Don't change point before calling kill-region.
* sendmail.el (mail-setup):
Call build-mail-aliases, not mail-abbrev-setup.
(sendmail-send-it): Call expand-mail-aliases.
* mailalias.el: Doc fixes.
* mailabbrev.el: Delete version 18 compatibility stuff.
(mail-abbrevs, build-mail-abbrevs, rebuild-mail-abbrevs)
(merge-mail-abbrevs): Renamed `mail-aliases' to `mail-abbrevs'.
(mail-abbrev-end-of-buffer): Renamed from abbrev-hacking-end-of-buffer.
(mail-abbrev-next-line): Renamed from abbrev-hacking-next-line.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-mode-map): Use sparse keymaps.
Start printing-char loop at SPC.
* rmailsort.el (rmail-sort-messages):
Give up right away if not Rmail mode.
1992-10-17 Richard Stallman (
* replace.el (occur): Always search entire buffer.
1992-10-17 Jim Blandy (
* mouse.el (mouse-tear-off-window): New function.
1992-10-17 Richard Stallman (
* mouse.el (mouse-set-region): New command. Bind drag-mouse-1 to it.
1992-10-15 Richard Stallman (
* telnet.el (telnet): Wait for telnet output before sending `open'.
1992-10-14 Jim Blandy (
* files.el (file-truename): The variable ~ should be considered an
absolute pathname; handle it correctly. Concatenate the directory
onto the filename in the correct order.
1992-10-13 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-mode-map): Bind t in top-level map
and in the submap for meta keys. Don't bind the individual chars.
1992-10-12 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer): When trying to pick table, call
tags-expand-table-name on alternatives that might be nil.
(tags-table-files): Don't call visit-tags-table-buffer; assume we
are there.
1992-10-12 Richard Stallman (
* picture.el (edit-picture): Run picture-mode-hook.
1992-10-10 Jim Blandy (
* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): Change references to
`from-file' to use `file'; the former only works because
dired-compress-file is only called by dired-compress, which binds
* rmail.el (rmail-mode): Make this autoload; we might find a file
whose first line local variables want to put it in RMAIL mode;
that ought to work.
1992-10-10 Richard Stallman (
* comint.el (comint-last-input-match): defvar moved up.
* files.el (buffer-file-number): New variable.
(find-file-noselect): Record the file's filenum and devnum.
Notify if any buffer has the same values.
(basic-save-buffer): Save new filenum and devnum.
For file-precious-flag, pass real name as VISIT arg of write-region.
(set-visited-file-name): Likewise.
Clear buffer-file-{number,truename} if now visiting no file.
1992-10-09 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (mail-unsent-separator): Handle "Message text follows".
* files.el (hack-one-local-variables): New subroutine.
(hack-local-variables-prop-line): New function.
(hack-local-variables): Use them both.
(ignored-local-variables): New variable.
* files.el (file-truename): New function.
(find-file-noselect): Look for buffer with same truename.
Warn about it; optionally find it. Set buffer-file-truename.
(set-visited-file-name): Set buffer-file-truename.
(buffer-file-truename): New var, permanent local in all buffers.
(find-file-visit-truename, find-file-compare-truenames): New options.
1992-10-08 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (mail-unsent-separator): Allow "original message" as
alternative. Allow extra dashes and spaces.
(rmail-retry-failure): Ignore case while searching for unsent sep.
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): In normal C case,
start with beginning-of-line.
In last (fallback) case, start with end-of-line.
(add-log-current-defun-header-regexp): In first alternative
within the parens, don't allow space as last character.
* cust-print.el (custom-prin1-chars):
Var defined, and renamed from prin1-chars.
(circle-tree, circle-table): Define vars.
(cust-print-vector, cust-print-list): Rename level to circle-level.
(cust-print-top-level): Likewise.
(circle-level): Var defined.
* cmuscheme.el (inferior-scheme-filter-regexp):
Move definition of this var up before first use.
(scheme-buffer): Define variable.
* cmulisp.el (cmulisp-mode): Eliminate compatibility code calling
lisp-mode-variables with no arg.
(cmulisp-mode-map): Use shared-lisp-mode-map as tail.
(cmulisp-args-to-list): Fix typo in recursive call.
(cmulisp-buffer): Define variable.
* files.el (hack-local-variables): Ignore attempts to bind
1992-10-07 Richard Stallman (
* cust-print.el: CP:: changed to cust-print- in all names.
Lots of doc fixes.
1992-10-06 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Catch errors checking for DEFUN.
1992-10-05 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-steal-lock): Use mail-setup, and do like `mail'.
Supply vc-finish-steal as an action on sending.
(vc-finish-steal): Delete the code to send the message.
(vc-backend-steal): Put filename after options in rcs commands.
Delete the workfile after the rcs -M -u.
1992-10-05 Joseph Arceneaux (
* rmail.el (rmail-first-unseen-message): Don't show the message,
just return its number, if there was an unseen message.
(rmail): Check for unseen messages before calling
rmail-get-new-mail. After getting the new mail, call
rmail-show-message to show the pre-existing unseen message, or if
that is nil, the current message, which rmail-get-new-mail sets to
the first new message.
1992-10-05 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-ring-advance-edit): Delete spurious `)'.
* info.el (Info-restore-point): Delete duplicate definition.
1992-10-05 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkin):
Change buffers to get local value of vc-checkin-switches.
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkin):
Use apply on vc-do-command: vc-checkin-switches is a
1992-10-05 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-checkin-switches): New defvar.
(vc-backend-checkin): Pass vc-checkin-switches to prog.
1992-10-05 Richard Stallman (
* ls-lisp.el (insert-directory): Renamed from dired-ls.
All other functions renamed to start with ls-lisp.
* ls-lisp.el: New file from Kremer.
1992-10-04 Richard Stallman (
* fill.el (fill-paragraph): Don't actually change point before
calling fill-region-as-paragraph.
(fill-region-as-paragraph): Save point on undo list at start.
1992-10-03 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (insert-buffer): Before reading arg, barf if read-only.
1992-10-03 Jim Blandy (
* mouse.el: Begin adapting this to the new event format.
(event-window, event-point, mouse-coords, mouse-timestamp):
(event-start, event-end, posn-window, posn-point, posn-col-row)
(posn-timestamp): New accessors; these are defsubsts.
(mouse-delete-window, mouse-delete-other-windows)
(mouse-split-window-vertically, mouse-set-point): Rewritten to use
the new accessors.
* mouse.el: Remove hack of binding down-mouse-1.
* mouse.el (mouse-movement-p): Add docstring for this.
1992-10-02 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (open-line): Shield undo from the hack to insert at pt-1.
1992-10-01 Richard Stallman (
* man.el (nuke-nroff-bs): 4 lines after header was 1 too many.
Likewise for 10 before the header.
1992-10-01 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-parse-errors): Save (match-beginning 0)
in a variable, so the looking-at call doesn't clobber its value
when we want to use it to back up before the error we discard.
Make sure compilation-error-list is at least two elts long before
checking its first two elts for being in the same file.
1992-09-30 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (kill-word): Don't change point before calling kill-region.
(delete-indentation): Don't go beyond eob, comparing with fill-prefix.
1992-09-30 Jim Blandy (
* gud.el (gud-last-frame): Added defvar for this.
1992-09-29 Richard Stallman (
* info.el (Info-follow-nearest-node): Handle line breaks after *note.
Fix interactive spec. Doc fix. Put on mouse-3.
1992-09-30 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-parse-errors): After we get enough errors
to stop early, toss the last one (which is for a different file),
so we don't lose the same way on the next run.
1992-09-29 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compilation-parse-errors): When we reach
FIND-AT-LEAST errors, keep going until we have seen all the
consecutive errors in the same file.
1992-09-29 Richard Stallman (
* sendmail.el (mail-send-and-exit): Do other-buffer before bury-buffer.
* rmail.el (mail-unsent-separator): Add another alternative.
1992-09-29 Jim Blandy (
* term/x-win.el (x-select-text, x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value):
Use x-get-cut-buffer and x-set-cut-buffer, instead of expecting
x-selection-value to manipulate the cut buffers.
* term/x-win.el (x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value): Treat
selections whose value is the empty string like unset selections.
This allows us to truncate cut buffers to the empty string (if the
text is too large, say) without causing
interprogram-paste-function to wipe out the latest kill.
* gud.el: When we send a command to the debugger via gud-call,
it's annoying to see the command and the new prompt in the
debugger interaction buffer; nuke the command and the old prompt.
(gud-delete-prompt-marker): New variable, with extensive documentation.
(gud-mode): Make gud-delete-prompt-marker buffer-local, and
initialize it.
(gud-filter-insert): If gud-delete-prompt-marker is set, delete
the prompt, and clear gud-delete-prompt-marker.
(gud-call): Arrange for the last prompt printed to get deleted, by
setting gud-delete-prompt-char.
* gud.el (gud-def): Doc fix.
(gud-gdb-marker-filter, gud-sdb-marker-filter, gud-dbx-marker-filter):
Rename the argument `s' or `str' to `string', and change all uses;
these definitions were referring to `string', which is unbound in the
lexical context, but which happens to end up being bound to the right
thing by the caller, gud-filter.
(sdb): Set comint-prompt-regexp, not comint-prompt-pattern; the
latter doesn't exist.
(gud-dbx-debugger-setup): Use the argument `f', not the variable
`file', which happens to be bound in the caller.
(gud-filter-insert): The variable `start' is never used. The
variable `moving' is unnecessary. The variable `old-buffer' and
the unwind-protect form are unneeded, since save-excursion can do
their work. The binding of output-after-point should be done after
switching to the process's buffer, not in whatever random buffer
happens to be current when the process filter is called. There's
no need to set the process mark if we've just inserted at its
location using insert-before-markers.
(gud-read-address): Don't bother setting the variable `result'; it
is never used.
1992-09-28 Richard Stallman (
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-kill-ftp-process): Delete spurious ".
* files.el (file-relative-name-1): New function split out.
(file-relative-name): Use it.
* timer.el (timer-process-sentinel): Don't set timer-scratch.
* ws-mode.el (ws-mark-word): Use forward-word, with an arg,
instead of backward-word.
(wordstar-mode): Move after definition of keymap.
(ws-move-block): Just two args for kill-region.
* vc.el (vc-rename-file): Use OLD, not FILE which is unbound.
* two-column.el: Use frame-width instead of screen-width.
1992-09-28 Roland McGrath (
* map-ynp.el: Use (function ...) around lambdas, so it works in v18.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-update-change-log): Use file-relative-name.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* files.el (file-relative-name):
Rewritten so unrelativizable file names win.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* files.el (file-relative-name): Don't lose when DIRECTORY is nil.
* files.el (file-relative-name): New function.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* vc.el (vc-checkin-hook): New user hook variable.
(vc-log-after-operation-hook): New internal defvar.
(vc-checkin): Set vc-log-after-operation-hook to 'vc-checkin-hook.
(vc-finish-logentry): Run vc-log-after-operation-hook at end.
(vc-update-change-log): When doing all visited files, remove directory
names from file names that are in default-directory.
* vc.el (vc-update-change-log):
Use shell-command, not shell-command-on-region.
Take optional args to pass to script.
Add fancy interactive spec: C-u for current file only;
M-0 for all visited.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* find-dired.el: New version from sk.
Changed copyright owner to FSF, and updated year.
(find-grep-dired): Use ! -type d, not -type f.
1992-09-27 Roland McGrath (
* vc-hooks.el (vc-toggle-read-only): Doc fix.
(vc-mode-line): Add interactive spec.
1992-09-26 Richard Stallman (
* two-column.el (tc-window-width, tc-separator, tc-other):
Add permanent-local property.
(tc-two-columns): Renamed from tc-split.
(tc-split): Renamed from tc-unmerge. Put it on C-x 6 s.
Use make-local-variable on tc-separator.
* spook.el (spook): Make it autoload.
* gomoku.el (gomoku): Make it autoload.
* mpuz.el: Fix setup of mpuz-read-map not to depend on keymap format.
(mpuz): Renamed from mult-puzzle. Make it autoload.
* setenv.el (setenv): Doc fix. Make it autoload.
* diff.el (diff): Don't print echo area message.
(diff-parse-differences): Always add `done' to message, at end.
New local num-loci-found counts the loci.
* mouse.el (mouse-split-window-vertically): Use @.
(mouse-split-window-horizontally): New command.
Use S-mouse-2 for them.
(mouse-delete-window): Put on mode-line mouse-3.
(mouse-save-then-kill): New command, on mouse-3.
(mouse-delete-other-windows): Use @. Now on mode-line mouse-1.
(mouse-scroll-down, mouse-scroll-up): Use e, get line from event.
(mouse-scroll-move-cursor): Likewise.
(mouse-scroll-left, mouse-scroll-right): Likewise for column.
(mouse-scroll-move-cursor-horizontally): Likewise.
1992-09-24 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (after-find-file): New arg NOAUTO.
(revert-buffer, recover-file): Pass t for that arg.
1992-09-23 Edward M. Reingold (
* cal-mayan.el (calendar-print-mayan-date): Fix conversion in
output message.
1992-09-23 Richard Stallman (
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): When testing for function-start line,
always match the first paren if have more than one.
1992-09-21 Richard Stallman (
* vms-pmail.el: New file.
* texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Capitalize the mode name string.
* mail-extr.el (mail-undo-backslash-quoting): Renamed from undo-...
(mail-safe-move-sexp): Renamed from safe-...
(mail-variant-method): Renamed from variant-method.
* tq.el: Doc fixes. Make tq-create autoload.
* keypad.el: File deleted (obsolete).
* setenv.el (setenv): Add interactive spec. Use \\` for string beg.
Improve error message.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-other-meta-char): Use isearch-unread.
Support `edit' as search-exit-option.
* recompile-startup.el: File deleted.
* at386.el: Deleted from here; latest version moved into term.
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): When checking for DEFUN macro,
stop moving down if reach eob.
1992-09-20 Richard Stallman (
* prompt.el: File deleted.
* find-dired.el (start-process-shell-command): Deleted.
* diff.el (diff-switches): Default is now -c.
(diff-parse-differences): Use line beg as location of message.
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): When checking for DEFUN macro,
stop moving down at line with # or /.
(c-fill-paragraph): Set first-line whenever we find a comment start
on the current line. Protect text before the comment start
by excluding it from the region and adding spaces to bring back
proper indentation of that point.
1992-09-19 Richard Stallman (
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-generate-anonymous-password): Default now t.
??? This file is waiting for papers from several people.
* vms-patch.el (vms-command-line-again): New function.
(vms-pmail-setup): Autoload added here.
(vms-suspend-resume-hook): Handle envvars EMACS_COMMAND_ARGS and
* dired.el (dired-view-file, dired-up-directory): Test that
dired-subdir-alist has more than one element, to use dired-goto-subdir.
(dired-goto-file, dired-clean-up-after-deletion): Likewise.
(dired-mark): Likewise, before dired-get-subdir.
(dired-subdir-max): Likewise, before dired-next-subdir.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-done): Do push on ring if ring is empty.
(isearch-edit-string): Get default from search ring.
Don't set the default here.
(search-last-string, search-last-regexp): Vars deleted.
(search-highlight): No longer a user option.
* subr.el (baud-rate): Defined.
(substitute-key-definition): Understand today's keymap format.
New arg OLDMAP. Operate recursively on prefix keys.
* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text): Make the inbox file empty here
if we rename it with rename-file here.
(rmail-get-new-mail): Always try deleting the files in delete-files.
1992-09-18 Richard Stallman (
* lisp-mode.el (eval-last-sexp): Narrow before reading
so don't read past point.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-mode): Change back to (baud-rate).
* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail): Truncate inbox file if we
fail to delete it, or if it's not in the ordinary mail spool dir.
1992-09-17 Richard Stallman (
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): When checking for DEFUN macro,
stop moving down at line with open-brace or close-brace.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-file-name-as-directory): Fix typo.
1992-09-17 Jim Blandy (
* gud.el (gud-mode-map): Bind gud-refresh to C-c C-l, not C-c l;
the latter is reserved for the user's purposes.
1992-09-16 Joseph Arceneaux (
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-ring-advance-edit): Added missing
closing paren to end of this function.
1992-09-16 Roland McGrath (
* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text): Avoid "Getting mail from"
message for zero-length files.
1992-09-15 Roland McGrath (
* term/x-win.el: Bind M-next to scroll-other-window.
* etags.el (visit-tags-table-buffer): Only return nil if (null
tags-table-list-pointer) when CONT is t, not anything non-nil.
* etags.el (tags-apropos): Pass arg to tags-apropos-function.
* mailabbrev.el: Delete comment about needing papers. We have them.
* etags.el (tags-apropos): Start FIRST-TIME as t, not nil.
Set it to nil inside the loop.
1992-09-15 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (previous-history-element): Doc fix.
* isearch-mode.el (isearch-event-data-type):
Renamed from isearch-events-exist.
(isearch-frames-exist): Set properly in Emacs 18.
(isearch-mode): Use baud-rate as variable, not function.
(isearch-abort): Use nil as 2nd arg to `signal'.
(isearch-ring-advance-edit, isearch-ring-retreat-edit): Fns deleted.
(isearch-ring-adjust-edit): Fns deleted.
(isearch-done): Add new string to ring unless matches newest elt.
Don't update the yank pointers.
(isearch-repeat): Always use newest elt of ring.
(isearch-mode): Set *search-ring-yank-pointer to nil.
(isearch-edit-string): Set cursor-in-echo-area to nil after read-char.
Use read-from-minibuffer and specify a ring as history.
(*search-ring-yank-pointer): Value now integer or nil.
(isearch-ring-adjust1): Modify yank pointer usage accordingly.
1992-09-14 Roland McGrath (
* dabbrev.el: Change provide to 'dabbrev from 'dabbrevs.
* etags.el (find-tag-noselect, next-file, list-tags, tags-apropos):
Call visit-tags-table-buffer with nil, not 'reset.
(tags-expand-table-name): New function.
(tags-table-list-member): New function.
(tags-next-table): New function.
(visit-tags-file): Folded into visit-tags-table-buffer.
(tags-table-list-started-at): New defvar.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Rewritten. No longer groks 'reset arg.
For 'same, just expand tags-file-name.
For t, use tags-next-table, and skip over nonexistent files.
Use tags-table-list-member to search lists.
Set tags-table-list-started-at.
(visit-tags-table): Use (visit-tags-table-buffer 'same) in place of
(tags-table-parent-pointer-list): Doc fix.
(tags-table-including): New function, subr of visit-tags-table-buffer.
1992-09-14 Jim Blandy (
* gud.el (gdb, sdb, dbx): Use C-c C-r ("resume") for continuing,
instead of C-c C-c. C-c C-c should be comint-interrupt-subjob;
it's important to have that available, and the C-c C-c binding is
consistent with all the other comint-derived modes.
1992-09-14 Richard Stallman (
* isearch-mode.el: Add global key bindings.
(isearch-mode-map): Use only define-key, not aset.
Don't try using length of keymap.
(isearch-update): Handle unread-command-char properly for Emacs 19.
(isearch-switch-frame-handler): Use select-frame to switch frames.
(isearch-pre-command-hook): Commented out.
(search-upper-case): Renamed from search-caps-disable-folding.
1992-09-14 Roland McGrath (
* etags.el (visit-tags-file): Return t iff tags file exists.
(visit-tags-table): Error if file doesn't exist.
(tags-next-table): New function, code broken out from
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Use it.
Skip over nonexistent files in the tags-table-list.
(find-tag-in-order): When (not FIRST-SEARCH), call
visit-tags-table-buffer with 'same, not nil.
* etags.el (visit-tags-file): Check for file being a directory here.
(visit-tags-table-buffer): Not here.
(visit-tags-table): Or here.
1992-09-14 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (rmail-retry-failure): Bind off mail-signature and
(rmail-forward): Likewise.
* loaddefs.el: Added autoloads for dabbrev. (That section got lost.)
* simple.el (repeat-complex-command): Get rid of strings added
to command-history by read-from-minibuffer.
Don't bind minibuffer-history-variable here.
(previous-matching-history-element): Read argument manually,
with a special history list. Delete this command from command-history.
Fix arithmetic for counting N.
(next-matching-history-element): Likewise.
(minibuffer-history-search-history): New variable.
* simple.el (read-expression-map): New keymap, w/ lisp-complete-symbol.
(eval-expression, edit-and-eval-command): Use read-expression-map.
(repeat-complex-command): Likewise.
1992-09-13 Richard Stallman (
* compile.el: Fix first lines of doc strings.
(compilation-sentinel): Use local value of compilation-finish-function.
(compilation-num-errors-found): New variable.
(compilation-parse-errors): Use that, not `nfound'.
* diff.el (diff-parse-differences): Likewise.
* lisp-mode.el (save-match-data): Define indentation.
* files.el (file-local-copy): New function, replaces diff-prepare.
* subr.el (save-match-data): New macro.
* files.el (insert-directory): Use that macro.
(file-name-sans-versions): Likewise.
* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): Likewise.
* diff.el (diff-old-file, diff-new-file): Vars declared.
(diff-old-temp-file, diff-new-temp-file): Vars declared.
(dired-add-entry): Pass t as wildcard arg to insert-directory.
(diff): Use compilation-finish-function to delete temp files.
* comint.el (comint-mode): Reinsert kill-all-local-variables.
Delete kludges to preserve comint-ptyp and comint-input-ring.
(comint-ptyp): Move declaration before uses. Make permanent.
(comint-input-ring): Make permanent.
(comint-input-ring-index): Declare it.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-report-error):
Set byte-compiler-have-errors.
(byte-compile-file): Don't kill ` *Compiler Input*' buffer if error.
Put input and output buffers in local vars when made.
Make two separate save-excursion forms, excluding the call
to byte-compile-from-buffer.
* dired.el (dired-uncache): New function.
(dired-revert, dired-insert-old-subdirs): Use it.
(dired-view-file): Undo previous change.
1992-09-13 Jim Blandy (
* mouse.el: Change uses of 'K' interactive spec to 'e'.
1992-09-13 Richard Stallman (
* diff.el (diff): Call diff-prepare. If we do have temporary files,
tell diff to override their names in the listing; delete them at end.
(diff-prepare): New function.
* files.el (file-name-sans-versions): Support file-name-handler-alist.
New arg KEEP-BACKUP-VERSION means don't delete backup versions.
* dired.el (dired-display-file, dired-find-file-other-window)
(dired-view-file, dired-find-file): Call file-name-sans-versions
to remove non-backup version numbers.
* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): New function.
(dired-compress): Call that, to compress and determine new name.
* files.el (insert-directory): New function; based on dired-ls.
Supports file-name-handler-alist.
(insert-directory-program): New variable.
* dired-aux.el (dired-add-entry, dired-insert-subdir-doinsert):
Use insert-directory.
* dired.el (dired-readin-insert): Use insert-directory.
(dired-ls, dired-ls-program): Deleted.
1992-09-12 Richard Stallman (
* autoload.el (update-file-autoloads): Use beginning of specified line.
* loaddefs.el: Sort alphabetically by file name.
* files.el (backup-buffer): If backup file to copy into exists
and is not writable, try deleting it.
* ange-ftp.el: New version from Andrew Norman.
Modified to use file-name-handler-alist.
Get rid of the dummy shell mode.
Rename many variables used free to start with ange-ftp.
Don't do anything special for revert-buffer.
1992-09-11 Richard Stallman (
* mouse.el (x-fixed-font-alist): New variable.
(mouse-set-font): New function, now on C-mouse-3.
* term/x-win.el (scroll-bar-mode): New function (and variable too).
* dired.el (dired-next-subdir, dired-subdir-index): Moved here
* dired-aux.el: From here.
* dired.el (dired-build-subdir-alist): Don't print msg after each dir.
Clarify final message.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Recognize ChangeLog.N as change-log-mode.
Move *.N pattern for nroff mode after ChangeLog.N.
1992-09-10 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Use eq instead of = when one
side might be nil.
1992-09-09 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): In situations where we
have to delete the existing frame and create a new one, redirect
the dying frame's focus to the new frame, so that characters typed
ahead won't get lost.
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Explicitly include
default-frame-alist in the frame parameter lists; it was nil
before the .emacs file was loaded, and now we have to make sure it
takes effect.
* subr.el (keyboard-translate): keyboard-translate-table is a C
variable; it's never unbound. Assume it's bound, and create a new
string if its current value is a non-array, or if the current
array is too short to handle FROM or TO.
1992-09-08 Joseph Arceneaux (
* mailabbrev.el (sendmail-pre-abbrev-expand-hook): Changed the
structure of this function: don't check to call
mail-resolve-all-aliases unless we are actually in a header field
where an abbrev should be expanded.
1992-09-05 Richard Stallman (
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): Fix the cases where point is before
or after the comment. This uses new var comment-start-place.
1992-09-04 Jim Blandy (
* rmail.el (rmail-unix-mail-delimiter): Expand this to recognize
time zones after the date too. Re-arranged some of the whitespace
matching, to facilitate factoring out the time zone regexp.
(rmail-nuke-pinhead-header): Deal with the timezone matched in
either position.
1992-09-04 Roland McGrath (
* server.el: Add provide.
1992-09-04 Richard Stallman (
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): Delete stray setq of tem.
(c-fill-paragraph): If line contains any comment, treat as comment.
* add-log.el (change-log-mode): Match start of word at start of line.
* page.el (forward-page): Handle page delim that matches null string.
* rmail.el (rmail-mode): Doc fix.
* shell.el (shell): Doc fix.
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Copy code from Emacs 18 to add time zone.
1992-09-03 Jim Blandy (
* rmail.el (rmail-unix-mail-delimiter): Split this up and comment
its various components so it looks a bit less like three lines of
1992-09-02 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (compile-goto-error): Move to bol before looking for
the error.
1992-09-02 Jim Blandy (
* c-mode.el (c-auto-newline): Added backslashed before quotes in
1992-09-01 Richard Stallman (
* lpr.el (lpr-command): Make this autoload.
* fill.el (justify-current-line): Fix escape syntax of regexp constant.
1992-08-31 Richard Stallman (
* files.el (enable-local-eval): Default value is `maybe'.
(hack-local-variables): Ask just once about `eval:', not each time.
1992-08-31 Roland McGrath (
* loadup.el: Don't delete old DOC-M.N.O file if it doesn't exist.
1992-08-31 Richard Stallman (
* loadup.el: Delete old DOC-M.N.O file before copying to it.
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): Recognize the Emacs DEFUN macro.
Do condition-case around sexp functions when checking for
function arg decls.
(c-fill-paragraph): Detect comment starting after code on current line.
Exclude everything before line where comment starts.
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Fix test for LOCATION
in range, for instance of DEFUN macro.
* simple.el (open-line): Fix fill-prefix case.
* loaddefs.el: Swap bindings of C-x a i l and C-x a i g.
The former is now for mode abbrevs and the latter for global.
1992-08-30 Richard Stallman (
* mouse.el: Add bindings for down-mouse-1, drag-mouse-1,
S-mouse-3, C-mouse-1.
Add real keybindings for scroll bar commands.
(help-menu-map): New tree of menu-maps, on C-mouse-2.
(mouse-buffer-menu): New function.
1992-08-29 Richard Stallman (
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent): If taking indent from prev stmt
and it starts with an {, subtract c-brace-offset.
1992-08-27 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Recognize Emacs DEFUN properly.
1992-08-24 Jim Blandy (
* rnewspost.el (news-setup): Don't use kill-line; that puts
trash in the kill ring; instead, use delete-region.
* mouse.el (mouse-kill, mouse-set-point): Remember that
event-point does not always return a number; it may return
`mode-line' or `vertical-line'.
* simple.el (prefix-arg-internal): Make sure that the key
sequence is a string before comparing it against "0" and "9".
1992-08-24 Richard Stallman (
* etags.el (etags-recognize-tags-table): Don't print message.
1992-08-21 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el: Doc fixes.
1992-08-19 Jim Blandy (
* sendmail.el (mail-signature-file): Undo the previous change -
replace this with mail-signature. The manual has already gone to
the printer.
(mail-setup): Use mail-signature, rather than mail-signature-file.
(mail-signature): Use "~/.signature", rather than
(mail): Doc fix.
1992-08-19 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (rmail): Bind enable-local-variables, not inhibit...
* sendmail.el (mail-setup): Don't use mail-signature-file
if nonexistent. Insert just one newline if no signature.
1992-08-18 Richard Stallman (
* rmail.el (rmail-next-undeleted-message): No error at eob,
just message. (This reverses the previous change.)
1992-08-17 Jim Blandy (
* sendmail.el (mail-signature): Variable replaced with...
(mail-signature-file): This, since this is the way all the
other lisp packages do it, and it's how people always say they
want it on the mailing lists.
(mail-setup, mail-signature): Adjusted accordingly.
(mail): Doc fix.
1992-08-17 Richard Stallman (
* sort.el (sort-subr): No progress messages if sorting less than 50k.
1992-08-17 Edward M. Reingold (
* solar.el (sunrise-sunset): Get various values set properly when
there is (or isn't) a double prefix arg.
1992-08-14 Jim Blandy (
* timer.el (run-at-time, timer-process-filter): The character
used to separate the time from the token in input to the timer
subprocess used to be ?\001, which is not human-readable.
Make it ?@, which is.
1992-08-14 Richard Stallman (
* info.el (Info-find-node): Be more flexible about format of
tags table.
1992-08-13 Richard Stallman (
* unrmail.el: New file.
1992-08-13 Jim Blandy (
* hideif.el (hide-ifdef-mode): Made this function autoload.
(hide-ifdef-initially, hide-ifdef-read-only, hide-ifdef-lines):
Make these variables autoload.
1992-08-12 Roland McGrath (
* compile.el (grep-regexp-alist): New defvar.
(grep): Pass grep-regexp-alist to compile-internal.
* etags.el (find-tag-noselect):
If NEXT-P, (visit-tags-table-buffer 'same) first.
* add-log.el: Add (provide 'add-log).
1992-08-12 Richard Stallman (
* add-log.el (change-log-mode): Make it autoload.
1992-08-12 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (initial-frame-alist): Change the initial frame
alist from ((minibuffer . nil)), which asks for no minibuffer,
to ((minibuffer . t)), which asks for a minibuffer.
* term/x-win.el: Don't call set-input-mode from here; it's
already taken care of in x_term_init, which is called from
Fx_open_connection. Rah.
1992-08-11 Jim Blandy (
* calendar.el, diary.el, diary-insert.el, holidays.el,
* cal-french.el, cal-mayan.el, solar.el, lunar.el: Installed the
latest update of this calendar stuff from that calendar guy, Ed
Reingold. Entries for his changes have been inserted in this
file, ordered by date amongst the rest of the changes.
* diary-add.el: This has become diary-insert.el.
* calendar.el (generate-calendar-window, update-calendar-mode-line)
(calendar-set-mode-line): Replace uses of screen-width with frame-width.
* diary.el (simple-diary-entry, fancy-diary-entry): Same.
1992-08-11 Richard Stallman (
* simple.el (eval-expression): Doc fix.
1992-08-10 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Protect against "Unbalanced
parens" error from down-list.
1992-08-10 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (set-screen-width, set-screen-height): Make the
docstring say that these are obsolete.
(screen-width, screen-height, set-screen-width, set-screen-height):
Apply make-obsolete to these.
1992-08-10 Edward M. Reingold (
* calendar.el (calendar-mode): Update mode line.
* calendar.el (calendar-read-date): New function.
(calendar-goto-date): Use it.
* holidays.el (holidays): Optional prefix arg causes prompting for
month and year.
* calendar.el (calendar-interval): Fix doc string.
* calendar.el (calendar): Changed use of prefix arg--now it causes
prompting for the month and year.
(regenerate-calendar-window): Renamed generate-calendar-window.
Changed optional argument from an offset from the current month to
a month, year pair.
(redraw-calendar, calendar-current-month, scroll-calendar-left)
(calendar-other-month): Change calls from regenerate-calendar-window
to generate-calendar-window.
1992-08-08 Richard Stallman (
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer): Use yes-or-no-p. Doc fix.
* Reinstalled a loaddefs.el backup dated Aug 4.
The installed copy seems to be a very old version.
1992-08-08 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (set-screen-width, set-screen-height): Changed these
from fset aliases to actual functions, since they aren't supposed
to take a frame argument, while set-frame-{width,height} do.
1992-08-07 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Handle ansidecl DEFUN macros.
(change-log-mode): Doc fix.
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Use an intelligent regexps
instead of many looking-at calls. Use memq instead of (or (eq x a)
(eq x b)). Stupidity reigns.
1992-08-07 Jim Blandy (
* frame.el (set-frame-width, set-frame-height): Functions deleted
*again*. Where did these come from?
* bytecomp.el: Merged changes up to version 2.08 of the
Zawinski-Furuseth compiler. Added a comment above the declaration
of byte-compile-version indicating this, to assist future patchers.
(byte-compile-warnings): Doc fix.
(byte-recompile-directory): Ignore CVS subdirectories, as well as
RCS dirs.
* byte-opt.el: Correctly extract the components of a compiled
function object.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-warnings): Have this default to t,
since Zawinski says everyone likes the warnings about unbound
* appt.el (appt-issue-message, appt-message-warning-time)
(appt-audible, appt-visible, appt-display-mode-line)
(appt-msg-window, appt-display-duration, appt-display-diary): Added
;;;###autoload cookies for these variables, since they are options
for the user to set.
* tex-mode.el (tex-shell-file-name, tex-directory, tex-offer-save)
(tex-run-command, latex-run-command, latex-block-names)
(slitex-run-command, tex-bibtex-command, tex-dvi-print-command)
(tex-alt-dvi-print-command, tex-dvi-view-command)
(tex-show-queue-command, tex-default-mode, tex-open-quote)
(tex-close-quote): Same.
1992-08-06 Roland McGrath (
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Use eq instead of = when one
side might be nil.
* compile.el (compilation-mode-map): Change
compilation-previous/next-file bindings to M-{ and M-}.
1992-08-05 Jim Blandy (
* cl.el (*cl-valid-named-list-accessors*, *cl-valid-nth-offsets*)
(byte-compile-named-accessors): Deleted.
(first, second, ... tenth, rest): Define these with defsubst, to
get the same effect.
(byte-compile-ca*d*r): Deleted.
(caar, cadr, ..., cddddr): Define these using defsubst.
Installed changes from Zawinski-Furuseth 2.04 to 2.07:
* byte-run.el (dont-compile): Doc fix.
(make-obsolete-variable): New function.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-log-1): Added new optional argument,