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1995-06-21 Richard Stallman <>
* Version 19.29 released.
* startup.el (precompute-menubar-bindings): While dumping,
garbage-collect after each menu.
1995-06-20 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-make-debug-menu): Cope if no local map yet.
* loaddefs.el (help-event-list): Initialize it.
* dired-aux.el (dired-do-redisplay): Call dired-uncache.
* simple.el (universal-argument-num-events): New variable.
(universal-argument, universal-argument-more, negative-argument)
(digit-argument): Set that variable.
(universal-argument-other-key): Use that variable when unreading.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-handle-cvs): New variable.
(vc-find-cvs-master): Check that variable.
1995-06-19 Richard Stallman <>
* vc-hooks.el (vc-fetch-properties): Add save-excursion.
* cc-mode.el: Version 4.222 installed. Changes too much to list.
Kept these changes previously installed here:
(c-version): Mention that this may be modified version.
(c-common-init, c-fill-paragraph): Remove "^" used as anchor from
paragraph-start and paragraph-separate values, so that they will
work with non-0 left-margin settings.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-fetch-master-properties): Be more careful
about killing the *vc-info* buffer.
1995-06-19 Karl Heuer <>
* shell.el (shell-directory-tracker): Check for terminator after
cd, pushd, or popd, so that we don't try to do directory tracking
on things like "cdump".
Don't use \\s patterns inside brackets.
1995-06-19 David Kågedal <>
* tempo.el: Documented the `l' tag.
(tempo-insert-template): Check for zmacs-regions.
Wrapped it in unwind-protect.
(tempo-save-named): New function.
(tempo-insert-prompt): Added NO-INSERT parameter.
Handles previous values better. Cleaned up interface.
Check for already saved value.
(tempo-remember-insertion): Function deleted.
(tempo-insert-named): Use tempo-insert if data is not a string.
Use tempo-lookup-named.
(tempo-insert-prompt-compat): New function.
(tempo-lookup-named): New function.
1995-06-19 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (universal-argument-other-key):
Call reset-this-command-lengths.
1995-06-19 Ed Reingold <>
* solar.el (calendar-location-name, sunrise-sunset): Fix bug in
determination of output string.
1995-06-18 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (negative-argument, digit-argument):
Set overriding-terminal-local-map like C-u.
(universal-argument-map): Add binding for \e t.
* texinfo.el (texinfo-environment-regexp): Add @ifhtml, @html.
1995-06-18 Morten Welinder <>
* arc-mode.el (archive-zip-summarize): Handle per-file
comments in central directory.
1995-06-18 Johan Vromans <>
* forms.el: Remove references to mouse-major-mode-menu.
1995-06-18 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-hooks.el (vc-fetch-master-properties): Use path-separator
for path to "cvs status" command.
1995-06-17 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el: Make doc strings and argument names consistent
where necessary.
Moved user variables to own section.
(bookmark-alist): Better doc string.
(bookmark-insert-current-bookmark): Doc string.
(bookmark-insert-buffer-name): Doc string.
(bookmark-set): Take optional NAME argument.
(bookmark-bmenu-select): Use member to test for string's presence.
Use a more efficient test at end, as suggested by Mikio Nakajima.
1995-06-17 Richard Stallman <>
* startup.el (normal-top-level, command-line-1):
Call precompute-menubar-bindings only if using x.
(precompute-menubar-bindings): Don't check for x here.
Set define-key-rebound-commands to t.
* loadup.el: Call precompute-menubar-bindings.
Then set define-key-rebound-commands to nil.
* subr.el (add-hook): Use local local-variable-if-set-p.
* info.el (Info-directory-list): If path-separator isn't available,
bind it here.
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Use path-separator.
1995-06-17 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc.el (vc-directory): Use expand-file-name on default-directory.
(vc-directory-exclusion-list): Add "CVS" to this list.
1995-06-17 Roland McGrath <>
* ediff.el: Fixed bogus references to menu-bar-file-menu in
define-key forms.
1995-06-16 Karl Heuer <>
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Bind frame events to nil.
1995-06-16 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-hooks.el (vc-fetch-properties): Don't use
vc-backend-dispatch, as that is in vc.el.
* vc.el (vc-register): Inhibit backups for the file's buffer.
* vc.el (vc-add-triple, vc-lookup-triple, vc-record-rename):
Use absolute file names to access the SCCS named configuration files
* vc-hooks.el (vc-consult-rcs-headers): Fix typo in prev change.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-find-cvs-master): Exit gracefully when not
finding CVS/Repository.
* vc.el (vc-lookup-triple): Call vc-parse-buffer instead of
* vc.el (vc-retrieve-snapshot): Use vc-checkout instead of
vc-backend-checkout, as the former also updates the current buffer.
(vc-file-tree-walk, vc-file-tree-walk-internal): Use
expand-file-name, so that FUNC gets called with an unabbreviated name.
1995-06-16 Richard Stallman <>
* ispell.el: Reinstalled autoloads from ispell-dictionary-alist,
ispell-menu-map, ispell-menu-lucid, and ispell-menu-map-needed.
* vc.el (vc-backend-dispatch): Move definition before first use.
1995-06-16 Simon Marshall <>
* c-mode.el (c-mode-map): Put mark-active for menu-enable property on
comment-region, c-macro-expand and c-backslash-region symbols.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-menu): Change name to Special Properties.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-make-faces): Optional arg OVERRIDE.
Make faces, and their face variables, only if they don't exist already.
(font-lock-make-faces-done): Removed.
(font-lock-set-defaults): Don't set it.
1995-06-16 Karl Heuer <>
* simple.el (universal-argument-map): New var.
(universal-argument, negative-argument, digit-argument):
Use overriding-terminal-local-map.
(prefix-arg-internal, describe-arg): Functions deleted.
(universal-argument-more, universal-argument-minus): New functions.
(universal-argument-other-key): New function.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode): Use overriding-terminal-local-map.
(isearch-done): Likewise.
1995-06-15 Richard Stallman <>
* ispell.el: Removed autoload from ispell-dictionary-alist,
ispell-menu-map, ispell-menu-lucid, and ispell-menu-map-needed
so users can more easily modify and upgrade entries.
(ispell-dictionary-alist): Once more a single variable.
(ispell-required-version): Documentation changes
(ispell-skip-sgml): Documentation changes
(ispell-command-loop): `mode-line-format' now shows misspelled word.
(ispell-message-text-end): Can now process postscript version 1.
(ispell-message-start-skip): New variable for block skips, set up for
pgp and forward blocks.
(ispell-message-end-skip): New variable for block skips, set up for
pgp and forward blocks.
(ispell-message): Added block message skipping.
(ispell-buffer-local-parsing): Added html-mode.
* mouse.el (mouse-set-region): Bind last-command with this-command.
* winnt.el (grep-null-device): Set this instead of null-device.
* dos-fns.el (path-separator, grep-null-device, grep-regexp-alist):
Set them, as in winnt.el.
* compile.el (grep-null-device): Renamed from null-device.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-fetch-master-properties): For RCS file,
don't look for vc-latest-version and vc-your-latest-version here.
Read only through ^locks unless we need to find the tip of a branch.
(vc-consult-rcs-headers): Use non-regexp search to find the headers.
(vc-latest-version, vc-your-latest-version): Use vc-fetch-properties.
(vc-fetch-properties): New function.
* buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): Don't let space after buf name
inherit the text props from it.
* subr.el (make-local-hook): Doc fix.
1995-06-15 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-hooks.el: The RCS status is now found by reading the
master file directly, instead of using rlog. The properties
retrieved from the master file are kept separately. The two
main properties, `vc-workfile-version' and `vc-locking-user',
are inferred from those master file properties if the
information cannot be found elsehow. All properties are
consistently cached now.
Reordered some defuns so they are grouped in a logical way.
(vc-master-info, vc-log-info, vc-fetch-properties): Functions removed.
Their job is now done by `vc-fetch-master-properties'
and `vc-insert-file'.
(vc-fetch-master-properties): New function.
(vc-insert-file): New function.
(vc-parse-locks): New function.
(vc-locked-version): Property no longer set.
(vc-head-version, vc-default-branch, vc-master-locks): New properties.
(vc-top-version): New name for the old property `vc-branch-version'.
(vc-master-locking-user): Replaces `vc-true-locking-user'.
(vc-locking-user): Slightly changed to use the new properties.
Changed the actual property value for an unlocked file to
'none. This is to distinguish it from an unknown locking
state, which is represented by nil. The function vc-locking-user
returns nil if the property is 'none, to make it compatible with
the rest of VC.
(vc-consult-rcs-headers, vc-master-locking-user): Adapted to
the new 'none-value of vc-locking-user.
(vc-consult-rcs-headers): Fixed bug that prevented
(not vc-consult-headers) from working.
(vc-file-not-found-hook): Set the default-directory of the new
buffer before check-out.
* vc.el: Adapt to the changes in vc-hooks.el, namely, the new
'none-value of vc-locking-user, and the consistent caching
of all properties. Especially, make the properties survive
check-ins and check-outs. Various minor bug fixes.
(vc-file-clear-masterprops): New function.
(vc-backend-checkin, vc-backend-revert): Set vc-locking-user
to 'none if the file is unlocked.
(vc-backend-checkin, vc-backend-revert, vc-backend-checkout):
Use vc-file-clear-masterprops, and adjust those properties
that are not cleared.
(vc-resynch-window): Temporarily remove vc-find-file-hook, so
that we don't lose the file properties during check-in/out.
(vc-resynch-window): Do not try to delete the current window if
`vc-keep-workfiles' is nil (doesn't make sense; killing the
buffer is enough.)
(vc-backend-checkin): Rewrote the code that adjusts the default
branch and removes any locks that might remain after check-in.
(vc-cancel-version): Abort with error message in the CVS case.
(The error used to be signaled in vc-backend-uncheck, which is
a little too late.)
(vc-minor-revision): Function removed.
1995-06-14 Geoff Voelker <>
* subr.el (shell-quote-argument) [WINDOWSNT]: Wrap in quotes only.
* compile.el (null-device): Defined.
(grep): Use null-device.
* winnt.el (null-device): Set to "NUL".
(grep-regexp-alist): Match entries with drive letters.
(save-to-unix-hook, revert-from-unix-hook): Defined.
(using-unix-filesystems): Defined.
(window-frame): Unaliased.
1995-06-14 Karl Heuer <>
* simple.el (universal-argument, describe-arg): Restore Lisp code,
undoing Feb 28 change.
(prefix-arg-internal, digit-argument, negative-argument): Likewise.
1995-06-14 Richard Stallman <>
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): When making a minibufferless
frame, don't copy `name' parm explicitly unless it was explicit before.
1995-06-14 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-find-file): If FILENAME is absolute,
apply abbreviate-file-name to it and then use its directory part
as the first search path element, searching for its nondirectory
part. Fix prompting code not to use a free variable.
(compilation-parse-errors, compile-abbreviate-directory):
Use abbreviate-file-name on directories.
1995-06-14 Johan Vromans <>
* forms.el (forms--mode-menu-edit, forms--mode-menu-ro):
Set `mouse-major-mode-menu'.
1995-06-14 Simon Marshall <>
* lisp-mode.el (emacs-lisp-mode-map): Put mark-active for menu-enable
property on eval-region, comment-region and indent-region symbols.
(save-selected-window): Define indentation.
1995-06-14 Richard Stallman <>
* viper-util.el: Delete the Emacs version error check.
* ediff-init.el: Delete the Emacs version error check.
* dired.el (dired-change-marks): If OLD is a space,
don't act on non-file lines.
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkin): Provide an explicit string saying
the log message is empty instead of providing it as empty.
Always use -m option for ci.
* shell.el (shell-mode): Make shell-directory-tracker a hook
function locally only.
1995-06-13 Per Bothner <>
* term.el: Various optimizations. The main one is to optimize for
simple output at the end of the buffer, with no paging, and in that
case to defer scrolling while we can.
(term-emulate-terminal): Don't call term-handle-scroll in
simple cases unless we are either paging or term-scroll-with-delete.
(term-down): Likewise.
(term-handle-scroll): Modify accordingly.
(term-emulate-terminal): Avoid deleting old text in common case.
Optimize the simple case of CRLF when we're at buffer end.
Handle deferred scroll when done processing output.
(term-handle-deferred-scroll): New function.
(term-down): Simplify - no longer take RIGHT argument. Tune.
(term-goto): Use term-move-columns to compensate for the above.
* term.el (term-escape-char, term-set-escape-char): Add doc-string.
(term-mouse-paste): Add XEmacs support.
* term.el: Various speed enhancements:
(term-handle-scroll): Don't clear term-current-row; maybe adjust it.
(term-down): Don't call term-adjust-current-row-cache if we've
done term-handle-scroll.
(term-emulate-terminal): Don't call term-adjust-current-row-cache.
(term-emulate-terminal): For TAB, don't nil term-start-line-column.
(term-goto): Possible optimization.
1995-06-13 Karl Heuer <>
* comint.el (comint-mode): Use make-local-hook.
(comint-send-input, comint-output-filter): Use run-hook-with-args.
(comint-dynamic-complete): Use run-hook-with-args-until-success.
1995-06-13 Michael Kifer <>
* viper.el (vip-change-state-to-vi): Bug fix.
* viper-util.el (vip-over-whitespace-line): New function.
1995-06-13 Simon Marshall <>
* files.el (file-truename): Use expand-file-name if filename is "".
* shell.el (shell-mode): Set comint-input-ring-file-name to nil if "".
1995-06-12 Karl Heuer <>
* menu-bar.el (help-menu): Symbol renamed from `help'.
* rmail.el (rmail-search-backwards): Default count is 1, not -1.
1995-06-10 Richard Stallman <>
* window.el (save-selected-window): New macro.
1995-06-09 Karl Heuer <>
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Don't use initial-frame-alist
when looking for the X resource name.
Copy parameters from default-frame-alist, before the geometry
specs from the X resource database.
1995-06-09 Richard Stallman <>
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Don't look for geometry
resource if name is nil.
1995-06-09 Erik Naggum <>
* gnuspost.el (gnus-cancel-news): Use `buffer-disable-undo'.
(gnus-inews-article): Ditto.
(gnus-inews-insert-signature): Use the recommended
hyphen-hyphen-space as the signature delimiter.
1995-06-08 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-mode): Doc fix.
(Info-next-preorder): Renamed from Info-next-preorder-1.
Old definition deleted.
After moving up, go to end of node.
(Info-last-preorder): If no menu, try the previous node.
After going down thru menu or to previous, position at end
of node and recenter.
After moving up, position at start of menu.
(Info-follow-nearest-node, Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node):
Use Info-next-preorder.
(Info-scroll-up, Info-scroll-down): Doc fix.
* emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug-info): New command.
(report-emacs-bug): Put it in local map. Display a message
in another window.
* format.el (format-find-file, format-insert-file): New functions.
1995-06-08 Morten Welinder <>
* add-log.el (prompt-for-change-log-name): Handle the case where
a directory name is specified gracefully.
1995-06-08 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkin): Handle RCS `ci'-output in the event
that a check-in only results in reverting to the previous version.
Also be more robust if the new version number cannot be told from
what `ci' says.
1995-06-08 Karl Heuer <>
* vc.el (vc-register): Check for a visited file first thing.
* files.el (file-precious-flag): Doc clarification.
1995-06-08 Michael Kifer <>
* viper.el (vip-envelop-ESC-key): If an ESC-sequence translates
into a function key, pretend that this key was the last command event.
* viper.el (vip-put-back, vip-Put-back): Now emulate Vi's behavior
more closely.
* viper.el (vip-line): No longer not bombs out.
(vip-exec-shift) now preserves the point.
* viper.el: Fixed the behavior of the Vi commands M, L, G, yw, dg, etc.
* viper-util.el (vip-event-key): Now handles keys 128--255 as
* viper-ex.el: Fixed problems with yanking/deleting buffers.
* viper.el, viper-mous.el, viper-util.el, viper-ex.el:
Changed vip-*-frame-* to *-frame-*, incorporated overlay strings,
unread-command-events, removed support for Emacs versions 19.28 and
XEmacs 19.11 and earlier.
* viper-macs.el, viper-keym.el: Likewise.
1995-06-08 Roland McGrath <>
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Don't eval return value of prompter
1995-06-08 Simon Marshall <>
* texinfo.el (texinfo-font-lock-keywords): Do comments first.
1995-06-08 Roland McGrath <>
* rlogin.el (rlogin): If optional second arg is buffer or string,
use that as name.
1995-06-07 Roland McGrath <>
* gud.el (gud-common-init): Call the MASSAGE-ARGS function even if
FILE is nil.
1995-06-07 Morten Welinder <>
* s-region.el: Delete version number.
(s-region-bind): Doc fix.
(s-region-move): Split into s-region-move and s-region-move-p1.
(s-region-move-p2): New function.
(s-region-move): Bind this-command. Bind keys to s-region-move-p1
or s-region-move-p2 as appropriate.
1995-06-07 Richard Stallman <>
* replace.el (query-replace-map): Bind f1 and help.
* subr.el (read-quoted-char): Turn on help-form and turn off help-char.
* isearch.el (isearch-other-meta-char): Try downshifting
shifted control characters.
* files.el (file-precious-flag): Doc fix.
* vc.el (vc-register): Clean error message if no visited file.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-menu-map): Disable Register when no visited file.
1995-06-07 Paul Eggert <>
* time.el (display-time-filter):
Use same instant for both time and time-zone.
1995-06-05 Michael Kifer <>
* ediff-merg.el (ediff-set-state-of-diff-in-all-buffers): Bug fix.
(ediff-set-merge-mode): New function.
(ediff-do-merge): Now sets correct major mode in the merge buffer.
(ediff-combine-diffs): Handles correctly non-interactive calls.
* ediff.el: Added ediff-cleanup-hooks and ediff-janitor.
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-setup-control-frame, ediff-keep-window-config):
bug fix.
* ediff-init.el (ediff-frame-has-menubar): Function deleted.
(ediff-device-type, ediff-color-display-p): New functions.
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-make-control-frame): Optimized for display.
Commented out (redraw-display), to improve speed.
* ediff.el: Don't make the patch buffer RO.
* ediff.el (ediff-load-version-control): Now checks if
ediff-revision-key is non-nil.
* ediff.el (ediff-revision-key): Now defaults to nil.
* ediff.el (ediff-revision): Now takes prefix argument; can compare
two versions of the same file.
* ediff.el: The merge buffer now assumes the major mode of the
default variant.
* ediff.el (ediff-documentation: New function.
* ediff-wind.el: Got rid of toolbars in control frame in XEmacs.
* ediff-wind.el: Changed window-min-height from 1 to 2.
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-diff-at-point, ediff-toggle-multiframe):
Bug fixes.
(ediff-destroy-control-frame, ediff-window-display-p): New functions.
* ediff.el, ediff-wind.el, ediff-util.el, ediff-init.el:
Converted XEmacs *screen* nomenclature to *frame*.
Incorporated overlay strings. Ediff no longer runs under Emacs
19.28 and earlier and XEmacs 19.11 and earlier.
* ediff.el (ediff-patch-buffer): Now handles buffers that don't
visit any file.
(ediff-windows): Renamed to ediff-windows-wordwise, added
(ediff-windows-linewise): New function.
Changed ediff-small/large-regions to ediff-regions-wordwise/linewise.
* ediff.el, ediff-wind.el:
Changed window-system to ediff-window-display.
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-toggle-multiframe): Fixed.
(ediff-destroy-control-frame): New function.
1995-06-05 Boris Goldowsky <>
* avoid.el, enriched.el, facemenu.el, format.el, shadowfile.el:
Change email address for Boris.
1995-06-03 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-set-region): Don't bounce the cursor on X.
mouse-drag-region takes care of showing it, sufficiently.
1995-06-02 Richard Stallman <>
* version.el (emacs-version): If using Motif, mention it.
* files.el (hack-local-variables-prop-line): Don't downcase var name.
1995-06-02 Ed Reingold <>
* calendar.el (calendar-string-spread): Fix to allow 0 or 1 string.
(calendar-set-mode-line): Use this ability.
(generate-calendar-month): Ditto.
* cal-x.el (calendar-two-frame-setup): Create fancy buffer if needed.
(calendar-one-frame-setup): Ditto.
* diary-lib.el (make-fancy-diary-buffer): New function.
(fancy-diary-display): Use it.
1995-06-02 Simon Marshall <>
* comint.el (comint-word): Set match-data to match the word.
1995-06-01 Karl Heuer <>
* term/x-win.el (vendor-specific-keysyms): Recognize "X Consortium".
1995-06-01 Roland McGrath <>
* files.el (multiple-recover-finish): Renamed to
(recover-session): Changed binding.
(recover-session-finish): Doc fix; rewritten using map-y-or-n-p.
1995-06-01 Ed Reingold <>
* cal-x.el (calendar-setup): Autoload it.
1995-06-01 Simon Marshall <>
* fast-lock.el: New version 3.06 from author.
(fast-lock-save-cache): Use verify-visited-file-modtime to check
timestamp of file against buffer, and visited-file-modtime to check
timestamp of file against cache. Check buffer with buffer-modified-p.
Do set-buffer before all of these.
(fast-lock-save-events): Events for which a cache may be saved.
(fast-lock-after-save-hook, fast-lock-kill-buffer-hook)
(fast-lock-kill-emacs-hook): Funs for those events; added to hooks.
(fast-lock-save-faces): List of faces to save.
(fast-lock-get-face-properties): Use it.
(fast-lock-cache-filename): Variable to store buffer's cache file name.
(fast-lock-cache-data): Set it. Use buffer-modified-p to check buffer.
Compile keywords before comparison. Revert timestamp from
verify-visited-file-modtime format if necessary.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-compile-keywords): Optional KEYWORDS to use.
Don't compile them if it looks like they already have been.
1995-05-31 Karl Heuer <>
* time-stamp.el: Move defconsts to avoid byte-compiler warnings.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-help-menu): Add "..."
1995-05-31 Richard Stallman <>
* dired.el (dired-find-buffer-nocreate): Ignore dead buffers.
* scroll-bar.el (scroll-bar-drag): Call scroll-bar-drag-1
inside the let.
1995-05-30 Morten Welinder <>
* lisp-mode.el (emacs-lisp-mode-map): Add a menu.
(emacs-lisp-byte-compile): New function.
* arc-mode.el (archive-lemacs): New variable.
(archive-mode-map, archive-summarize-files): Make it sort-of
work with Lucid Emacs.
(archive-mouse-extract): Use Lucid compatible code.
(archive-summarize-files, archive-lzh-chmod-entry):
Guard lambda with function.
1995-05-30 Stephen Gildea <>
* time-stamp.el (time-stamp): Only warn about time-stamping
being disabled if found a time-stamp that won't get updated.
1995-05-30 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): In "Cray C" regexp,
don't allow newlines.
1995-05-30 Michael Kifer <>
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-setup-control-frame):
Make Ediff delete the old control frame before creating a new one.
1995-05-30 Karl Heuer <>
* bookmark.el: Fix capitalization in menu bar.
* rmailsum.el: Likewise.
* makefile.el: Likewise.
* hideshow.el: Likewise.
* cal-menu.el: Likewise.
* sh-script.el (sh-mode-map): Likewise.
* compile.el (compilation-mode-map): Likewise.
* bibtex.el (bibtex-mode-map): Likewise.
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode-map): Likewise.
* forms.el (forms--mode-menu-ro, forms--mode-menu-edit): Likewise.
* gud.el: Likewise.
(gud-xdb-find-file): Delete duplicate menu-bar entry.
* f90.el: Fix capitalization and punctuation in menu bar.
* frame.el (frame-configuration-p): Moved to subr.el.
* subr.el (frame-configuration-p): Moved here from frame.el.
1995-05-30 Richard Stallman <>
* facemenu.el (facemenu-special-menu): Use characters, not symbols.
Add Remove Special menu item.
(facemenu-remove-special): New function.
(facemenu-set-face-from-menu): If prefix arg, treat region as inactive.
(facemenu-set-face): Likewise.
(facemenu-keymap, facemenu-foreground-menu, facemenu-background-menu):
Add ... after Other.
(facemenu-menu): Change name to Text Properties.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-remove-really-all): New function.
(facemenu-special-menu): Add Remove All menu item.
(facemenu-indentation-menu): Make item names clearer.
Pick new key names too.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-menu): Split up definition.
Move `Remove All' item here.
(facemenu-special-menu): Delete `Remove All' item.
(facemenu-remove-all): Renamed from facemenu-remove-really-all.
(facemenu-remove-props): Renamed from facemenu-remove-all.
1995-05-29 Karl Heuer <>
* frame.el (make-initial-minibuffer-frame): New function.
(frame-notice-user-settings): Call it.
* man.el (Man-default-man-entry): Return result.
* gud.el (gud-perldb-find-file): Use gud-make-debug-menu.
1995-05-29 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-make-debug-menu): New function.
(gud-mode, gud-gdb-find-file, gud-dbx-find-file, gud-sdb-find-file)
(gud-xdb-find-file): Use gud-make-debug-menu.
* find-dired.el (find-dired): If dired-simple-subdir-alist is not
defined, set dired-subdir-alist a different way.
(find-dired-version): Variable deleted.
* files.el (after-revert-hook, before-revert-hook): Add defvars.
1995-05-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* gud.el (gud-perldb-massage-args): Pass `-emacs' after the file name.
* dired.el (dired-mode-map): Rename menubar bindings and use the
new function names `dired-do-query-replace' and `dired-do-search'.
1995-05-29 Francesco Potortì (
* man.el (Man-init-defvars): Don't remove lines containing
"No such file or directory".
1995-05-29 Karl Heuer <>
* cc-mode.el (c-mode-help-address): New hostname.
1995-05-28 Erik Naggum <>
* mail-extr.el (mail-extr-all-letters-but-separators):
Reinstate \377, the bug in search.c is apparently gone.
(mail-extr-first-letters): Add 8-bit characters
(mail-extr-last-letters): Ditto.
* simple.el (indent-for-comment): Move to beginning of line only
if there is a comment syntax.
1995-05-28 Michael Ernst <>
* dired.el (dired-find-buffer-nocreate): Check only buffers in
dired-buffers instead of all buffers in (buffer-list).
1995-05-28 Richard Stallman <>
* vc.el (vc-revert-buffer1): Delete the special code for font-lock.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-revert-cleanup): Always turn font lock on.
(font-lock-mode): When turning mode off, always take out
the revert hooks.
* files.el (revert-buffer): Save after-revert-hook (both local and
global values) before reverting, and run the saved values at the end.
* files.el (find-file-noselect): In "file changed" messages,
mention buffer name if different from file name.
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-setup-control-frame):
Use designated-minibuffer-frame while making the new frame.
And delete the old frame if its minibuffer is not in that frame.
(ediff-setup-windows-multiframe-merge): Don't mess with
default-minibuffer-frame here and don't kill the old control frame.
* ediff-util.el (ediff-setup): Don't make default-minibuffer-frame
a buffer-local variable.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev--abbrev-at-point): If point is after
a separator, move back to previous abbreviation.
(dabbrev-expand): New feature--if you insert a space and
call this command again, it always fetches consecutive words
after the expansion that was found for the actual abbrev.
* isearch.el (isearch-edit-string): Don't bind isearch-other-end.
1995-05-26 Richard Stallman <>
* sendmail.el (send-mail-function, mail): Doc fixes.
* simple.el (previous-matching-history-element):
No longer remove empty string from history.
Better error message if history is empty.
1995-05-26 Karl Heuer <>
* vc-hooks.el (vc-log-info): Use path-separator.
* info.el (Info-directory-list): Use path-separator.
* gud.el (gud-gdb-marker-regexp): New var. Use path-separator.
1995-05-26 Michael Ernst <>
* ispell.el (ispell-message-text-end): Match start of forwarded msg.
1995-05-26 Geoff Voelker <>
* startup.el (command-line): Handle nil command-line-args.
1995-05-26 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): In "IBM C/C++
Tools" regexp, disallow leading spaces and disallow whitespace
chars within the file name.
1995-05-26 Michael Ernst <>
* dired-x.el (dired-find-buffer-nocreate): Don't try to find a
wildcard as a subdirectory.
* gud.el (gud-common-init): Don't die if filename not supplied.
Omit trailing hyphen when no filename follows.
* texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-sequentially-find-pointer): Don't modify
the kill ring.
1995-05-25 Richard Stallman <>
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-insert-header):
When using dynamic docstrings, refuse to load in 19.28 and older.
In that error message, don't mention the directory names.
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Read geometry resource
and use that while creating the frame.
1995-05-24 Rolf Ebert <>
* ada-mode.el (initial comments): Copyright 1995; don't speak
about setup; correct history for a file that actually IS in
Emacs 19.29; update list of known bugs.
(all functions): Inititialize all local variables explicitely to 'nil'.
(ada-font-lock-keywords): Initialized according to new user option
* ada-mode.el (ada-ident-re): New regexp for Ada identifiers.
(ada-block-start-re): "record" may be preceded by one or more
occurrences of "limited", "abstract", or "tagged".
(ada-end-stmt-re): Add "separate" body parts, "else", and
"package <Id> is".
(ada-subprogram-start-re): Add "entry", "protected" and
"package body"
(ada-indent-function): Handle "elsif" the same way as "if", added
"separate" for no indent.
(ada-get-indent-type): If "type ... is .." is followed by code on
the same line, it is a broken statement. Test it.
(ada-check-defun-name): Check for "protected" records.
(ada-goto-matching-decl-start): Use of ada-ident-re.
(ada-goto-matching-start): Extend regexp for "protected" record.
(ada-in-limit-line): Rename from in-limit-line. Don't use
count-lines, but test if beginning-of-line/end-of-line puts us
to bob/eob.
(ada-goto-previous-nonblank-line): Save a beginning-of-line
statement, as we already are there.
(ada-complete-type): Remove.
(ada-tabsize): Remove.
(keymap): Use C-M-a and C-M-e for proc/func movement.
No keybinding anymore for next/prev-package.
(ada-font-lock-keywords-[1|2]): Add protected records. "when" removed
from 'reference'-face.
(initial comments): Update CREDITS list.
(ada-add-ada-menu): Capitalize menu entries. Add menu statement
needed for XEmacs.
* ada-mode.el: Change all Ada94 to Ada95.
* ada-mode.el (ada-xemacs): New function, detect if we are
running on XEmacs. Ada keymap definition and menus use it.
(ada-create-syntax-table): Correct comments explaining use of 2nd
syntax table. Added creation of ada-mode-symbol-syntax-table
with '_' as word constituent.
(ada-adjust-case): Add test, if symbol is preceded by a "'".
If true, change case according to ada-case-attribute.
(ada-which-function-are-we-in): New routine. Save name of the current
function in the old buffer; we can place cursor now at the same
function in the new buffer using find-file.
(ada-make-body): New function. Generates body stubs if the body
did not exist yet and you switch to it by find-file.
(ada-gen-treat-proc): Complete rewrite for ada-make-body.
(ada-mode): Two doc lines about the above extension.
(keymap definition): Remove 4th parameter in call to
`substitute-key-definition' to make XEmacs happy.
(ada-adjust-case-region, ada-move-to-start, ada-move-to-end)
(ada-indent-newline-indent, ada-format-paramlist): Switch syntax
tables, protect switching of syntax tables with unwind-protect.
(ada-in-open-paren-p): Replace user option
`ada-search-paren-line-count-limit' by
(ada-case-attribute): New user option, but not yet the functionality.
(ada-krunch-args): Initialized to 0 exploiting the new capability of
'gnatk8' as of gnat-2.0.
(ada-make-filename-from-adaname): Remove downcasing and replacement
of dots. This is done in external program gnatk8 (gnat-2.0).
(ada-in-open-paren-p): Complete rewrite for speed-up.
(ada-search-ignore-string-comment): Ignore # as a string terminator
in all searches.
(ada-add-ada-menu): Use real variables instead of t for invoking
(imenu-create-ada-index): We accept forward definitions again.
(ada-indent-region): Catch errors, simplified code.
1995-05-23 Karl Heuer <>
* term/x-win.el (vendor-specific-keysyms): Add second spelling for HP.
* arc-mode.el: Remove version number.
1995-05-23 Richard Stallman <>
* menu-bar.el (delete-frame-enabled-p): New subroutine.
Use frame-visible-p to reduce consing.
* help.el (describe-prefix-bindings): If key is a string,
make a substring; for a vector, make a vector.
1995-05-22 Erik Naggum <>
* gnus.el (gnus-gnus-to-quick-newsrc-format): Don't save
gnus-newsgroup-alist in .newsrc.el.
1995-05-22 Richard Stallman <rms@waves>
* edmacro.el (edit-kbd-macro): Better error messages for undefined keys
or keys that are not keyboard macros.
* ada-mode.el (ada-add-ada-menu): Fix args to easy-menu-define.
1995-05-22 Karl Heuer <>
* files.el (file-ownership-preserved-p): Fix typo in previous change.
* sendmail.el (mail-text): Expand abbrev before moving point.
1995-05-20 Karl Heuer <>
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): Fix previous change.
* easymenu.el (easy-menu-do-define): Add autoload cookie.
1995-05-19 Kevin Rodgers <> (tiny change)
* mailalias.el (expand-mail-aliases): Expand aliases in
From and Reply-to headers as well, plus the Resent- variants.
* sendmail.el (mail-mode): Clarify doc string.
(mail-text): Ditto.
1995-05-18 Karl Heuer <>
* faces.el: Put property on set-face-stipple, not set-stipple.
(face-fill-in): Handle stipple.
1995-05-18 Richard Stallman <rms@waves>
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-dynamic-docstrings): Doc fix.
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode): Set write-contents-hooks instead of
* loadhist.el (unload-feature): When we come to (provide . FEATURE),
remove FEATURE from the features list.
1995-05-17 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): Don't alter point
when deciding to narrow at the end for the sake of a comment ender.
* gnus.el (gnus-expunge): Use defalias.
1995-05-17 Karl Heuer <>
* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-buffer): Give more informative error
message if user attempts a selection at end of buffer.
* easymenu.el (easy-menu-create-keymaps): Set menu-enable prop.
1995-05-16 Karl Heuer <>
* lpr.el: Add provide call.
1995-05-15 Karl Heuer <>
* facemenu.el (facemenu-set-face-from-menu): Doc fix.
(facemenu-set-background, facemenu-set-foreground): Doc fix.
(facemenu-set-face): Doc fix.
* files.el (file-ownership-preserved-p): Don't bomb if file
doesn't exist.
* add-log.el (get-method-definition): Fix regexps.
* tq.el (tq-process-buffer): Don't hard-code the buffer name.
1995-05-12 Karl Heuer <>
* x-apollo.el: New file.
* term/x-win.el (vendor-specific-keysyms): New function.
1995-05-12 Roland McGrath <>
* rlogin.el (rlogin-history): New defvar.
(rlogin): Use rlogin-history as history var in read-from-minibuffer.
* compile.el (compilation-next-error-locus): Ignore zero column number.
(compilation-parse-errors): Don't store the beginning of the line
containing the end of the error-regexp match. Instead, store the
beginning of the line containing the start of the match, unless
the match starts with a newline, in which case the beginning of
the next line.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-status): If vc-locking-user returns a number,
compare it to (user-uid).
1995-05-11 Jim Thompson <>
* ps-print.el: Miscellaneous fixes for better compatibility with
XEmacs 19.12.
* ps-print.el (ps-plot-with-face): Added code to handle Emacs
19.29's new ability for the face attribute to hold a list of faces.
* ps-print.el: Rolled in Chuck Thompson's changes to make color
printing work in XEmacs 19.12.
* ps-print.el: Fix error in comments.
* ps-print.el (ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Add fix to
handle extents without faces.
* ps-print.el (ps-faces-list): Delete. Added alias for
list-faces if face-list isn't fbound.
* ps-print.el (ps-print-ensure-fontified): Added to make sure
ps-print works correctly in conjunction with lazy-lock.
* ps-print.el: RMS's changes for Emacs.
1995-05-10 Roland McGrath <>
* etags.el (tags-loop-continue): Doc fix. Reset NEW after
visiting for real, so we don't clobber the buffer again.
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Add regexps for IBM
and Cray compilers.
(compilation-next-error-locus): Ignore a column number that is zero.
1995-05-09 Richard Stallman <>
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-insert-header): Cope if user-mail-address
is unbound.
1995-05-09 Andreas Schwab <>
* loaddefs.el: Remove duplicate autoloads.
1995-05-09 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-directory-list): Use installation-directory,
not invocation-directory. Cope if it is nil.
* sendmail.el (mail-font-lock-keywords): Make mail-header-separator
into a regexp.
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode): Add ^ to paragraph delimiters.
* supercite.el (sc-no-blank-line-or-header): Make mail-header-separator
into a regexp.
1995-05-08 Richard Stallman <>
* lmenu.el (popup-dialog-box): x-popup-dialog returns the value,
not the cons cell.
* rnewspost.el (news-setup): Bind mail-signature to nil.
* ediff.el (ediff-revision-key): Default value nil.
(ediff-load-version-control): Don't remind any key if
ediff-revision-key is nil.
* info.el (info-insert-file-contents): Don't use
(file-name-directory fullname) if it is nil.
* helper.el (Helper-help): Use read-key-sequence.
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): When making a new region
and not adjusting an old one, always make new kill-ring entry
and don't call mouse-show-mark.
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Handle objc-mode like c-mode;
detect method definitions by their syntax.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-tools-menu): Rename key to `compare'.
1995-05-07 Richard Stallman <>
* add-log.el (get-method-definition, get-method-definition-1):
New functions.
(add-log-current-defun): Use them to handle objc-mode.
* pc-mode.el (pc-bindings-mode): Add bindings for C-backspace
and M-backspace. Make C-delete and M-delete operate on words.
Add C-escape binding.
* loaddefs.el (global-map): Add bindings for C-insert and S-insert.
Also S-delete. Also C-up, C-down, C-prior and C-next.
* files.el (recover-session): Renamed from multiple-recover.
* noutline.el: Provide noutline as well as outline.
1995-05-06 Geoff Voelker <>
* winnt.el (path-separator): Set to ";".
* files.el (path-separator): Defined.
(parse-colon-path): Use path-separator.
1995-05-06 Richard Stallman <>
* pp.el (pp-eval-expression): Update use of temp-buffer-show-function.
* term/x-win.el (x-colors): Delete "medium goldenrod" in both forms.
Delete "medium forest green" in both forms.
* gnus.el (gnus-use-generic-from): Doc fix.
1995-05-05 Richard Stallman <>
* loaddefs.el: Delete autoloads for ispell4, noutline, noutline1.
* noutline.el: All autoload cookies disabled.
* ispell4.el: All autoload cookies disabled.
* gnus.el (gnus-group-mode): Set truncate-lines.
* edebug.el (\`): Add backslash.
(edebug-\`): Add backslash.
* info.el (info-insert-file-contents): Fix Apr 19 change.
* sendmail.el (sendmail-send-it): Check continuation lines
when checking for empty subject lines.
1995-05-05 Michael Ernst <>
* ispell.el (ispell-region): If position not visible, (sit-for 0).
1995-05-04 Richard Stallman <>
* trace.el: Don't try to define backquote.
(trace-version): Deleted.
* backquote.el ('\`): Use backslash for reading the backquote.
(backquote-backquote-symbol): Likewise.
(backquote): Doc fix.
1995-05-03 Richard Stallman <>
* cc-mode.el: Doc fixes.
(c-version): Mention that this may be modified version.
1995-05-02 Karl Heuer <>
* scribe.el (scribe-chapter): Change to C-c C-c.
(scribe-section): Change to C-c C-t.
(scribe-subsection): Change to C-c C-s.
(scribe-insert-environment): Change to C-c C-v.
(scribe-bracket-region-be): Change to C-c C-e.
(scribe-italicize-word): Change to C-c C-i.
(scribe-bold-word): Change to C-c C-b.
(scribe-underline-word): Change to C-c C-u.
* gomoku.el (gomoku-human-plays): Change to C-c C-p.
(gomoku-human-takes-back): Change to C-c C-b.
(gomoku-human-resigns): Change to C-c C-r.
(gomoku-emacs-plays): Change to C-c C-e.
* gnus-uu.el (gnus-uu-interactive-scan-directory): Change to C-c C-d.
(gnus-uu-interactive-save-current-file): Change to C-c C-z.
* allout.el (outline-rebullet-current-heading): Change to C-c *.
1995-05-01 Richard Stallman <>
* s-region.el (S-delete): Fix typo (was C-delete).
* hideif.el (hide-ifdef-mode-prefix-key): Change to C-c @.
(hide-ifdef-mode-submap): Get rid of \e from all bindings.
* outline.el, noutline.el (outline-minor-mode-prefix): Change to C-c @.
* texinfo.el (texinfo-mode-map): Delete C-c ] binding.
* forms.el (forms--mode-commands): Delete C-c ? binding.
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode-map): Delete C-c ? binding.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode): Doc fix.
* iso-acc.el (iso-accents-mode): Doc fix.
1995-05-01 Karl Heuer <>
* cc-mode.el (c-set-style): Ignore case in completion.
1995-05-01 Richard Stallman <>
* mailalias.el (expand-mail-aliases):
Use buffer-substring-no-properties.
* subr.el (buffer-substring-no-properties): New function.
* makefile.el (makefile-mode): Set dabbrev-abbrev-skip-leading-regexp.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-completion): Use mapcar, not mapc.
Call dabbrev--reset-global-variables as the first thing.
* files.el (set-auto-mode): If buffer has no file, use buffer name.
1995-04-30 Jay Adams <>
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-write-region): Handle the append
argument correctly when the can-append flag is false.
(jka-compr-write-region): Make temp-buffer name unique to this fn.
(jka-compr-file-local-copy): Ditto.
1995-04-30 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (multiple-recover, multiple-recover-finish): New commands.
* startup.el (normal-top-level): Set auto-save-list-file-name.
1995-04-29 Richard Stallman <>
* startup.el (command-line-1): Implement -L/--directory option.
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-insert-file-contents): When visiting,
bind buffer-file-name to nil temporarily.
* tex-mode.el (tex-view): Nice error if tex-dvi-view-command is nil.
1995-04-26 Rob Riepel <>
* tpu-edt.el (tpu-copy-keyfile): New function.
(tpu-load-xkeys): Copy key definition file to new default name.
1995-04-26 Karl Heuer <>
* vc.el (vc-next-action-on-file): Add missing let-binding.
1995-04-26 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc.el (vc-default-backend, vc-keep-workfiles, vc-consult-headers):
(vc-mistrust-permissions, vc-path): Vars moved to vc-hooks.el.
(vc-match-substring, vc-lock-file, vc-parse-buffer, vc-master-info):
(vc-log-info, vc-consult-rcs-headers, vc-fetch-properties):
(vc-backend-subdirectory-name, vc-locking-user, vc-true-locking-user):
(vc-latest-version, vc-your-latest-version, vc-branch-version):
(vc-workfile-version): Functions moved to vc-hooks.el.
(vc-trunk-p, vc-minor-revision, vc-branch-part): Functions moved
here from vc-hooks.el.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-default-backend, vc-path, vc-consult-headers):
(vc-mistrust-permissions, vc-keep-workfiles):
Customization variables, moved here from vc.el.
(vc-trunk-p, vc-minor-revision, vc-branch-part): Moved to vc.el.
(vc-backend): Renamed from vc-backend-deduce. Callers changed.
(vc-match-substring, vc-lock-file, vc-parse-buffer, vc-master-info):
(vc-log-info, vc-consult-rcs-headers, vc-fetch-properties):
(vc-backend-subdirectory-name, vc-locking-user, vc-true-locking-user):
(vc-latest-version, vc-your-latest-version, vc-branch-version):
(vc-workfile-version): Functions moved here from vc.el.
(vc-log-info): Log program is no longer called through vc-do-command,
to avoid including the lengthy vc-do-command here. It is done
directly through call-process now. Removed obsolete parameter LAST.
(vc-status): Replaced by the much simpler version that gets the
information from the file properties. Removed the obsolete
parameter vc-type.
(vc-parse-buffer): Change format of PATTERNS. Each pattern is now a
list of 2 to 3 elements, the first being the pattern, the remaining
ones the numbers of subexpressions to refer to.
(vc-cvs-status): New per-file property, only used in the CVS case.
(vc-cvs-status): New function.
(vc-log-info): Adapted to new version of vc-parse-buffer
(vc-fetch-properties): Adapted to new version of vc-parse-buffer.
Better search regexp for CVS latest version.
(vc-log-info): Search for branch version only in the RCS case,
since this doesn't make sense for SCCS or CVS.
(vc-fetch-properties) <CVS>: Set vc-cvs-status.
(vc-locking-user) <CVS>: Use vc-cvs-status to determine if
the file is up-to-date, thus avoiding an expensive call to
(vc-mode-line): Re-activated the code that makes the buffer read-only
if the work file is unchanged. But the status of the work file
is now determined by looking at the already-computed mode string.
1995-04-26 Richard Stallman <>
* startup.el (command-line): Handle -iconic and -icon-type here.
1995-04-25 Karl Heuer <>
* abbrev.el (abbrev-mode): Use force-mode-line-update.
* appt.el (appt-check): Likewise.
* array.el (array-mode): Likewise.
* bytecomp.el (byte-recompile-directory): Likewise.
* delsel.el (delete-selection-mode): Likewise.
* dired-x.el (dired-omit-expunge): Likewise.
* dired.el (dired-sort-set-modeline): Likewise.
* double.el (double-mode): Likewise.
* edt.el (edt-advance, edt-backup): Likewise.
* emerge.el (emerge-fast-mode, emerge-edit-mode): Likewise.
(emerge-auto-advance, emerge-skip-prefers): Likewise.
(emerge-refresh-mode-line): Likewise.
* f90.el (f90-auto-fill-mode): Likewise.
* files.el (toggle-read-only, rename-uniquely): Likewise.
* find-dired.el (find-dired-sentinel): Likewise.
* fortran.el (fortran-auto-fill-mode): Likewise.
* gomoku.el (gomoku-display-statistics): Likewise.
* gud.el (gud-sentinel): Likewise.
* hanoi.el (hanoi): Likewise.
* hideif.el (hide-ifdef-toggle-read-only): Likewise.
(hide-ifdef-toggle-outside-read-only): Likewise.
* info.el (Info-edit-mode, Info-cease-edit): Likewise.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode, isearch-done): Likewise.
* ispell.el (ispell-minor-mode): Likewise.
* mh-comp.el (mh-insert-signature): Likewise.
* mh-e.el (mh-set-scan-mode): Likewise.
* mh-utils.el (mh-set-mode-name): Likewise.
* noutline.el (outline-minor-mode): Likewise.
* outline.el (outline-minor-mode): Likewise.
* picture.el (picture-set-motion, picture-mode-exit): Likewise.
* rmailedit.el (rmail-edit-current-message): Likewise.
(rmail-cease-edit): Likewise.
* simple.el (auto-fill-mode): Likewise.
* supercite.el (sc-raw-mode-toggle): Likewise.
* term.el (term-update-mode-line, term-process-pager): Likewise.
(term-pager-continue): Likewise.
* terminal.el (te-edit, te-more-break-unwind): Likewise.
(te-update-pending-output-display): Likewise.
* time.el (display-time-sentinel, display-time-filter): Likewise.
* vi.el (vi-switch-mode, vi-back-to-old-mode): Likewise.
(vi-mode, vi-goto-insert-state): Likewise.
* vip.el (vip-change-mode): Likewise.
* xscheme.el (xscheme-set-runlight, xscheme-set-prompt): Likewise.
1995-04-25 Richard Stallman <>
* compile.el (compile-internal): Disable undo before erasing
the buffer, then enable again afterward.
(compilation-sentinel): Use force-mode-line-update.
* tpu-extras.el: Removed reference to tpu-gnu-emacs18-p.
* tpu-mapper.el: Eval key definitions and clean up upon completion.
Persistent completion status message.
* loaddefs.el (esc-map): Define `ESC ESC :' like `ESC :'.
1995-04-25 Johan Vromans <>
* forms.el (forms--make-format-elt-using-text-properties)
(forms--make-format): Add `intangible' text property to read-only areas.
(forms-next-field, forms-previous-field):
Use `inhibit-point-motion-hooks' to allow move between two
intangible areas.
1995-04-25 Simon Marshall <>
* supercite.el (sc-string-text): New function to return raw text.
(sc-mail-fetch-field, sc-mail-append-field): Use it.
(sc-submatch): Make it a defalias for match-string.
(sc-member): Make it a defalias for member.
1995-04-25 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (rename-uniquely): Don't discard <NN> from end
if that is part of the visited file name.
* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text): Get the truename of
the standard inbox name, not just of its directory.
1995-04-24 Richard Stallman <>
* sendmail.el (mail-position-on-field): Use $, not \n, in regexp.
* tpu-edt.el (tpu-search-internal): Case-sensitive search if search
string contains upper-case.
tpu-check-search-case): New function.
* tpu-edt.el: Don't turn on tpu-edt mode.
(tpu-gnu-emacs19-p): Function deleted. Callers changed.
(tpu-load-xkeys): Use file name .tpu-keys by default.
(tpu-gnu-emacs18-p): Function deleted.
* tpu-mapper.el: At end, use default file name .tpu-keys.
Do not kill Emacs.
(tpu-emacs-map-key): Renamed from tpu-gnu-map-key.
* vc.el (vc-backend-checkout): Pass vc-checkout-switches arg
properly to vc-do-command.
* isearch.el (isearch-update-ring): Use STRING arg, not isearch-ring.
* files.el (rename-uniquely): Strip suffix before rename.
1995-04-24 Simon Marshall <>
* font-lock.el (font-lock-keywords): Doc fix for MATCHER.
(font-lock-maximum-size): Set based on font-lock-maximum-decoration.
(font-lock-after-fontify-buffer-hook): Removed.
(font-lock-after-fontify-buffer): New function.
(font-lock-fontify-buffer): Use instead. Don't bother if buffer empty.
(font-lock-fontify-region): Use font-lock-syntax-table if set.
(font-lock-unfontify-region): Only set-buffer-modified-p if necessary.
(font-lock-after-change-function): Use it to unfontify.
(font-lock-compile-keywords): New function to compile keywords.
(font-lock-apply-highlight): New inline function to apply highlights.
(font-lock-hack-keywords): Use them, if font-lock-keywords are not
compiled, and to highlight. Use funcall if MATCHER is not a regexp.
(font-lock-mode): Doc fix for font-lock-maximum-decoration.
Use font-lock-set-defaults to call font-lock-make-faces.
(tex-font-lock-keywords): Revamped.
* fortran.el (fortran-match-!-comment): New function.
(fortran-font-lock-keywords-1, fortran-font-lock-keywords-2): Use it.
(fortran-font-lock-keywords-3): New variable.
(fortran-find-comment-start-skip): Clean code.
* add-log.el (change-log-font-lock-keywords):
dired.el (dired-font-lock-keywords):
sendmail.el (mail-font-lock-keywords):
rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-font-lock-keywords):
shell.el (shell-font-lock-keywords): Efficiency change.
1995-04-24 Richard Stallman <>
* easymenu.el (easy-menu-define): Doc fix.
* iso-acc.el (iso-accents-list): Add ~! and ~? combinations.
* byte-opt.el (byte-optimize-letX): Use car-safe and cdr-safe.
1995-04-20 Karl Heuer <>
* rmail.el (rmail-resend): Fix abbrev expansion.
* rmailkwd.el (rmail-attributes): Recognize "resent" attribute.
* mailabbrev.el (sendmail-pre-abbrev-expand-hook): When setting the
dummy value for abbrev-start-location, use (point-max) rather than
(point), so we won't delete a "-" that happens to be at point.
1995-04-20 Stephen Gildea <>
* mh-mime.el, mh-comp.el: Update some MIME doc strings.
* mh-comp.el (mh-auto-fill-for-letter): Use fill-prefix to do
message headers.
1995-04-20 Torbjorn Einarsson <>
* f90.el (f90-keywords): "only" added to keyword list.
(f90-font-lock-keywords-1): Type may now have attributes private
and public.
(f90-font-lock-keywords-2): Fixed difference between type and type().
(hilit-set-mode-patterns): Type may now have attributes private.
and public, fixed difference between type and type().
(f90-p-type-re): New regular-expression constant for type commands.
(f90-mode): indent-tabs-mode put to nil by default.
(f90-looking-at-type-like): Now uses f90-p-type-re.
(f90-no-block-limit): Now uses f90-p-type-re.
(f90-change-keywords): Don't change preprocessor lines.
1995-04-20 Kevin Rodgers <>
* dired-x.el: Change the instructions in the INSTALLATION
comment block to set buffer-local variables like
dired-omit-files-p in dired-mode-hook.
(dired-omit-files-p): Make local to all buffers.
(dired-omit-files): Fix doc string (not buffer-local).
(dired-omit-startup): Don't need to make dired-omit-files-p
local to buffer here.
1995-04-20 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail-get-new-mail): Simply the reversion check;
don't call rmail-forget-messages.
1995-04-19 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail-revert): Call rmail-mode after reverting
to make sure rmail-message-vector is buffer-local.
* undigest.el (undigestify-rmail-message): Strip "^- " which is
added by some digest makers to the beginning of lines.
1995-04-19 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (info-insert-file-contents): Set default-directory
around call to shell-command-on-region.
1995-04-19 Mike Williams <>
* mouse-sel.el: Downcase function parameters.
Doc fixes.
* mouse-sel.el: Rewrite to support secondary selection.
(mouse-sel-maintainer-address): New constant.
(mouse-sel-submit-bug-report): New function.
Rename mouse-sel-selection-type to mouse-sel-primary-thing.
(mouse-sel-secondary-thing): New variable.
(mouse-sel-selection-alist): New constant.
(mouse-sel-set-selection-function): Semantics changed.
Value should now be a function taking two arguments.
(mouse-sel-get-selection-function): Semantics changed.
Value should now be a function taking one argument.
(mouse-sel-selection-owner-p-function): New variable.
Removed variable mouse-sel-check-selection-function.
Rename mouse-sel-determine-selection-type to
(mouse-sel-set-selection): New function.
(mouse-sel-get-selection): New function.
(mouse-sel-selection-owner-p): New function.
(mouse-sel-selection-overlay): New function.
(mouse-sel-selection-thing): New function.
(mouse-sel-region-to-primary): New function.
(mouse-sel-primary-to-region): New function.
(mouse-sel-eval-at-event-end): New macro.
(mouse-sel-determine-selection-thing): Quad-click selects paragraphs.
Removed variable mouse-sel-retain-highlight; use inverse of
transient-mark-mode instead.
(mouse-select-internal): New function.
(mouse-select): Re-written using mouse-select-internal and
(mouse-select-secondary): New function.
(mouse-extend-internal): New function.
(mouse-extend): Re-written using mouse-extend-internal,
mouse-sel-region-to-primary and mouse-sel-primary-to-region.
(mouse-extend-secondary): New function.
(mouse-insert-selection-internal): New function.
(mouse-insert-selection): Re-written using
(mouse-insert-secondary): New function.
(mouse-sel-validate-selection): Check all selections in
1995-04-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* info.el (Info-find-node, Info-restore-point, Info-search)
(Info-forward-node, Info-backward-node): Use string-equal, not equal,
to compare node names.
* cpp.el (cpp-edit-reset): Fix typo.
(cpp-signal-read-only, cpp-grow-overlay): Update to new calling
(cpp-make-overlay-hidden): Don't allow insertion before a
read-only overlay.
1995-04-18 Richard Stallman <>
* cl-specs.el (pushnew): Use edebug-keywordp.
* edebug.el (edebug-match-keywordp): Function deleted.
* finder.el (finder-known-keywords): Add `debugging'.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-buffer-backend): New function.
Also new variable, local in all buffers.
(vc-kill-buffer-hook): Kill local vc-buffer-backend.
* vc.el (vc-update-change-log): Use vc-buffer-backend in menu-enable.
1995-04-18 Roland McGrath <>
* complete.el: Add Keywords: comment header for finder.el.
1995-04-18 Richard Stallman <>
* menu-bar.el: Disable many Files menu items in minibuffer.
(menu-bar-search-menu): Add ... to many items.
Add a query-replace-regexp item.
(nonincremental-repeat-search-forward): Renamed from noninteractive...
(nonincremental-repeat-search-backward): Likewise.
(nonincremental-repeat-re-search-forward): Likewise.
(nonincremental-repeat-re-search-backward): Likewise.
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings):
Don't respecify an old value which was nil and remains nil.
1995-04-18 Roland McGrath <>
* etags.el (tags-search, tags-query-replace): Put (quote ...)
around args inserted into forms to be evalled.
1995-04-18 Richard Stallman <>
* cpp.el (cpp-edit-list): Move definition toward start of file.
(cpp-face-type-list, cpp-writable-list, cpp-button-event)
(cpp-edit-buffer, cpp-branch-list, cpp-face-default-list)
(cpp-face-light-name-list, cpp-face-dark-name-list)
(cpp-face-light-list, cpp-face-dark-list, cpp-face-mono-list)
(cpp-face-none-list, cpp-face-all-list, cpp-overlay-list): Likewise.
* cpp.el (cpp-highlight-buffer): Rename stack to cpp-state-stack.
(cpp-parse-open, cpp-parse-close): Likewise.
(cpp-push-button, cpp-choose-symbol): Rename data to cpp-callback-data.
(cpp-state-stack, cpp-callback-data): Add defvars.
* simple.el (line-move): Fix previous change: if we get an error,
move to where the error happened, don't go back to starting point.
1995-04-17 Richard Stallman <>
* forms.el: Major rewrite to use `intangible' property.
1995-04-17 Karl Heuer <>
* map-ynp.el (map-y-or-n-p): Don't log prompt messages.
1995-04-17 Richard Stallman <>
* finder.el (finder-known-keywords): Generalize `c' keyword.
1995-04-16 Ethan Bradford <>
* ispell.el (ispell-init-ispell): Don't barf if there is a
warning message before the version line when Ispell starts up.
1995-04-16 Richard Stallman <>
* font-lock.el (font-lock-make-faces): Determine
font-lock-background-mode from color values of background color.
* facemenu.el (list-colors-display): Minor clarification.
(facemenu-special-menu): Add "Intangible" item.
(facemenu-color-equal): Doc fix.
* faces.el (set-face-background): Handle FRAME = nil directly
so stipple colors work in that case.
* term/x-win.el (x-defined-colors): Take frame as optional arg.
Check whether colors are really supported on the display in use.
1995-04-15 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (set-auto-mode): If -*- spec doesn't set `mode:',
look for other ways of specifying major mode.
* talk.el: New file.
* dired.el (dired-mode-map): Rename commands for A and Q.
* dired-aux.el (dired-do-search): Renamed from dired-do-tags-search.
(dired-do-query-replace): Renamed from dired-do-tags-query-replace.
1995-04-14 Richard Stallman <>
* cpp.el (cpp-parse-open): Delete comments that go past end of line.
(cpp-edit-reset): Clean up the four standard buttons.
(cpp-parse-buffer): Name was undefined--use cpp-highlight-buffer.
* finder.el (finder-known-keywords):
Add frames, hypermedia, outlines, oop.
1995-04-14 Erik Naggum <>
* rmail.el (rmail-reformat-message): Call `rmail-clear-headers'
also if `rmail-displayed-headers' is set.
(rmail-clear-headers): Handle `rmail-displayed-headers' correctly.
1995-04-14 Erik Naggum <>
* rmail.el (rmail-insert-inbox-text): When reading old
.newmail-<user> file, report it specifically.
1995-04-14 Karl Heuer <>
* mouse.el: Create mouse-drag-overlay as a dead overlay, instead
of having it live in the *scratch* buffer until first used.
* edt-vt100.el (edt-vt100-revision): Deleted.
* edt-pc.el (edt-pc-revision): Deleted.
* edt-mapper.el (edt-mapper-revision): Deleted.
* edt-lk201.el (edt-lk201-revision): Deleted.
* edt.el: Many doc fixes.
(edt-version): Deleted.
1995-04-14 Morten Welinder <>
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode): Locally bind next-line-add-newlines to nil.
(tar-subfile-mode): Doc fix.
(tar-expunge): Make questions and messages start with uppercase letter.
(tar-summarize-buffer): Ditto.
(tar-subfile-save-buffer): Make message like others.
(tar-mode): Locally bind local-write-file-hooks.
(tar-mode-write-file): Renamed from tar-mode-maybe-write-tar-file.
(tar-mode-write-file): Simplify to only work for tar file buffers.
(write-file-hooks): Don't modify this.
1995-04-14 Richard Stallman <>
* derived.el (derived-mode-merge-keymaps): Recursively merge
prefix key submaps also.
1995-04-13 Richard Stallman <>
* edebug.el (edebug-gensym): Renamed from gensym.
Don't use concat on an integer. Define unconditionally.
(edebug-gensym-index): Renamed from *gensym-index*.
(edebug-lambda-list-keywordp): Renamed from lambda-list-keywordp.
(edebug-keywordp): Renamed from keywordp. Define unconditionally.
* vc-hooks.el (vc-kill-buffer-hook):
Don't put it on kill-buffer-hook.
(vc-file-clearprops): Function moved here.
(vc-workfile-version): Function moved here.
(vc-mode-line): Don't call vc-locking-user.
* vc.el (vc-file-clearprops, vc-workfile-version):
Functions moved to vc-hooks.el.
* edebug.el (edebug-emacs-19-specific): Use name edebug-menu
for the easy-menu-define call.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-make-faces-done): New variable.
(font-lock-make-faces): Set font-lock-make-faces-done to t.
Don't call it when loading the file.
(font-lock-mode): Call font-lock-make-faces if not yet done.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-log-file): Always insert at eob.
(byte-compile-insert-header): Cope if user-mail-address is nil.
1995-04-13 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-hooks.el: Add branch support for RCS;
treat CVS more like RCS and SCCS.
(vc-occurences, vc-trunk-p, vc-branch-p, vc-minor-revision)
(vc-branch-part): New functions that operate on RCS revision numbers.
(vc-status): Use the new property vc-workfile-version
and vc-locking-user (see vc.el). Display "locking state" for CVS.
(vc-find-cvs-master): Search for file name case-sensitively, store
version number into the new property vc-workfile-version.
(vc-find-file-hook): Kill any remaining properties. Like this,
when re-finding a file (for example because it has changed on disk),
the version control state gets re-computed.
(vc-mode-line) <CVS>: Make the buffer read-only if the file
is unmodified.
(vc-kill-buffer-hook): Clear file's vc props when buffer is killed.
* vc.el: Add branch support for RCS; treat CVS more like RCS and SCCS.
(vc-next-action-on-file): Change CVS handling, such that C-x C-q
works as with RCS and SCCS.
(vc-consult-rcs-headers): New function.
(vc-branch-version): New per-file property, refers
to the RCS version selected by `rcs -b'.
(vc-workfile-version): New function. Also new per-file property
(vc-consult-headers): New parameter variable.
(vc-mistrust-permissions): Default set to `nil'.
(vc-locking-user): Property is now cached. The other functions
update it as necessary. Attempts to use RCS headers if enabled.
(vc-log-info, vc-parse-buffer): Various bug fixes. Added support
for property `vc-branch-version'.
(vc-backend-checkout) <RCS>: If no explicit version
is specified, check out `vc-workfile-version'. After check-out,
set `vc-workfile-version' according to the version number
reported by "co".
(vc-backend-checkin) <RCS>: Remove any remaining locks
if a new branch was created. After every check-in, adjust
the current branch using `rcs -b' (this cannot be avoided).
<CVS>: Allow for explicit checkin, but only on the trunk.
(vc-next-action-on-file, vc-backend-checkout, vc-backend-checkin)
(vc-backend-revert, vc-backend-diff): Explicitly use
vc-workfile-version as the default version to operate on.
1995-04-13 Richard Stallman <>
* help.el (print-help-return-message): Check same-window-buffer-names
and same-window-regexps.
* help-macro.el (make-help-screen): Explicitly translate
key thru function-key-map.
* tabify.el (tabify): Include entire first line in narrowing.
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Use just find-buffer-visiting
to find buffer to append to.
1995-04-12 Richard Stallman <>
* select.el (x-set-selection): Fix up interactive defaults.
* fill.el (fill-paragraph, fill-region, fill-nonuniform-paragraphs)
(fill-individual-paragraphs): Pass `full' for JUSTIFY arg,
in the interactive spec, if have prefix arg.
1995-04-11 Stephen Gildea <>
* time-stamp.el (time-stamp-format): Replace list of Lisp
functions with string containing %-escapes, as in `date' program.
(time-stamp): Widen buffer while time-stamping.
(time-stamp-toggle-active): New function.
(time-stamp-warn-inactive): New variable.
1995-04-11 Geoff Voelker <>
* loadup.el [WINDOWSNT]: Find doc strings.
* files.el (set-auto-mode) [WINDOWSNT]: Match insensitive to case.
* dired-aux.el (dired-do-chmod): Use dired-chmod-program.
(dired-do-chgrp, dired-do-chown) [DOS_NT]: Disabled.
* dired.el (dired-chmod-program): Defined.
* makefile.nt (all): Use DEL_TREE instead of delnode.
* winnt.el: Key [C-M-backspace] defined.
(mode-line-format): Defined.
1995-04-11 Richard Stallman <>
* mail-hist.el (mail-hist-put-headers-into-history):
Add save-excursion around entire function.
1995-04-11 Boris Goldowsky <>
* facemenu.el (facemenu-read-color): Don't ignore PROMPT arg.
Make arg optional.
(facemenu-unlisted-faces): Add font-lock faces to default value.
1995-04-11 enami tsugutomo <>
* perl-mode.el (perl-comment-indent): Make extra space only when
not at beginning of line.
1995-04-10 Stefan Schoef <schoef@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
* bibtex.el (bibtex-find-text, bibtex-remove-double-quotes-or-braces):
Support both kind of delimiters (braces or quotes) regardless of the
value of bibtex-field-left-delimiter and bibtex-field-right-delimiter.
(bibtex-field-left-delimiter, bibtex-field-right-delimiter):
Made buffer-local.
* bibtex.el (bibtex-beginning-of-entry): At the beginning of an
entry, leave point at the beginning of that entry instead of
moving to the beginning of the previous one.
(bibtex-end-of-entry): Outside an entry, now move to the end of
the *previous* entry (i.e. bibtex-beginning-of-entry and
bibtex-end-of-entry are now idempotent).
(bibtex-sort-entries, bibtex-clean-entry): Removed now obsolete
calls of bibtex-beginning-of-entry just before calls to
(bibtex-clean-entry): Minor change to adapt to new behavior of
1995-04-10 Richard Stallman <>
* reporter.el (reporter-mailer): Replace mail with reporter-mail.
(reporter-mail): New function.
(reporter-submit-bug-report): Don't check return value of
the reporter-mailer function.
1995-04-10 Boris Goldowsky <>
* simple.el (newline): Don't auto-fill if flag is on; it was
filling wrong line.
1995-04-10 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Remove superfluous
SGI cc regexp.
1995-04-10 Simon Marshall <>
* version.el (emacs-major-version, emacs-minor-version):
Use match-string rather than substring.
1995-04-10 Richard Stallman <>
* pc-mode.el (pc-bindings-mode): New file.
* loaddefs.el (global-map): Bind C-M-backspace like C-M-delete.
1995-04-09 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (write-file): Default is ask for confirmation
only interactively.
1995-04-09 Karl Heuer <>
* mh-e.el, mh-seq.el, mh-pick.el, mh-mime.el: New version from author.
* mh-comp.el, mh-utils.el, mh-funcs.el: New version from author.
1995-04-09 Roland McGrath <>
* server.el (server-switch-buffer): Make first arg optional too;
server-edit might pass no args, since server-done might return nil.
1995-04-09 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (line-move): Turn off intangibility for intermediate stops.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-update-buffers): Reuse the entry for
list-buffers rather than making a new one each time.
* simple.el (newline): Don't indent afterward if at page sep line.
Delete whitespace on blank line before the inserted newlines.
(open-line): Add all the left margins and fill prefixes
after inserting all the newlines.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-log-file): New function.
(displaying-byte-compile-warnings): Log the file name at start;
display the log buffer only if something more gets output by BODY.
(byte-compile-warnings-point-max): Initialize to nil.
1995-04-09 G Dinesh Dutt (
* etags.el (list-tags): Delete call to select-tags-matched-file.
1995-04-08 Richard Stallman <>
* term/x-win.el (mode-line-buffer-identification):
Fix prev change; use setq-default.
1995-04-08 Roland McGrath <>
* etags.el (next-file): Handle empty list returned by
1995-04-08 Richard Stallman <>
* replace.el (occur): Provide 5 cols for line number.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-parse-netrc): Bind `default-directory' to
"/" to avoid infinite loop while expanding filename.
(ange-ftp-message): Don't truncate message in batch mode.
* simple.el (completion-setup-function): Undo March 11 change.
Add some doc strings to completion-related variables.
1995-04-08 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Extend Ultrix 3.0
f77 regexp to also match SGI cc.
1995-04-08 Morten Welinder <>
* comint.el (make-comint): Error, if start-process is not fboundp.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-edit-menu): Don't define ispell item
unless start-process is fboundp.
1995-04-08 Richard Stallman <>
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode):
Make mail-header-separator into regexp.
* sendmail.el (mail-mode): Convert mail-header-separator to regexp
for use in paragraph-start, etc.
* ispell.el (ispell-message): Make mail-header-separator into regexp
and add $ at end.
* window.el (walk-windows): Doc fix.
1995-04-08 Noah Friedman <>
* rsz-mini.el (resize-minibuffer-window): Make sure minibuffer
window is selected.
(resize-minibuffer-window-restore): Likewise.
1995-04-08 Richard Stallman <>
* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph): Undo previous change.
Instead, set JUSTIFY to `full' in the interactive spec.
* startup.el (normal-top-level): Copy default-directory
from *scratch* to *Messages*.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-file-menu): Add back as alias for
1995-04-07 Richard Stallman <>
* loaddefs.el (mode-line-buffer-identification): Use %F by default.
([C-delete]): Bind C-delete normally, not in function-key-map.
* term/x-win.el (mode-line-buffer-identification): Eliminate %F.
1995-04-07 Noah Friedman <>
* rlogin.el (rlogin): Use format, not concat, to generate numeric
buffer names.
Do not create a new buffer if process in existing buffer has exited.
(rlogin-directory-tracking-mode): Set shell-dirtrackp, not
1995-04-07 Richard Stallman <>
* ebuff-menu.el (electric-buffer-menu-mode-map): Undefine ESC ESC
before binding ESC ESC ESC.
* edt.el (edt-keep-current-page-delimiter): Doc fix.
* find-file.el: Many doc fixes.
(ff-upcase-p): Renamed from upcase-p. Callers changed.
(ff-emacs-19): Renamed from ff-gnu-emacs-19.
(ff-string-match): Simplify.
* docref.el (docref-last-active-buffer): Add defvar.
1995-04-07 Boris Goldowsky <>
* indent.el (set-right-margin): Fix prompt.
* fill.el (fill-region): Avoid error on reaching end of buffer.
* avoid.el: Add autoload cookies; doc fixes.
(mouse-avoidance-set-pointer-shape): New function.
(mouse-avoidance-nudge-mouse): Use it.
(mouse-avoidance-fancy-hook): Streamline args to set-mouse-pos.
1995-04-07 Richard Stallman <>
* msb.el (msb--toggle-menu-type): menu-bar-update-buffers wants 0 args.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-output-docform): Output doc string position
as negative number, if doc string starts with *.
* mail-hist.el: Use $ at end when searching for mail-header-separator.
* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph): If JUSTIFY is non-nil,
pass t to justify-current-line.
1995-04-06 Morten Welinder <>
* desktop.el (desktop-save): Use dired-directory as name
of top-level in order to capture wildcards used.
(desktop-buffer-dired): Skip possible wildcard when checking
for directory existance. Use dired-insert-subdir, not
1995-04-06 Karl Heuer <>
* files.el (write-file): Fix arg count in call to y-or-n-p.
1995-04-06 Richard Stallman <>
* ispell.el (ispell-menu-map-needed): Delete test for menu-bar feature.
* bookmark.el (menu-bar-bookmark-map): Autoload each form
used to set up this variable's value, so that the whole job
is done in loaddefs.el.
(bookmark-menu-locate, bookmark-menu-jump, bookmark-menu-insert)
(bookmark-menu-delete, bookmark-menu-rename): Add autoloads.
* buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): Put buffer name in a text
property on the buffer's name. Put in mouse-face prop here too.
Set Buffer-menu-buffer-column here.
(Buffer-menu-mode): Don't do those things here.
(Buffer-menu-buffer): Use text properties.
(Buffer-menu-buffer-name-position): Function deleted.
* tar-mode.el (tar-clear-modification-flags): Fix several bugs.
1995-04-05 Richard Stallman <>
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode-map): Fix typo for tar-display-other-file.
1995-04-05 Karl Heuer <>
* tempo.el (tempo-build-collection): Clear flag after computing
return value.
1995-04-04 Karl Heuer <>
* ispell.el (ispell-personal-dictionary): Add autoload.
* simple.el: Change bindings of event-apply-control-modifier,
event-apply-meta-modifier, event-apply-hyper-modifier,
event-apply-shift-modifier, event-apply-alt-modifier, and
event-apply-super-modifier, in function-key-map, to use C-x @
instead of C-x ESC. Using escape causes problems since that's
in function-key-map itself.
* byte-opt.el (byte-compile-inline-expand): Fetch actual bytecode
before inlining a lazy function.
* tempo.el (tempo-dolist): Don't use `cadr'.
* simple.el (event-apply-modifier): Fix off-by-one errors.
1995-04-03 Richard Stallman <>
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-install): Doc fix.
(jka-compr-uninstall): Delete entries that jka-compr-install
added to inhibit-first-line-modes-suffixes.
1995-04-03 David Kågedal <>
* tempo.el (tempo-insert):
Added the P tag and modified the s tag accordingly
(tempo-insert-named): Checks for valid name, insert mark otherwise.
* tempo.el (tempo-dolist): Changed (cadr ...) to (car (cdr ...)).
* tempo.el (tempo-expand-if-complete): New function.
1995-04-03 Karl Heuer <>
* files.el (set-auto-mode): Fix previous change.
1995-04-03 Simon Marshall <>
* comint.el (comint-file-name-quote-list): New variable of special
characters that are quoted when in file names (default nil).
(comint-mode): Make it buffer local.
(comint-quote-filename): Quote them if they are in the file name.
(comint-dynamic-list-filename-completions): Call it before insertion.
(comint-unquote-filename): Unquote any character in the file name.
(comint-match-partial-filename): Call it before substitution.
(comint-word): Include any quoted character as part of the word.
(comint-completion-addsuffix): Value can be a cons pair of strings.
(comint-dynamic-simple-complete): Use it when inserting suffixes.
* shell.el (shell-file-name-quote-list): New variable of special
characters that are quoted when present in file names.
(shell-mode): Set comint-file-name-quote-list with it.
1995-04-02 Richard Stallman <>
* netunam.el: File deleted.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-edit-menu): Capitalize an item name.
(menu-bar-tools-menu): Add verb to Calendar item.
(menu-bar-help-menu): Rename Info to Browse Manuals.
* sendmail.el (mail-mode-map): Longer title for headers submenu.
1995-04-01 Richard Stallman <>
* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph): Remove fill-prefix first,
then remove indentation.
* files.el (inhibit-first-line-modes-suffixes): New variable.
(set-auto-mode): Use it.
(inhibit-first-line-modes-regexps): Use \\', not $.
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-install): Add items to
* reporter.el (reporter-submit-bug-report): Give up if mailer
command returns nil. Fix error message syntax.
(reporter-bug-hook): Fix error message syntax.
1995-03-31 Richard Stallman <>
* unrmail.el (unrmail): Don't make or switch to a summary buffer.
* rmail.el (rmail-displayed-headers): New variable.
(rmail-clear-headers): Handle rmail-displayed-headers.
1995-03-31 Michael Ernst <>
* scheme.el (scheme-indent-sexp): Don't fail when
calculate-scheme-indent returns a one-element list.
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-toggle-header): Make header visible
in message buffer.
1995-03-31 Karl Heuer <>
* macros.el (insert-kbd-macro): Do something reasonable for vectors.
1995-03-30 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (choose-completion-string): Use active-minibuffer-window.
* dired-aux.el (dired-add-entry): If ange-ftp inserted the file's
absolute name, fix that.
1995-03-30 Karl Heuer <>
* comint.el (comint-read-noecho): Don't log prompt messages.
1995-03-30 Richard Stallman <>
* apropos.el (apropos): Use apropos-worthy-symbol-p
as default predicate.
(apropos-worthy-symbol-p): New function.
* faces.el (modify-face): Handle stipple. Handle defaulting properly.
Speed up making completion alists.
(modify-face-read-string): New subroutine.
1995-03-30 Simon Marshall <>
* dired.el (dired-insert-directory): Wrap filename character
quoting code with save-excursion.
1995-03-29 Richard Stallman <>
* window.el (minibuffer-window-active-p): Use active-minibuffer-window.
1995-03-28 Karl Heuer <>
* comint.el (comint-read-noecho): Use a format string, in case
PROMPT contains a percent sign.
1995-03-28 Richard Stallman <>
* nntp.el (nntp-request-article): If ID is integer, convert to string.
1995-03-27 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (event-apply-modifier): New function.
(event-apply-control-modifier, event-apply-meta-modifier)
(event-apply-hyper-modifier, event-apply-shift-modifier)
(event-apply-alt-modifier, event-apply-super-modifier):
New functions, with bindings in function-key-map.
* files.el (insert-directory): Use \ before insert-directory-program
to ignore shell aliasing.
1995-03-27 Boris Goldowsky <>
* enriched.el (enriched-mode): Use new plist-put and plist-get
functions, and change name of default-text-properties var.
1995-03-27 Richard Stallman <>
* cplus-md.el (calculate-c++-indent): Copy colon-line-end code
from calculate-c-indent.
1995-03-25 Richard Stallman <>
* scroll-bar.el (scroll-bar-drag): Bind echo-keystrokes to 0.
1995-03-24 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail-display-labels): Use `format' to convert
message numbers to strings.
1995-03-24 Karl Heuer <>
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-out-toplevel): Compile lambda forms
even if trivial.
1995-03-24 Simon Marshall <>
* subr.el (match-string): Change to defun, but still return nil if
no match.
1995-03-23 Karl Heuer <>
* c-mode.el (c-style-alist): Set c-continued-brace-offset and
c-brace-offset in all styles, so that they don't inherit a trash
value from a previously set style.
* compile.el (compilation-sentinel): Use `format'; `concat' doesn't
stringize integers anymore.
* loadup.el: Don't load mouse and face files in system-specific
branches; an earlier test has already loaded them based on a
symbol equivalent to HAVE_MOUSE or HAVE_FACES.
1995-03-23 Richard Stallman <>
* asm-mode.el (asm-mode): Make a per-buffer child keymap here.
Use asm-comment-char to specify which character to define.
(asm-mode-map): Don't bind `;' at load time.
* pascal.el (pascal-mode-version): Variable deleted.
1995-03-23 Espen Skoglund <>
* pascal.el (pascal-mode-syntax-table): Give \ punctuation syntax.
1995-03-23 Simon Marshall <>
* subr.el (match-string): New macro. Unlike the function version,
returns nil if no match.
1995-03-22 Richard Stallman <>
* asm-mode.el: Doc fixes.
1995-03-22 Karl Heuer <>
* mlsupport.el (ml-concat): New function.
* mlconvert.el: Translate concat to ml-concat.
1995-03-22 Richard Stallman <>
* window.el (one-window-p, walk-windows, minibuffer-window-active-p):
Functions moved here.
* subr.el (one-window-p, walk-windows, minibuffer-window-active-p):
Functions moved to window.el.
1995-03-21 Boris Goldowsky <>
* facemenu.el: Added autoload cookies, small doc fixes.
(list-text-properties-at): New fn.
(facemenu-menu): Add it to menu.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-edit-menu): Add Text Properties item.
1995-03-21 Richard Stallman <>
* startup.el (init-file-user, site-run-file): Doc fixes.
* vc.el (vc-update-change-log): Use new -u option for rcs2log.
* replace.el (occur): Copy default-directory to *Occur* buffer.
* simple.el (shell-command): Use *Async Shell Command* for
asynchronous commands. Doc fix.
1995-03-20 Karl Heuer <>
* tar-mode.el (tar-parse-octal-long-integer): Return list, not vector.
1995-03-20 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el (bookmark-automatically-show-annotations): New var.
(bookmark-jump): Only show annotation if above var is non-nil.
1995-03-20 Richard Stallman <>
* debug.el (debug): Now interactive.
1995-03-19 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-mode-map): Use "C-mode", not "C mode".
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-files-menu): Renamed from ...-file-menu.
(menu-bar-tools-menu, menu-bar-search-menu): New menu bar menus.
Items moved from Edit and Files menus.
Add Split Window, One Window, Find Tag and Postscript print menu items.
(nonincremental-search-forward, nonincremental-search-backward)
(nonincremental-re-search-forward, nonincremental-re-search-backward)
(noninteractive-repeat-re-search-backward): New commands.
* isearch.el (isearch-update-ring): New subroutine.
(isearch-done): Use that.
1995-03-18 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-next-preorder, Info-next-preorder-1):
When moving up, advance to next menu item.
* sendmail.el (mail): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-buffer-names): Add *mail*.
(mail-other-window, mail-other-frame): Bind to nil
same-window-buffer-names, special-display-buffer-names, and ...regexps.
* files.el (write-file): Query if file exists already.
* isearch.el (isearch-abort): Treat "incomplete regexp"
as failure when deciding how much to discard for C-g.
* rmail.el (rmail-resend): If mailabbrev loaded, use that to
expand abbrevs.
* mailabbrev.el: Various doc fixes.
(mail-abbrevs-setup): Use add-hook and make-local-hook.
1995-03-17 Richard Stallman <>
* debug.el (debugger-outer-load-read-function): New variable.
(debug): Bind load-read-function to nil; save old value
in debugger-outer-load-read-function and restore at end.
(debugger-eval-expression): Handle load-read-function
like other magic variables.
1995-03-17 Karl Heuer <>
* ediff.el: Delete some autoloads that are now in menu-bar.el.
Don't put ediff-windows in the menu.
(ediff-patch-buffer): Use buffer name in error message.
1995-03-17 Boris Goldowsky <>
* format.el: New file.
* loadup.el: Load format.el.
* enriched.el: Some keybindings adjusted for new function names.
(enriched-auto-save-interval, enriched-downcase-annotations)
(enriched-code-face, enriched-indenatation-face)
(enriched-ignored-ok, enriched-encode-interesting-regexp)
(enriched-decode-special-alist, enriched-decode-interesting-regexp)
(enriched-encode-special-alist, enriched-translated)
(enriched-ignored-list, enriched-open-ans)
(enriched-encode-hard-newline, enriched-decode-hard-newline)
(enriched-push, enriched-pop, enriched-which-assoc)
(enriched-get-face-attribute, enriched-overlays-overlapping)
(enriched-show-codes, enriched-show-margin-codes)
(enriched-show-region-as-code, enriched-nogrow-hook, enriched-warn)
(enriched-text-properties-include, enriched-tag-indentation)
(enriched-open-annotation, enriched-close-annotation)
(enriched-annotate-function, enriched-delete-indentation)
(enriched-move-to-next-property-change): Delete.
(enriched-delq-1, enriched-make-list-uniq)
(enriched-make-relatively-unique, enriched-common-tail)
(enriched-reorder, enriched-insert-annotations)
(enriched-loc-annotations, enriched-annotate-change
(enriched-encode-unknown): Move to format.el. Names changed.
(enriched-display-table): Copy standard table if there is one,
otherwise create new table.
(enriched-par-props): Don't include front-sticky.
(enriched-initial-annotation): Made it closer to MIME standard.
(enriched-file-width): Use new header format.
(enriched-remove-header): New fn.
(enriched-par-props, enriched-initial-annotation)
(enriched-annotation-format, enriched-annotation-regexp):
Declare as const.
(enriched-translations): Name changed from
enriched-annotation-alist. `hard' removed from list.
Description of its semantics moved to format.el.
(enriched-list-valued-properties): Delete, now
`format-list-valued' property holds this information.
(enriched-annotation-name, enriched-annotation-positive-p):
Merge into enriched-next-annotation.
(enriched-mode): Do not translate buffer. This should be done
already when mode is called. Do not set
write-region-annotate-functions or after-change-functions hooks.
Put text/enriched on buffer-file-format if necessary.
Don't set auto-save-interval. Do set default-properties.
(enriched-insert-indentation): Do nothing to blank lines.
(enriched-encode, enriched-decode): New fns are rewritten
versions of enriched-encode-region and enriched-decode-region.
Much of the complexity moved to format.el.
(enriched-next-annotation): Name changed from
enriched-move-to-next-annotation. Efficiency & clarity improvements.
Return value changed to agree with format-deannotate-region.
1995-03-17 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail-unix-mail-delimiter): Accept <...> around address
in Unix `From ' line.
1995-03-16 Richard Stallman <>
* isearch.el (isearch-abort): Set isearch-success to nil.
* vms-patch.el (make-auto-save-file-name, auto-save-file-name-p):
Doc fixes.
1995-03-16 Boris Goldowsky <>
* indent.el (indent-line-to): Move to end of indentation, even if
it didn't change.
1995-03-16 Karl Heuer <>
* ediff.el: Installed new version from author.
* ediff-diff.el, ediff-init.el, ediff-merg.el: New files.
* ediff-util.el, ediff-wind.el: New files.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-file-menu): Changed "Emerge" to "Merge" to
agree with the new ediff package.
* frame.el (other-frame): Don't try to unfocus in a termcap frame.
(frame-notice-user-settings): Skip menu-bar code in a termcap frame.
(frame-initialize): Set frame-creation-function to
`make-terminal-frame' if appropriate.
* loadup.el: Use appropriate `fboundp' tests to decide what to load.
1995-03-16 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (line-move): Handle conses in buffer-invisibility-spec.
Handle skipping invisible overlays.
1995-03-15 Richard Stallman <>
* allout.el (outline-layout): Doc fix.
* edebug.el: Minor doc fixes.
1995-03-15 Per Bothner <>
* term.el (term-mouse-paste): Make work for XEmacs-19.11.
For GNU Emacs, don't mouse-set-point, but do
run-hooks on mouse-leave-buffer-hook.
* term.el (term-char-mode): Fix paren error that caused
the arrow keys to not be recognized under XEmacs.
Also, simplify/fix [(button2)] to [button2] for paste under XEmacs.
1995-03-15 Richard Stallman <>
* debug.el (debugger-outer-overriding-local-map): New variable.
(debug): Bind overriding-local-map to nil; save old value
in debugger-outer-overriding-local-map and restore at end.
(debugger-eval-expression): Handle overriding-local-map
like other magic variables.
1995-03-15 enami tsugutomo <>
* window.el (balance-windows): Ignore minibuffer window when
browsing the `levels'.
1995-03-15 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-style-alist): For BSD, set c-continued-brace-offset
instead of c-brace-offset.
1995-03-15 Karl Heuer <>
* mouse.el (mouse-major-mode-menu): Avoid confusing error message
when there's no current local map.
1995-03-15 Torbjvrn Axelsson <>
* options.el (edit-options): Make the buffer read-only.
(Edit-options-modify): Cope with that.
1995-03-15 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el (bookmark-bmenu-2-window): Go to correct position
as well as correct buffer.
(bookmark-bmenu-other-window): Same.
(bookmark-bmenu-switch-other-window): Same.
1995-03-13 Karl Fogel <kfogel@floss>
* bookmark.el: Removed C-v bindings; they were inconsistent.
Defvarred some variables to nil, solely to avoid compilation warnings.
Use "Author's Update Number:" instead of "Version:".
(bookmark-history): New var.
(bookmark-completing-read): Use `bookmark-history'.
(bookmark-maybe-historicize-string): New macro.
Use this everywhere `bookmark-completing-read' is used, because
`completing-read' won't get a chance to add to `bookmark-history' if
we were invoked via a menu.
(bookmark-rename): Use `bookmark-history' when reading the new name.
No need for the strange C-o binding anymore.
1995-03-13 Richard Stallman <>
* fill.el (adaptive-fill-regexp): Skip # or ;.
Allow more than one of them (or *'s or >'s).
* telnet.el (rsh): Name the buffer *rsh-HOST*.
* c-mode.el (c-mode): Make comment-multi-line t locally.
1995-03-12 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (block-comment-start, block-comment-end): New vars.
(indent-for-comment): Handle them.
* ielm.el (ielm): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-buffer-names): Add *ielm*.
* telnet.el (rsh, telnet): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-regexps): Add elt to match *telnet-...* and *rsh...*
with or without <N> at end.
* info.el (same-window-buffer-names): Set this only in loaddefs.el,
not when info.el is loaded.
* rlogin.el (rlogin): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-regexps): Add elt to match *rlogin-...*
with or without <N> at end.
* hexl.el (hexl-mode-old-local-map, hexl-mode-old-mode-name)
(hexl-mode-old-major-mode): Add defvars.
* shell.el (shell): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-buffer-names): Add *shell* to the list.
* auto-show.el: New file.
Unconditionally add to comint-output-filter-functions.
(auto-show-mode): Command renamed from auto-show-toggle.
Handle an arg in the standard way.
(auto-show-mode): Variable renamed from auto-show-enable.
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode-map): Add menu bar menus.
* rmail.el (rmail-duplicate-message): New function.
(rmail-list-to-menu): Bind `command' with let.
1995-03-11 Richard Stallman <>
* server.el (server-buffer-done): Return a list
(NEXT-BUFFER KILLED). KILLED is t if we killed the buffer.
(server-edit): Values from server-done is now list of
args for server-switch-buffer.
(server-switch-buffer): Likewise.
* simple.el (completion-setup-function): Set completion-base-size.
1995-03-11 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el (bookmark-buffer-name): Be smarter about deducing a name.
(bookmark-insert-buffer-name): Use bookmark-buffer-name.
Replaces bookmark-insert-current-file-name.
(bookmark-make-cell): Fix previous change.
1995-03-10 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-menu): Bind beg with let.
* tmm.el: New file.
* lmenu.el (add-menu-item-1): Better error message if
a menu not the last in the path does not exist.
* rmail.el (rmail-retry-failure): Don't get errors when
searching for `End of returned message'.
* vc.el (vc-path): Use /usr/sccs only if it is a dir.
* bookmark.el (bookmark-make-cell): Use set-text-properties,
not format, to clear text properties.
1995-03-10 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el:
Insure that all entry points call `bookmark-maybe-load-default-file'.
Changed format of bookmark-alist and therefore of bookmark files.
Have version stamps in bookmark files.
Automatically upgrade old bookmark files to new format.
Changed name of default bookmark file to ".emacs.bmk".
Replaced "Bookmark-menu" with "bookmark-bmenu".
The capitalization signified nothing; "bmenu" means "buffer-menu"
-- that is, bmenu code is for the dired-like of bookmarks that
appears when `list-bookmarks' is run, and the "bookmark-menu"
prefix is for the menu-bar.
Internally, use an alist instead of hardcoded list-positions
for storing bookmark information.
Applied <>'s patches for annotation support:
(bookmark-send-annotation, bookmark-read-annotation-mode)
(bookmark-edit-annotation-mode, bookmark-default-annotation-text)
(bookmark-read-annotation-text-func, bookmark-read-annotation)
(bookmark-send-edited-annotation, bookmark-edit-annotation):
New functions.
(bookmark-get-bookmark, bookmark-get-bookmark-record)
(bookmark-name-from-full-record, bookmark-set-name)
(bookmark-get-annotation, bookmark-set-annotation)
(bookmark-get-info-node, bookmark-set-info-node)
(bookmark-get-filename, bookmark-set-filename)
(bookmark-get-position, bookmark-set-position)
(bookmark-get-front-context-string, bookmark-set-front-context-string)
(bookmark-get-rear-context-string, bookmark-set-rear-context-string):
New subroutines.
(bookmark-file-format-version, bookmark-end-of-version-stamp-marker):
New variables.
(bookmark-grok-file-format-version, bookmark-maybe-upgrade-file-format)
(bookmark-upgrade-version-0-alist, bookmark-upgrade-file-format-from-0)
(bookmark-insert-file-format-version-stamp): New functions.
Renamed from bookmark-try-default-file'.
(bookmark-old-default-file): New variable.
(bookmark-default-file): Renamed from `bookmark-file'.
New initial value, ".emacs.bmk".
(bookmark-make-cell): Use backquote.
Produce with the new format (Format Version 1).
Use `format' to strip text-properties.
(bookmark-write-file): Use `pp' instead of `princ'.
Call `bookmark-insert-file-format-version-stamp'.
(bookmark-all-names, bookmark-menu-popup-paned-bookmark-menu)
(bookmark-menu-build-paned-menu, bookmark-menu-popup-paned-menu)
(bookmark-insert-location): New functions.
(bookmark-completing-read): New function. Everyone who called
`completing-read' in the interactive spec now calls this.
(bookmark-load-hook): New hook.
(bookmark-make-menu-alist): Function deleted.
Replaces `bookmark-make-menu-with-function'.
(bookmark-load): Use `bookmark-alist-from-buffer'.
Call `bookmark-maybe-upgrade-file-format'.
(bookmark-set): If Info mode, record Info-current-node.
Use `bookmark-bmenu-surreptitiously-rebuild-list'.
(bookmark-buffer-file-name): Handle Info files.
(bookmark-buffer-name): If Info mode, return Info-current-node.
(bookmark-jump-noselect): For info node, use Info-goto-node.
Use the helper functions, don't mess with the raw
alist (except in completion, which we'll take care of later).
Don't count on `bookmark-search-size' being correct; use the
length of `forward-str' and `behind-str' instead.
(bookmark-relocate): Use the helper functions; don't mess
with the raw alist except in completion.
(bookmark-rename): C-o in minibuffer now inserts old name.
(bookmark-delete): New arg BATCH.
(bookmark-bmenu-execute-deletions): Was `bookmark-bmenu-execute'.
Just call bookmark-delete with the BATCH arg.
Set the modification count and maybe save when done.
Save point intuitively.
(bookmark-insert-current-file-name): Just use `file-name-nondirectory'.
(bookmark-location): Made non-interactive.
(bookmark-bmenu-list): Replaces `list-bookmarks'.
Delete arg ANNOTATION. Use mapcar to simplify.
If not interactive-p, then use `set-buffer' instead of
(bookmark-kill-line): New function, used instead of kill-line.
(bookmark-search-size): Init to 16 instead of 500.
1995-03-10 Richard Stallman <>
* dired-aux.el (dired-do-print): Allow lpr-switches to be a string.
Clean up.
1995-03-09 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (line-move-ignore-invisible): New variable.
(line-move): If that var is set, use vertical-motion.
Skip any extra invis chars beyond where vertical-motion stops.
1995-03-07 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (revert-buffer): Doc fix.
* hexl.el (hexl-mode): Make after-revert-hook rehexlify.
(hexl-after-revert-hook): New function.
* perl-mode.el (calculate-perl-indent): When backing up over
continuations, don't go to line beg;
perl-backward-to-start-of-continued-exp gives the right place.
1995-03-07 Tsugutomo ENAMI <>
* simple.el (indent-new-comment-line): Clean up handling
of \(...\) in comment-start-skip.
1995-03-07 Per Bothner <>
* term.el (term-eol-on-send): New variable.
(term-send-input): Move point to eol before sending only if
term-eol-on-send is true.
* term.el (term-send-input): Don't move process-mark until
after possible 'history processing.
1995-03-07 Francesco Potortì (
* cmacexp.el (c-macro-expansion): Put the unique string before the
first #line directive (instead of after), preceded by a newline.
1995-03-06 Roland McGrath <>
* find-dired.el (find-ls-option): Doc fix: now a cons.
(find-dired): Initialize the process-mark for the filter to use.
Find listing switches in cdr of find-ls-option.
(find-dired-filter): Use dired-insert-set-properties on new text.
* compile.el (compilation-buffer-p): Fix braino in last change:
switch to the buffer first.
(compilation-error-regexp-alist): Doc fix: optional cdrs give
string containing %s to produce the file name from the matched text.
(compilation-find-file): Reorder args: MARKER first, then
FILENAME, DIR, and new arg &rest FORMATS (as they appear in parsed
the fileinfo lists). Try each of the FORMATS in each directory tried.
(compilation-next-error-locus): Apply compilation-find-file to the
(compilation-parse-errors): Instead of a cons (DIR . FILE), make a
list (FILE DIR [FORMATS...]) using the 4th cdr of the matching elt of
1995-03-06 Richard Stallman <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-help-menu): Binding for view-emacs-FAQ.
1995-03-05 Richard Stallman <>
* help.el (view-emacs-FAQ): New function. Bind to C-h F.
(help-for-help): Doc fix.
* info.el (info): Use pop-to-buffer.
(same-window-buffer-names): Add "*info*".
1995-03-03 Robert J. Chassell <>
* texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-refill): Don't confuse a title
underline with 2 or more `*' with an xref line starting with one `*'.
1995-03-03 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Obey REPLACE even if
OUTPUT-BUFFER is nil. Interactively, make REPLACE non-nil
only if there is a prefix arg.
1995-03-02 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (kill-emacs-query-functions): Doc fix.
1995-03-02 Boris Goldowsky <>
* ada.el (ada-mode): Remove "^" used as anchor from
paragraph-start and paragraph-separate values, so that they will
work with non-0 left-margin settings.
* allout.el (outline-mode): Likewise.
* awk-mode.el (awk-mode): Likewise.
* bibtex.el (bibtex-mode): Likewise.
* c-mode.el (c-mode, c-fill-paragraph): Likewise.
* cc-mode.el (c-common-init, c-fill-paragraph): Likewise.
* cplus-md.el (c++-mode): Likewise.
* edt.el (edt-indent-or-fill-region): Likewise.
* gnus-uu.el (gnus-uu-post-reply-mode): Likewise.
* icon.el (icon-mode): Likewise.
* mh-comp.el (mh-letter-mode): Likewise.
* mim-mode.el (mim-mode): Likewise.
* modula2.el (modula-2-mode): Likewise.
* nroff-mode.el (nroff-mode): Likewise.
* options.el (Edit-options-mode): Likewise.
* outline.el (outline-mode): Likewise.
* perl-mode.el (perl-mode): Likewise.
* prolog.el (prolog-mode-variables): Likewise.
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode): Likewise.
* scheme.el (scheme-mode-variables): Likewise.
* scribe.el (scribe-mode): Likewise.
* sendmail.el (mail-mode): Likewise.
* simula.el (simula-mode): Likewise.
* texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-refill): Likewise.
* texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Likewise.
* tex-mode.el (tex-common-initialization, latex-mode, slitex-mode):
* text-mode.el (indented-text-mode): Likewise.
* vc.el (vc-comment-to-change-log): Likewise.
1995-03-02 Simon Marshall <>
* font-lock.el (font-lock-maximum-decoration) New variable.
(font-lock-after-fontify-buffer-hook): New variable.
(font-lock-fontify-buffer): Run it after fontifying.
(font-lock-thing-lock-cleanup): New function to turn things off.
(font-lock-mode): Call it when turning Font Lock mode off.
(font-lock-fontify-region): Fix to use forward-comment from
comment-start, rather than searching for comment-end from point.
* ada.el, ada-mode.el (ada-font-lock-keywords):
Use font-lock-maximum-decoration.
* fortran.el, f90.el (fortran-font-lock-keywords):
Use font-lock-maximum-decoration.
1995-03-02 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-massage-args): Variable and function deleted.
(gud-common-init): Don't set the variable.
1995-03-02 Boris Goldowsky <>
* simple.el (newline): Moved from cmds.c. Indents last
inserted line to left-margin.
* paragraphs.el (paragraph-start, paragraph-separate):
Default values no longer start with ^. Doc fix.
(use-hard-newlines): Moved here from cmds.c. Made buffer-local.
Doc fix.
(looking-at-hard): Deleted, not needed.
(forward-paragraph): Removes ^ from beginning of regexps, if
required. Look for paragraph-start and paragraph-separate at
left-margin, not BOL. Lines with just left-margin indentation are
treated like blank lines.
Paragraph-separate no longer requires a preceding hard newline, but
paragraph-start does: paragraph-separates usually won't occur by
accident, so it doesn't hurt to respect them whenever they do occur.
1995-03-01 Richard Stallman <>
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Search vc-path first, not last.
* tar-mode.el (tar-grind-file-mode): Doc fix.
1995-02-28 Karl Heuer <>
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Fix typos in doc string.
(universal-argument, describe-arg): Deleted; this is now in C code.
(prefix-arg-internal, digit-argument, negative-argument): Likewise.
1995-02-28 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-common-init): Put substed file name back in original
sequence in the args. Pass ARGS to massage-file even if no file name.
(gud-gdb-massage-args, gud-sdb-massage-args, gud-dbx-massage-args)
(gud-mipsdbx-massage-args, gud-xdb-massage-args)
(gud-perldb-massage-args): Don't add FILE onto the args.
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Rename arg; doc fix.
* server.el (server-switch-buffer): New optional arg KILLED-ONE.
Avoid the other-buffer at the end in that case.
1995-02-28 Noah Friedman <>
* rlogin.el (rlogin-carriage-filter): Don't assume buffer is
narrowed to region with most recent output.
1995-02-28 Karl Heuer <>
* files.el (revert-buffer): Use current-prefix-arg, not prefix-arg.
* terminal.el (te-escape): Likewise.
1995-02-27 Simon Marshall <>
* dired.el (dired-internal-noselect): Use substitute-command-keys
to get binding of revert-buffer.
1995-02-26 Roland McGrath <>
* compile.el (compilation-buffer-p): Check for
compilation-minor-mode or compilation-mode major mode, rather than
internal state variables. Don't want to match a buffer that was
once in compilation-minor-mode but is not now.
1995-02-26 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-extract-menu-node-name): Collapse multiple spaces.
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode-show-date): New variable.
(tar-header-block-summarize, tar-next-line): Obey it.
1995-02-26 Greg McGary <>
* tar-mode.el (tar-header-block-tokenize): Parse 32-bit modtime
current-time compatible a list of 16-bit ints (HIGH LOW).
(tar-parse-octal-integer): Write char-const '0' as
?0 instead of more obscure 48.
(tar-parse-octal-long-integer): New function.
(tar-clip-time-string): New function.
(tar-header-block-summarize, tar-header-block-summarize):
Insert mod-time into listing.
(tar-next-line): Move goal column to new location of filenames.
1995-02-25 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-kill-secondary): Avoid changing this-command.
Don't clear the secondary selection.
1995-02-25 Simon Marshall <>
* comint.el (comint-truncate-buffer): New function.
(comint-buffer-maximum-size): New variable.
* shell.el (shell-truncate-buffer): Doc them.
* comint.el (comint-dynamic-complete-as-filename):
Let file-name-handler-alist to nil; comint-file-name-prefix does this.
(comint-dynamic-list-filename-completions): Likewise.
(comint-dynamic-complete-as-filename): Use window-minibuffer-p.
1995-02-25 Richard Stallman <>
* cplus-md.el (c++-backward-to-noncomment): Don't loop forever
if first line of buffer starts with ` #'.
* subr.el (walk-windows): Doc fix.
1995-02-24 Karl Heuer <>
* subr.el (local-unset-key): Fix args in previous change.
1995-02-24 Richard Stallman <>
* subr.el (global_set_key, local_set_key, global_unset_key)
(local_unset_key): Functions moved here from keyboard.c.
1995-02-24 Lars Lindberg <>
* msb.el (msb): Select the window that the mouse is in before showing
the menu. This makes the "Most recently used" menu more accurate.
(menu-bar-update-buffers): The frame list is now an integrated
part of the buffer menu.
(msb--few-menus, msb--very-many-menus): Added rmail-edit-mode.
* msb.el (mouse-select-buffer): Do sit-for before x-popup-menu.
1995-02-23 Richard Stallman <>
* lisp-mode.el (eval-defun): Convert defvar to defconst.
* loaddefs.el (function-key-map): Use vector in definition of C-delete.
* rmail.el (rmail-retry-failure): Support a new style of failure msg.
1995-02-21 Boris Goldowsky <>
* fill.el (set-fill-prefix): Sets it to the text between
left-margin and point, not the whole line before point.
(fill-region-as-paragraph): Set `from' to the beginning and
`to' to the end immediately, for clarity. This used to be
done after the save-restriction.
Newlines at end of region used to be changed to spaces, then
deleted. Now delete them (all but one) explicitly, so that we
can test whether they are hard and not delete hard newlines.
Ignore all whitespace at beginning of region: a line
containing spaces before first line of text used to be joined
onto first line of text, making spurious paragraph indentation.
If there is only whitespace in the region, exit quickly (fixed
possible infinite-loop condition).
Moved the loop that just indents when justification=none inside
the save-restriction. It's a little simpler that way.
When deleting indentation and fill-prefixes from lines, delete
any whitespace after the fill-prefix too.
Always exit with point at end of region, after a single
paragraph-final newline.
(fill-region): Don't use paragraph-movement commands
in use-hard-newlines mode; just fill between each pair of hard
newlines. Old strategy of setting paragraph-start to "^"
doesn't work, since paragraph-start no longer no longer need
occur at BOL.
(current-justification): Don't look for text-props at EOB:
there are none.
(set-justification): New arg WHOLE-PAR controls whether to trust
begin and end args in noninteractive use, or extend to limits of
Don't use "^" in paragraph-start regexp.
Ignore fill-prefix when searching for enclosing paragraph with
use-hard-newlines true.
Squeeze spaces from regions that used to be full-justified.
Remove leftover debugging code.
(set-justification-{none,left,right,full,center}): Use WHOLE-PAR
arg of set-justification. Interactive spec changed to avoid
errors when there is no region.
(justify-current-line): Error if JUSTIFY value is not one of
the meaningful symbols (used to do full justification in this case);
change interactive spec to explicitly request full justification.
Don't need to save-restriction & narrow (except for full-justify).
Explicitly remember beginning position, so that we can move it
to after indentation if that is appropriate.
Save a few more useful quantities; add documentation of variables used.
Do nothing if there is no text on the line.
Notice adaptive-fill fill-prefixes too.
Center or flushright indentation is put between fill-prefix
and text; can't use standard line-indent function for this.
If centering, do so between left and right margins.
Warning messages ("line too long") removed; they were annoying
in auto-fill-mode.
(unjustify-current-line, unjustify-region): New functions.
* indent.el (indent-line-to): Don't need `let'.
(current-left-margin): Don't look for text-props at EOB.
(move-to-left-margin): Always move to left-margin, even in
centered or right-justified regions.
New arg FORCE to add indentation or convert tabs to spaces if
necessary. FORCE is the interactive default; it used to be
available only interactively.
(indent-to-left-margin): Doc fix.
(delete-to-left-margin): Use move-to-left-margin. Doc fix.
Make arguments optional.
(set-left-margin): Make region include following spaces and tabs,
so that later insertions there will inherit new setting.
Always reindent text to show new setting, not only when auto-fill
is active; auto-fill controls only whether to re-fill text.
(set-left-margin, increase-left-margin): Use indent-rigidly to
change indentation level.
(set-left-margin, set-right-margin, increase-left-margin):
Save point when calling fill-region.
(increase-left-margin): `left-margin' property can be
negative, for outdenting, up to the value of the left-margin variable.
(increase-right-margin): `right-margin' property can be arbitrarily
negative. Negative values can't be stored in text/enriched
format, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't allow it in general.
(beginning-of-line-text): New function.
* simple.el (open-line): Indent to left-margin any lines that
you would consider inserting a fill-prefix on.
(do-auto-fill): Use unjustify-current-line.
(indent-new-comment-line): Indent to left-margin before inserting
* facemenu.el (facemenu-justification-menu): "Unfilled" now bound
to set-justification-none; fn changed name.
1995-02-23 Richard Stallman <>
* perl-mode.el (perl-tab-to-comment): Default is nil.
* loadup.el: Load version.el early on.
* simple.el (shell-command-on-region): When computing interactive args,
read the minibuffer arg first, then get the region bounds.
1995-02-21 Michael Kifer <>
* viper-ex.el (ex-find-file): Now gives an error when a wild card
gives no match.
(ex-next): Now recognizes counts and puts proper commands in
(vip-info-on-file, ex-substitute): Bug fixed.
1995-02-21 Simon Marshall <>
* shell.el (shell-cd): New function.
(shell-process-cd, shell-process-pushd, shell-process-popd)
(shell-resync-dirs): Use it instead of cd.
(shell-mode): Make list-buffers-directory local with value
* mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu): Use list-buffers-directory if
non-nil if buffer-file-name is nil.
1995-02-20 Karl Heuer <>
* viper.el, viper-ex.el, viper-util.el: New files.
* viper-keym.el, viper-macs.el, viper-mous.el: New files.
1995-02-20 Simon Marshall <>
* fortran.el (fortran-mode): Made fortran-font-lock-keywords turn
off syntactic fontification by default.
1995-02-20 Roland McGrath <>
* vc.el (vc-log-info): Don't switch to the *vc* buffer before
running vc-do-command, because that would change its default-directory.
1995-02-19 Richard Stallman <>
* rnewspost.el: Various doc fixes.
(news-post-news): Add autoload cookie.
1995-02-18 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu): Don't clear selection when we kill it.
* subr.el (eval-after-load): Run FORM now if FILE's already loaded.
* imenu.el (imenu--cleanup): Set alist to its default
just once, at the beginning.
Don't recurse on a cdr which is nil.
1995-02-17 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (quoted-insert): Use insert-and-inherit.
Don't change buffer if arg is negative.
* tex-mode.el (tex-append): Try splitting on last period, then
try splitting on first period.
* desktop.el (desktop-internal-v2s): Don't use format
to eliminate text properties.
1995-02-17 Karl Heuer <>
* mailabbrev.el (mail-abbrev-mode-regexp): Doc fix.
1995-02-17 Richard Stallman <>
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-mail, rmail-summary-continue)
(rmail-summary-reply, rmail-summary-retry-failure)
(rmail-summary-forward, rmail-summary-resend): Switch to rmail
buffer's window first, so mail buffer replaces summary.
1995-02-16 Richard Stallman <>
* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-save): Fix the test for header line.
1995-02-15 Richard Stallman <>
* info.el (Info-index): Bind Info-history, not Info-keep-history.
1995-02-14 Boris Goldowsky <>
* facemenu.el (facemenu-self-insert-face): If previous
self-insert-face is still valid, add to rather than replace it.
(facemenu-loc): Variable deleted.
1995-02-14 Richard Stallman <>
* ehelp.el (electric-help-help, electric-help-command-loop):
Mention q and r, not Q and R.
* sort.el (sort-regexp-fields-next-record): New subroutine.
If the first search does not advance point and finds an empty match,
skip one char and search again.
(sort-regexp-fields): Use that subroutine.
Bind sort-regexp-fields-regexp, for sort-regexp-fields-next-record.
(sort-regexp-fields-regexp): Declared.
(sort-regexp-record-end): Declared.
1995-02-13 Jeff Dwork <>
* ehelp.el (electric-help-map): Use suppress-keymap instead of
filling keymap with undefined commands. Bind R like r.
Substitute electric-command-apropos for command-apropos.
(electric-apropos): New function.
(electric-help-help, electric-help-command-loop):
Mention Q and R in messages.
1995-02-13 Jim Thompson <>
* ps-print.el (ps-print-version): Add caveat about version number.
(ps-begin-file): Fix format code for /LineHeight.
1995-02-13 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Fix problem in previous change.
* pp.el (pp-to-string): Fix previous change.
* debug.el (debugger-step-after-exit): Variable declared.
(debugger-old-buffer, debugger-value): Variables declared.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-next): Variable deleted.
(facemenu-self-insert-face): New function.
(facemenu-set-face): Use facemenu-self-insert-face.
(facemenu-set-face-from-menu): Likewise.
(facemenu-after-change): Function deleted. Don't use it as hook.
* debug.el (debug): Fix arg to backtrace-debug for debug-on-entry.
1995-02-12 Richard Stallman <>
* pp.el (pp-to-string): Don't use emacs-lisp-mode.
Just do the parts of it we actually want.
* simple.el (next-history-element): Do nothing if n is 0.
Handle errors properly when history list is empty.
1995-02-11 Richard Stallman <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-kill-ring-save): New function--use as `copy'.
(delete-region): Don't enable if (mouse-region-match) is true.
* mouse.el (mouse-drag-region): Delete the overlay before
calling the terminating event's command binding or making a region.
(mouse-set-region-1): New function.
(mouse-drag-region, mouse-set-region, mouse-save-then-kill): Call it.
(mouse-region-match): New function.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-write-region, ange-ftp-insert-file-contents)
(ange-ftp-copy-file-internal): If remote host is unix, use binary mode.
(ange-ftp-file-local-copy): Delete local var bin1.
(ange-ftp-rename-remote-to-remote): Delete arg `binary'.
(ange-ftp-rename-file): Don't pass or compute that arg.
1995-02-10 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add .cpp, .cxx, .hxx, .c++, .h++.
* sendmail.el (mail-reply-to): New command, on C-c C-f C-r and in menu.
* c-mode.el (c-switch-label-regexp): Insist on colon after `default'.
* sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Find buffer to add to
using truename, if can't find it by real name.
* files.el (recover-file): Use ordinary `f' to read file name.
1995-02-09 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail): Don't set rmail-default-file here.
(rmail-default-file): Init it to ~/xmail.
(rmail-default-rmail-file): Don't call expand-file-name.
* dired.el (dired-mark): If on dir header line, always mark
the files in that dir.
* lpr.el (print-region-1): Include print options in echo area msgs.
1995-02-08 Richard Stallman <>
* ada.el (ada-mode): Delete autoload.
* ada-mode.el: New file.
Add autoload cookie.
(ada-mode-map): Don't define C-m, M-a, M-e, M-q.
Don't define M-q.
(ada-mode): Set fill-paragraph-function locally.
(ada-fill-comment-paragraph): Return t.
(ada-gen-make-bodyfile): Add missing backslash.
1995-02-08 Simon Marshall <>
* comint.el (comint-match-partial-filename): Include `%' char.
1995-02-08 Ken Stevens <>
* ispell.el: Personal dictionary save forced when called from menu,
Epoch compile support.
(ispell-skip-sgml): Added variable for skipping SGML tags & references.
(ispell-buffer-local-parsing): Hard wire set of ispell-skip-sgml-tags
to sgml-mode.
(ispell-pdict-save): Message improvement.
(ispell-command-loop): Properly adjust screen with different settings
of ispell-choices-win-default-height.
(check-ispell-version): Use fundamental-mode as default-major-mode.
(ispell-change-dictionary): Remove unnecessary process kills
(ispell-region): Fold sgml support in with tib checking.
(ispell-message): Skips checking of forwarded messages.
1995-02-07 Karl Heuer <>
* novice.el (disabled-command-hook): Recognize ESC x as well as M-x.
* edmacro.el (edmacro-format-keys): Don't presume internal bit layout
of non-ASCII keys.
(edmacro-parse-keys): Likewise.
* terminal.el (te-pass-through): Likewise.
* subr.el (listify-key-sequence-1, event-modifiers): Likewise.
* edt.el: New enhanced version.
* edt-lk201.el, edt-mapper.el, edt-pc.el, edt-vt100.el: New files.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file-form-defmumble, display-call-tree):
Print ellipsis earlier, so message logging will fold similar strings.
(byte-compile-file): Add "done" message.
1995-02-07 Richard Stallman <>
* ps-print.el (ps-print-thompson-version):
Renamed from ps-print-version.
1995-02-07 Karl Heuer <>
* subr.el (read-quoted-char): Don't log prompt messages.
Use M- notation instead of assuming internal layout.
1995-02-07 Richard Stallman <>
* term.el (term-protocol-version): Renamed from term-version.
1995-02-06 G Dinesh Dutt (
* etags.el (etags-file-of-tag): Handle file name used as tag.
1995-02-04 Per Bothner <>
* term.el (term-version): Increased to 0.95.
(term-pager-enabled): New macro. Use it a bunch of places.
(term-terminal-menu): Clean up initialization so we don't get
complaints when re-loading term.el.
(term-send-raw-meta): Redo to handle meta-symbols (e.g. meta-delete).
More robust checking of parameter to make-string.
(term-update-mode-line): New function. Call it whenever we change
char/line/paging mode. Now includes "page" in mode-line-process
if paging is enabled.
* term.el: Remove causes for byte-compilation to complain:
(term-terminal-pos): Declare x and y in let-binding.
(term-send-invisible): Remove bogus second "interactive" call.
(term-*): Provide defvars for lots of buffer-local variables.
(term-mode): Make comments and initial value setting from
here to the corresponding defvar.
(term-line-start-column): Remove unused variable.
(term-erase-in-line): Fix syntax (incorrect parenthesis) error.
(term-erase-in-display): Fix typo "\?n" -> "?\n".
* term.el: Make Unix "resize" command work:
(term-handle-ansi-escape): On "\e[row;colH", limit row
and col to size of window. (Resize sends "999;999".)
(term-handle-ansi-escape): Implement "\e[6n" "Report cursor
position". This requires that we pass proc as an extra parameter.
(term-scroll-region): An empty region means extend to window bottom.
1995-02-05 Richard Stallman <>
* lpr.el (lpr-add-switches): Renamed from lpr-add-options.
(print-region-new-buffer): Return new start and end.
(print-region-1): Use new calling convention.
1995-02-05 Jim Blandy <>
* texinfo.el (texinfo-environment-regexp): Match @menu and
@titlepage --- they require @ends. Don't match @defunx commands;
they don't.
(texinfo-insert-@end): Don't put a command name after the @end
if we ran off the top of the buffer looking for its mate.
1995-02-04 Richard Stallman <>
* rmail.el (rmail-next-same-subject): New command.
(rmail-previous-same-subject): Likewise.
(rmail-mode-map): Add bindings for C-c C-n and C-c C-p.
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-next-same-subject): New command.
(rmail-summary-previous-same-subject): Likewise.
(rmail-summary-mode-map): Add bindings for C-c C-n and C-c C-p.
1995-02-04 G Dinesh Dutt (
* etags.el : Changes to support filenames as tags too and provided
a drop-in replacement for list-tags.
(find-tag-noselect): Recognize filenames as valid tags too.
(find-tag-file-order): New variable holds function to check for match
for a file name used as a tag.
(find-tag-in-order): If the tag is a file name, position at file beg.
(etags-recognize-tags-table): Added new var find-tag-file-order to
tags-table-format variables. Added tag-filename-match-p to the
list for find-tag-tag-order.
(tag-filename-match-p): New function.
(list-tags): Rewritten for speed.
(tags-list-functions-in-file): New subroutine for list-tags.
(tags-locate-file-in-tags-table): New function locates a
file in `tags-table-list'.
1995-02-03 Richard Stallman <>
* lpr.el (print-region-1): If we run pr, give it the -h option
instead of giving lpr the -T option.
* dired.el (dired-mode-map): Define up and down arrows like C-p, C-n.
* f90.el (f90-mode-version): Variable deleted.
(f90-mode): Don't use f90-mode-version.
* ps-print.el: Add autoload cookies.
(ps-paper-type): Doc fix.
* lpr.el (print-region-1): Use lpr-page-header-switches,
not ...-options.
1995-02-03 Francesco Potortì (
* man.el (Man-default-man-entry): Remove text properties from result.
1995-02-02 Karl Heuer <>
* rmail.el (rmail-reply-regexp): New var.
(rmail-reply): Delete text matching rmail-reply-regexp.
1995-02-02 Richard Stallman <>
* completion.el: Don't use cl. Eliminate use of when, unless,
dotimes, plusp, minusp, pusnhew, second.
(completion-dolist): New macro. Use instead of dolist.
(completion-gensym-counter, completion-gensym): New variable and fn.
(locate-completion-entry-retry): Bind cmpl-entry, then use it.
(locate-completion-entry): Use completion-string, not string.
(add-completion-to-head, delete-completion):
Rename arg to completion-string.
(completions-list-return-value): Defvar'd and renamed
from return-completions.
(cmpl-preceding-syntax, cdabbrev-stop-point): Add defvars.
(delete-completion, check-completion-length): Fix message format.
(complete, add-completions-from-buffer, add-completions-from-c-buffer)
(save-completions-to-file): Likewise.
(completion-string): Add defvar.
* lpr.el (lpr-headers-switches): Default is nil.
* fill.el (fill-paragraph): Bind fill-paragraph-function
to nil before calling it.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp): Default value is nil again.
1995-02-02 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-mode-map): No binding for c-fill-paragraph
(c-fill-paragraph): Return t.
(c-mode): Put c-fill-paragraph in fill-paragraph-function.
* lisp-mode.el (shared-lisp-mode-map): Don't bind M-q.
(lisp-fill-paragraph): Return t.
(lisp-mode-variables): Put that in fill-paragraph-function locally.
* fill.el (fill-paragraph-function): New variable.
(fill-paragraph): Use it.
1995-02-01 Noah Friedman <>
* sendmail.el (mail-mailer-swallows-blank-line): Handle full range
of RFC822-legal header names.
1995-02-01 Richard Stallman <>
* help.el (describe-variable): If var is local, mention default.
* rmail.el (rmail-retry-failure): Handle "Mime-encapsulated messages".
Discard return-path and from headers as well as sender.
1995-01-31 Richard Stallman <>
* f90.el: New file.
1995-01-30 Karl Heuer <>
* iso-acc.el (iso-accents-list): Add Icelandic thorn.
* iso-transl.el (iso-transl-language-alist): Add French & Portuguese.
(iso-transl-char-map): Use /a /e ~d "s ~t digraphs as in iso-acc.el.
* frame.el (frame-notice-user-settings): Avoid having the window
manager re-prompt for the initial frame's clone.
* faces.el (x-create-frame-with-faces): Assume cursor-color,
mouse-color, and border-color are okay as specified unless they
are the same as the new background color.
1995-01-30 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (indent-new-comment-line): Obey the convention
about \(...\) pairs in comment-start-skip.
* lucid.el (make-extent, delete-extent, set-extent-property)
(set-extent-face): New functions.
* desktop.el: Many doc fixes.
1995-01-29 Richard Stallman <>
* buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): Handle read-only properly.
Select each buffer just once to get all necessary info about it.
* buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): New subroutine.
(list-buffers): Use that.
(buffer-menu): Switch to the buffer in the same window.
(buffer-menu-other-window): New command.
(Buffer-menu-select): Just change the current window.
* rnewspost.el (news-reply-mode): Change mode-name to News Reply.
* lisp-mode.el (lisp-indent-region): Set endmark
before indenting first line.
(indent-sexp): Fixes for ENDPOS != nil case--use nil
as starting-point, and don't insist on a complete sexp.
1995-01-28 Richard Stallman <>
* subr.el (match-string): Fix braino.
* faces.el (facep): New function.
(internal-check-face): Don't make a loop, since signal can't return.
1995-01-27 Richard Stallman <>
* frame.el (make-frame): Doc fix.
* help.el (describe-variable): Use local-variable-p.
* debug.el (debug-convert-byte-code): Convert the doc info to a string.
* shell.el (shell): If we create a new shell buffer,
select that buffer even if it has been renamed.
* faces.el (x-resolve-font-name): Better error messages.
1995-01-27 Karl Heuer <>
* subr.el (match-string): Delete extra arg to buffer-substring.
* replace.el (perform-replace): Don't log the repetitive prompts.
1995-01-27 Richard Stallman <>
* lucid.el (read-number): New function.
* tex-mode.el (tex-display-shell): Pass nil as arg to
(tex-region, tex-file, tex-show-print-queue, tex-bibtex-file):
Put the call to tex-display-shell essentially last.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-update-yank-menu): If string is too long,
show start and end, with ... between them.
(yank-menu-length): Default value 20.
* subr.el (match-string): New function.
1995-01-26 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): When we don't use existing
region, put where click and put mark at the other end.
Use point-before-scroll if non-nil. Recognize mouse-set-region
as a previous command that makes a region we should use.
(mouse-drag-region): When we run the final click's binding,
set this-command.
* scroll-bar.el (scroll-bar-drag-1): Set point-before-scroll properly.
(scroll-bar-scroll-down, scroll-bar-scroll-up): Likewise.
1995-01-25 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-save-then-kill): Ignore mouse-selection-click-count
if no active mark.
(mouse-drag-region): Modify previous change--don't run the ordinary
binding in the case of a multiple click.
* tex-mode.el (tex-display-shell): New function.
(tex-file, tex-region, tex-show-print-queue, tex-bibtex-file):
Use that instead of tex-display-shell.
1995-01-24 Richard Stallman <>
* fill.el (justify-current-line): Avoid error comparing fill-prefix
near end of buffer. Do nothing fast if justification not wanted.
* bytecpat.el: Renamed from bytecomp1.el.
1994-01-24 G Dinesh Dutt (
* etags.el : Changes to support filenames as tags too and provided
a drop-in replacement for list-tags.
(find-tag-noselect): Recognize filenames as valid tags too.
(find-tag-file-order): New variable added. This contains the name of
the function used to qualify a matched filename.
(last-tag-file): New variable; stores the filename looked for via
find-tag family of functions.
(find-tag-in-order): In case tag searched for is a file, don't do
anything fancy to locate position of tag in file. Just seek to
beginning of file.
(etags-recognize-tags-table): Added new var find-tag-file-order to
tags-table-format variables and also set the priority of searching
for tag type to make it look for a filetype tag first.
(tag-filename-match-p): New function added to qualify naive match
for a filename tag.
(list-tags): Replaced with contents with one performing better for
this function.
(tags-list-functions-in-file): New function which is a backend for
list-tags function.
(tags-locate-file-in-tags-table): New function which locates a
file in `tags-table-list'. Its used by list-tags.
1995-01-24 Frederic Lepied <>
* gnus.el: Added support for descriptions in the group buffer:
(gnus-group-prepare, gnus-group-prepare-line, gnus-setup-news)
(gnus-gnus-to-quick-newsrc-format, gnus-group-list-groups):
Record if we show all groups, to redisplay
correctly after toggling descriptions display.
(gnus-newsgroups-display-toggle, gnus-newsgroups-update-description)
(gnus-newsgroups-retrieve-description): New functions.
(gnus-group-mode-map): Bind t to gnus-newsgroups-display-toggle.
Add a newsgroups-update-description menu.
(gnus-newsgroups-regex, gnus-newsgroups-display, gnus-newsgroups-alist)
(gnus-newsgroups-hashtb, gnus-newsgroups-showall): New variables.
(gnus-group-group-name): Changed the regexp to avoid conflict
with descriptions which have a ':' inside.
(gnus-group-mode): Doc fix.
1995-01-23 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-forward-conditional):
If an apparent conditional is not really a conditional, skip past it.
1995-01-23 Karl Heuer <>
* iso-transl.el (iso-transl-dead-key-alist): New var.
(iso-transl-char-map): Give each singleton a doubleton synonym.
(iso-transl-language-alist, iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map): New vars.
(iso-transl-define-keys): New function; sets up keymap.
(iso-transl-set-language): New function; sets language-specific part.
* simple.el (mark): If transient-mark-mode is nil, mark is active.
1995-01-23 Espen Skoglund <>
* pascal.el (pascal-*-completion, pascal-comp-defun)
(pascal-complete-word, pascal-completion-response, pascal-completion)
(pascal-get-completion-decl): Rename some internal variables
to start with 'pascal-'.
(pascal-str, pascal-all, pascal-pred, pascal-flag)
(pascal-buffer-to use): New dummy variables.
1995-01-22 Richard Stallman <>
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Arrange for the default-directory variable
in *vc* to be re-set each time this function uses it.
Discard current dir from front of FILE later on,
and only if last = `WORKFILE'.
* vc.el: Undo Dec 10 change:
(vc-directory, vc-dired-reformat-line): Changed back.
(vc-directory-18): Old function restored.
(vc-dir-all-files): Function deleted.
* vc.el (vc-next-action-on-file): If file is not registered,
check file out after registering it.
(vc-next-action-dired): Restore the window configuration after
doing vc-next-action on each file in a VC-dired buffer.
(file-regular-p-18): New function.
(file-regular-p): Define, if not already defined.
* iso-transl.el (iso-transl-char-map): Add elements for
mute-acute, etc.
* gud.el (gud-mode): Use gud-new-keymap, so inherit keymaps..
* font-lock.el (font-lock-fontify-region): Bind inhibit-read-only.
Also buffer-file-name.
(font-lock-hack-keywords, font-lock-unfontify-region): Likewise.
1995-01-21 Richard Stallman <>
* c-mode.el (c-fill-paragraph): If comment terminator is on a
separate line, don't include that line in the filling.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-defvar): Add the var to current-load-list.
1994-01-21 David Kågedal <>
* tempo.el (tempo-insert-template): Quoted transient-mark-mode
Expansion around region now puts point at the first mark.
* tempo.el (tempo-region-start, tempo-region-stop): New variables
(tempo-insert-template, tempo-insert): Don't affect the
mark. Check for Transient Mark mode.
* tempo.el (tempo-find-match-string): Removed the stupid 1+ again.
* tempo.el (tempo-use-tag-list):
Set tempo-match-finder to completion-function.
* tempo.el (tempo-match-finder): Renamed variable from
tempo-default-match-finder. Change the value too.
(tempo-collection, tempo-dirty-collection): New variables.
(tempo-user-elements): New variable.
(tempo-insert): New argument ON-REGION.
New elements 'l and 'r. Use tempo-is-user-element.
(tempo-is-user-element): New function.
(tempo-invalidate-collection, tempo-build-collection): New functions.
(tempo-find-match-string): Reinserted bugfix for re-search-backward.
(tempo-complete-tag): Complete rewrite.
* tempo.el (tempo-insert): Added the 'o tag.
1995-01-21 Per Bothner <>
* term.el (term-version): Increased to 0.94.
(term-if-emacs19, term-if-xemacs, term-ifnot-xemacs): New macros
to conditionalize at compile-time for different Emacs versions.
(various places): Use them (instead of term-is-XXXX).
(term-is-emacs19): Removed, no longer needed.
* term.el: Change keybindings to not use C-c LETTER, for
term-char-mode, term-line-mode. Keybindings for term-pager-enable
and term-pager-disable replaced by one for term-pager-toggle.
(term-pager-toggle): New function.
* term.el (term-fake-pager-enable, term-fake-pager-disable):
Define as aliases, so that menubar code will find proper keybindings.
(term-char-mode): Make no-op if already in char mode.
(term-line-mode): Make no-op if already in line mode.
(term-mode-map): Add keybinding for no-op term-line-mode, so
code to display menubar keybindings doesn't lose it. (Needed
as long as char-mode and line-mode share term-terminal-menu.)
(term-raw-escape-map): Likewise for term-char-mode.
(term-char-mode, term-line-mode): Better documentation strings.
* term.el: Added menubar for pager sub-mode.
* term.el (term-command-hook): Disabled the feature that allowed
inferior to send a lisp command to Emacs - too big a security hole.
1995-01-21 Roland McGrath <>
* upd-copyr.el (update-copyright): Remove gratuitous error at end.
1995-01-20 Richard Stallman <>
* loadhist.el (unload-feature): Don't care if FILE is a dependency
of itself.
* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph): At end, advance over any newlines
that were in the region but excluded from filling.
1995-01-20 Karl Heuer <>
* text-mode.el (center-line): `fill-column' is a var, not a function.
1995-01-20 Morten Welinder <>
* compile.el (compile-internal): Force redisplay on compilation
buffer before executing compile process.
1995-01-20 Richard Stallman <>
* ps-print.el: New file.
1995-01-19 Karl Heuer <>
* c-mode.el (set-c-style): Ignore case in completion.
1995-01-19 Richard Stallman <>
* rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-update-highlight): New function.
(rmail-summary-goto-msg): Use it.
(rmail-summary-rmail-update): Move the summary highlight.
(rmail-summary-mark-deleted): Do nothing if rmail-summary-overlay
has a nil face-property.
(rmail-new-summary): Make the summary-on-top kludge
more restricted in when it is used.
1995-01-19 Karl Heuer <>
* paths.el (remote-shell-program): Reorder search path.
1995-01-18 Richard Stallman <>
* fill.el (current-justification): Renamed from current-justification.
Callers changed.
(fill-region-as-paragraph): left-margin renamed to current-left-margin.
* indent.el (move-to-left-margin): `justification' renamed to
* simple.el (do-auto-fill): `justification' renamed to
* ispell.el (check-ispell-version): Use Fundamental mode
in the temporary buffer.
* calendar.el: Use byte-compile-dynamic.
1995-01-18 Roland McGrath <>
* etags.el (etags-file-of-tag): Use a regexp search to find the
file name, allowing it to contain any char but a newline.
1995-01-18 Boris Goldowsky <>
* indent.el (standard-indent): New variable.
(alter-text-property, current-left-margin, move-to-left-margin)
(delete-to-left-margin, set-left-margin, set-right-margin)
(increase-left-margin, decrease-left-margin, increase-right-margin)
(decrease-right-margin, indent-line-to): New functions.
(indent-to-left-margin): Use indent-line-to. Don't delete or
insert anything unless necessary.
* fill.el (set-justification): New function.
(set-justification-{none,left,right,full,center}): New functions.
(fill-region-as-paragraph, fill-region, justify-current-line):
New arg NOSQUEEZE defeats normal removal of extra whitespace.
(fill-region-as-paragraph, fill-region)
(fill-nonuniform-paragraphs, fill-individual-paragraphs):
(fill-region-as-paragraph): Obey left-margin; fill-prefix starts
after left-margin. Disable filling if JUSTIFY == none, but indent to
margin anyway.
Adaptive-fill removes text-props from fill-prefixes it finds.
Adaptive-fill no longer has to notice left-margin: std fill does that.
Use fill-column and canonically-space-region functions.
(canonically-space-region): New fn split from fill-region-as-paragraph.
(fill-region): New args NOSQUEEZE (as above) and TO-EOP.
(default-justification): New variable.
(current-left-margin, fill-column, justification): New functions.
(fill-paragraph): Use fill-region-as-paragraph when possible.
(justify-current-line): New arguments; different kinds of
justification handled. Uses left-margin and fill-column functions.
* paragraphs.el (forward-paragraph): Fix end-of-buffer bug.
* completion.el (completion-separator-self-insert-autofilling):
Don't check fill-column; do-auto-fill will do that.
* simple.el (do-auto-fill): Fill, don't fill, or fill-and-justify
depending on setting of justification text-property.
Respect left-margin and right-margin text properties.
(open-line, indent-new-comment-line): Inherit when inserting.
(newline-and-indent, reindent-then-newline-and-indent): Doc fix.
* text-mode.el (center-line): Use current-left-margin function.
* enriched.el (enriched-annotation-list): Property `hard-newline'
renamed to `hard'. Justification value `both' renamed `full'.
(enriched-mode): Don't set auto-fill-function, fill-column,
sentence-end-double-space. Do set use-hard-newlines.
(enriched-delete-indentation): Use delete-to-left-margin and
(enriched-indent-increment): Deleted, use `standard-indent' instead.
(enriched-insert-hard-newline): Deleted, use `newline'.
(enriched-beginning-of-line): Deleted, use `move-to-left-margin'.
(enriched-squeeze-spaces): Deleted, use canonically-space-region.
(enriched-forward-paragraph, enriched-backward-paragraph)
(enriched-open-line, enriched-fill-paragraph, enriched-fill-region)
(enriched-fill-region-as-paragraph, enriched-auto-fill-function)
(enriched-justify-line): Deleted, use standard versions.
(enriched-region-pars, enriched-end-of-paragraph, enriched-unindent)
(enriched-beginning-of-paragraph, enriched-move-to-fill-column)
(enriched-line-length, enriched-indent-line, enriched-indent)
(enriched-aggressive-auto-fill-function, enriched-hard-newline)
(enriched-indent-right, enriched-unindent-right): Deleted.
(enriched-show-codes, enriched-show-margin-codes)
(enriched-show-region-as-code, enriched-nogrow-hook): Commented out.
(enriched-left-margin, enriched-change-left-margin)
(enriched-change-right-margin, enriched-set-left-margin)
(enriched-set-right-margin): Moved to indent.el as current-left-margin,
increase-left/right-margin, set-left-/right-margin.
(enriched-default-justification, enriched-justification)
(enriched-set-justification-*, enriched-fill-column): Moved to
fill.el as default-justification, current-justification,
set-justification-*, current-fill-column.
(enriched-indentation-menu-map, enriched-justification-menu-map):
Moved to facemenu.el as facemenu-indentation-menu,
* facemenu.el (facemenu-keybindings, facemenu-face-menu):
Keybinding for bold-italic changed from M-g o to M-g l; M-g o is
now "other".
(facemenu-justification-menu, facemenu-indentation-menu):
New submenus, moved from enriched.el
(list-colors-display, facemenu-color-equal): New functions.
(facemenu-menu): Added "Display Faces" item.
(facemenu-new-faces-at-end): New variable.
(facemenu-add-new-face): Obey facemenu-new-faces-at-end.
(facemenu-menu, facemenu-keymap, facemenu-face-menu)
(facemenu-foreground-menu, facemenu-background-menu)
(facemenu-special-menu): Now have function definitions as prefix keys.
(facemenu-menu, facemenu-update): Refer to submenus by their names
rather than including their values.
(facemenu-set-face): Error if read-only; add item to menu if necessary.
(facemenu-get-face): Always return FACE.
(facemenu-add-new-face): Don't add if facemenu-unlisted-faces is t.
(facemenu-unlisted-faces): Doc fix.
* facemenu.el: Revise keybindings; doc fix.
(facemenu-new-faces-at-end): New vbl.
(facemenu-add-new-face): Use it.
(facemenu-set-face, facemenu-set-face-from-menu): Check read-only.
(facemenu-set-face): Doc fix.
* facemenu.el (facemenu-face-menu, facemenu-foreground-menu)
(facemenu-background-menu, facemenu-special-menu): New or renamed
variables for submenus.
(facemenu-color-alist): Renamed from facemenu-colors.
(facemenu-add-new-face): New function.
(facemenu-update): Don't redo top-level menu;
nothing should change. Move menu setup to defvars.
Use facemenu-add-new-face. Changed global binding to C-down-mouse-3.
(facemenu-menu): "Update" item removed; should
no longer be needed interactively.
(facemenu-complete-face-list): Just return faces, not keybindings.
1995-01-18 Karl Heuer <>
* ispell.el (check-ispell-version): Force standard syntax table.
* paths.el (remote-shell-program): New var.
* telnet.el (rsh): Use it.
* rcompile.el (remote-compile): Likewise.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-gateway-program): Likewise.
(ange-ftp-shell-command): Likewise.
1995-01-18 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gdb): In gud-remove, specify the source file.
1995-01-17 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-new-keymap): New function.
(gud-xdb-find-file, gud-dbx-find-file, gud-sdb-find-file)
(gud-gdb-find-file): Use it for keymap inheritance.
1995-01-17 Dave Love <>
* gud.el (gud-gdb-find-file): Propagate debug menu to found buffers.
(gud-dbx-find-file, gud-xdb-find-file, gud-sdb-find-file)
(gud-perldb-find-file): Likewise.
(gud-menu-map): New variable.
(gud-mode): Use gud-menu-map and move the menu-setting outside.
* gud.el (dbx): Fix missing cast of $curline for Irix.
(gud-irixdbx-marker-filter): Make $curline cast consistent with the others.
1995-01-17 Simon Marshall <>
* comint.el (comint-dynamic-list-completions): Test event-start to
make sure it is not a complex event (e.g., switch-frame).
1995-01-17 Richard Stallman <>
* help.el (help-for-help): Doc fix.
* help-macro.el (make-help-screen): Use *only* local-map to look
up keys.
1995-01-16 Karl Heuer <>
* edebug.el (edebug-enter): Fix reversed setq's.
* calendar.el (calendar): Doc fix.
* disp-table.el (standard-display-ascii): Doc fix. Allow use with X.
* iso-cvt.el (iso-aggressive-german-trans-tab): Doc fix.
(iso-cvt-ffh, iso-cvt-wfh, iso-cvt-ash): Doc fix.
1994-01-16 Espen Skoglund <>
* pascal.el (pascal-mode-map, pascal-outline-map):
C-c C-b now inserts block. C-c C-d does goto-defun.
`#' calls on electric-pascal-hash.
(pascal-calculate-indent, pascal-indent-alist)
(electric-pascal-tab, pascal-indent-case):
Better handling of indent within case. Support for CPP.
The `;' in the last statement of a subblock may be omitted.
(electric-pascal-hash): New function.
1995-01-16 Richard Stallman <>
* vc.el: Revert Jan 15 and Jan 5 changes.
* scribe.el (scribe-mode): Treat `@:' as a sentence end.
1995-01-15 Richard Stallman <>
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev--find-all-expansions): Don't use push.
(dabbrev--search): Likewise.
1995-01-15 Roland McGrath <>
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Use set-buffer-modified-p instead of
* files.el (not-modified): Doc fix.
* etags.el (etags-tags-completion-table): Don't let match string
contain a \177.
1995-01-13 Karl Heuer <>
* vc.el (vc-directory): Prompt for a directory, not a file.
1995-01-12 Karl Heuer <>
* edebug.el: Undo Nov 30 change.
(edebug-emacs-19-specific): Don't use quote; easy-menu-define doesn't
evaluate its first arg.
* easymenu.el (easy-menu-define): Doc fix.
1994-01-12 Boris Goldowsky <>
* paragraphs.el (forward-paragraph): Notice use-hard-newlines value.
(looking-at-hard): New function.
(paragraph-start, paragraph-separate): Doc fix.
* simple.el (open-line, split-line, next-line): Use `newline'
function to insert newline so it will be marked hard if appropriate.
(indent-new-comment-line): Use `newline' function, unless called
with (new) argument.
(do-auto-fill): Call indent-new-comment-line with argument to
make newline soft.
* fill.el (fill-region-as-paragraph): Don't modify newline
at end of paragraph, to make sure text-properties are preserved.
(fill-paragraph): Call fill-region, not fill-region-as-paragraph,
to avoid clobbering paragraph-internal hard-newlines.
(fill-region): If use-hard-newlines is on, divide into
"paragraphs" by breaking at every hard newline, temporarily
ignoring paragraph-start.
1994-01-12 Tom Tromey <>
* buff-menu.el (list-buffers): New function.
(ctl-x-map): Define C-x C-b to list-buffers.
1995-01-12 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (revert-buffer): Recompute buffer-file-truename.
* c-mode.el (indent-c-exp): Handle `{ if (x)\n foo;\n bar;' case.
* cplus-md.el (indent-c++-exp): Handle `{ if (x)\n foo;\n bar;' case.
* etags.el (etags-goto-tag-location): Add 1 to char positions in TAGS.
* startup.el (command-line-1): Handle -f with kbd macro.
* msb.el (mouse-select-buffer) Handle an aborted selection.
1995-01-11 Richard Stallman <>
* derived.el (define-derived-mode): Doc fix.
1995-01-10 Richard Stallman <>
* term/x-win.el: Put height and width from geometry parm
into default-frame-alist.
1995-01-10 Karl Heuer <>
* isearch.el (isearch-edit-string): Disable message logging.
(isearch-toggle-case-fold, isearch-message): Likewise.
1995-01-10 Richard Stallman <>
* dired.el (dired-insert-directory): Don't call expand-file-name
when dir-or-list is a list.
1995-01-10 Noah Friedman <>
* rlogin.el (rlogin-tab-or-complete): Insert tab in buffer, don't
send directly to process.
(rlogin, rlogin-directory-tracking-mode): Use rlogin-remote-user,
not rlogin-user.
1995-01-10 Richard Stallman <>
* faces.el (face-nontrivial-p): New function.
* paren.el (show-paren-command-hook): Don't alter paren-mismatch face
if make-face gives it some contents.
1995-01-10 Simon Marshall <>
* shell.el (shell-mode): Doc fix.
1995-01-10 Richard Stallman <>
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-check-other-buffers):
Renamed from dabbrev-always-check-other-buffers.
(dabbrev-check-all-buffers): Renamed frm dabbrev-check-rest-of-buffers.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-set-buffer-mode): Don't set make-backup-files.
(ange-ftp-real-find-backup-file-name): New function.
(ange-ftp-find-backup-file-name): New function.
Use it to handle find-backup-file-name.
* files.el (find-backup-file-name): Run a file name handler.
(backup-buffer): Do nothing if backup-info is nil.
1995-01-09 Noah Friedman <>
* rlogin.el: Removed several more gratuitous autoload cookies.
(rlogin-initially-track-cwd): Variable deleted.
(rlogin-directory-tracking-mode): New variable and function.
Default to 'local.
(rlogin-host, rlogin-remote-user): New variables.
(rlogin): Set them appropriately.
(rlogin-tab-or-complete): New function.
Bind C-i to it.
(rlogin-carriage-filter): New function.
(rlogin): Add it to comint-output-filter-functions.
(rlogin-parse-words): New function.
(rlogin): Make buffer name "*rlogin-USER@HOST* if remote user
differs from local.
Simplify initialization of local variables, using rlogin-parse-words.
Do not call comint-mode directly.
Doc fixes.
1995-01-09 Karl Heuer <>
* bytecomp.el: Fix text punctuation.
1995-01-09 Richard Stallman <>
* faces.el (face-try-color-list): Treat `underline' as valid.
* subr.el (listify-key-sequence-1): Update for change in CHAR_META.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-expand): Now checks for marker.
(dabbrev--try-find): Now does a protected call to `widen'.
(dabbrev-always-check-other-buffers): Default now t.
(dabbrev--capitalize): Function deleted.
(dabbrev-completion): Use `capitalize'.
* msb.el: Better format of files-by-directory menus.
Now splits big menus into sub-menus.
(msb-max-menu-items): Changed default value. This variable
now depicts the maximum number of items in a sub-menu.
(msb-display-most-recently-used): Changed default value.
(mouse-select-buffer): Now handles several levels of
sub-menus. New format on return value.
1995-01-08 Richard Stallman <>
* find-file.el: New file.
1995-01-06 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-drag-region): As once in the past,
call the binding of the terminating event.
* terminal.el (te-terminfo-systems-regexp): Variable deleted.
(te-create-terminfo): Use system-uses-terminfo.
* simple.el (what-cursor-position): Show char in decimal, hex, octal.
1995-01-05 Stefan Schoef <schoef@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
* bibtex.el (bibtex-clean-entry): Killing text while editing
the autogenerated label in the minibuffer caused the killed text
to appear in front of the bibtex entry.
1995-01-05 Eric S. Raymond <>
* vc.el (vc-do-command): Change RCS handling so rcsdiff won't strip
away relative-pathname information. This function no longer sets the
default directory. Also, mark the *vc* output buffer unmodified.
(vc-revert-buffer1): Handle font-lock mode correctly.
(vc-diff, vc-print-log): vc-do-command no longer sets the default
directory, but doing so is advantageous for these cases.
(file-executable-p-18): Better portability to Emacs 18.
(vc-directory-exclusion-list, vc-file-tree-walk-internal):
Implement the new variable vc-directory-exclusion-list to prune
tree walks. Initial value tells it to ignore SCCS and RCS
1995-01-05 Ken Laprade <>
* simple.el (pop-global-mark): Make pop-global-mark treat
global-mark-ring as a ring.
1995-01-05 Johan Vromans <>
* forms.el: Change forms-search to forms-search-forward, and add
(forms--mode-menu-ro, forms--mode-menu-edit):
New functions to create a pulldown menu in the menubar.
(forms--mode-commands): Call them for the edit and view mode.
* (forms-print): New function.
1995-01-04 Stephen Gildea <>
* tex-mode.el (tex-print): Better check for when to print current
buffer's file over last processed file.
1995-01-03 Noah Friedman <>
* sendmail.el (mail-personal-alias-file): New variable.
Use globally in place of hardwired "~/.mailrc".
* mailalias.el: Here too.
* mailabbrev.el (mail-abbrev-mailrc-file): Variable and macro
deleted. All callers now use `mail-personal-alias-file'.
* pp.el: Add autoload cookies.
1995-01-03 Richard Stallman <>
* tex-mode.el (tex-mode): Recognize \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}.
* startup.el (command-line-1): Pause between init file error
and command line option processing.
* spell.el (spell-filter): Make it a risky-local-variable.
1995-01-02 Richard Stallman <>
* gud.el (gud-sdb-marker-filter): Use gud-marker-acc.
* time.el (display-time-string-forms): Fix doc string syntax error.
1994-01-02 Kevin J. Greiner <>
* gud.el (gud-dbx-marker-filter): Use gud-marker-acc like
1994-12-31 Richard Stallman <>
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add entries for .cls files,
and for /drafts/. Put tex-mode and latex-mode in lower case.
* files.el (set-visited-file-name): Error if buffer is indirect.
(basic-save-buffer): For indirect buffer, save the base buffer.
(save-some-buffers): Ignore indirect buffers.
1994-12-30 Richard Stallman <>
* tex-mode.el (tex-mode): \begin at start of file implies Latex.
* terminal.el (terminal-emulator): Test system-configuration
to decide on terminfo vs termcap.
(te-terminfo-systems-regexp): Renamed from te-terminfo-systems.
1994-12-30 Kishore Kumar (
* terminal.el: Added terminfo support.
(te-terminal-name-prefix, te-terminal-name, te-terminfo-systems):
New variables.
(terminal-emulator): Handle termcap or terminfo.
(te-create-terminfo, te-create-termcap): New subroutines.
(te-tic-sentinel): New subroutine.
1994-12-29 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (completion-list-mode-map): Don't bind return, just C-m.
1994-12-28 Richard Stallman <>
* apropos.el (super-apropos-check-elc-file): New function.
specifies which file to search.
(apropos-files-scanned): New variable.
(super-apropos): Bind apropos-files-scanned.
Update apropos-accumulate from apropos-print-matches.
Call super-apropos-accumulate before checking for no matches.
(super-apropos-check-doc-file): Don't visit the file, just insert it.
(super-apropos-accumulate): When doc string is in a file,
scan that file.
(apropos-print-matches): Return the sorted list.
(safe-documentation): Handle compiled files.
1994-12-28 Roland McGrath <>
* etags.el (find-tag-in-order): Don't set buffer-local value of
1994-12-27 Richard Stallman <>
* tex-mode.el (tex-mode-map): Add BibTeX File menu item.
* subr.el (run-hook-with-args-until-failure):
Return non-nil if no hook functions.
1994-12-26 Richard Stallman <>
* startup.el (command-line-1): Split startup msg into two parts.
Add something about C-mouse-3 when on a window system.
* tar-mode.el (tar-mode-map): Bind C-m to tar-extract.
* replace.el (occur-mode-map): Bind C-m to occur-mode-goto-occurrence.
(occur-mode): Doc fix.
* compile.el (compilation-minor-mode-map): Bind C-m to
* buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-mode-map): Bind C-m to
* dired.el (dired-mode-map): Bind C-m to
dired-advertised-find-file. Change f to dired-find-file.
* simple.el (switch-to-completions): New command, with bindings
in the minibuffer completion maps.
* simple.el (next-completion, previous-completion): New commands.
(completion-list-mode-map): Put them on left, right arrows.
* isearch.el (isearch-mode): Set mouse-leave-buffer-hook.
(isearch-done): Clear it.
1994-12-25 Richard Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-minibuffer-check, mouse-drag-mode-line)
(mouse-yank-at-click, mouse-yank-secondary, mouse-choose-completion):
Run mouse-leave-buffer-hook.
* bytecomp.el (byte-compile-warning-types): Add obsolete.
(byte-compile-warnings): Doc fix.
(byte-compile-obsolete): Check for obsolete in byte-compile-warnings.
(byte-compile-variable-ref): Likewise.
* timezone.el (timezone-fix-time): For year values < 50, add 2000.
* server.el (server-process-filter): Process each line separately.
(server-buffer-done): Delete dead buffers from CLIENT list.
Wait a while after sending a command to emacsclient.
Verify that BUFFER is a buffer.
* subr.el (font-lock-defaults): Add defvar.
(buffer-file-type): Add defvar.
* simple.el (completion-reference-buffer): Initialize to nil.
* dabbrev.el (esc-map): Delete excess closeparen.
* apropos.el (super-apropos, super-apropos-check-doc-file)
(super-apropos-accumulate): Vars item, fn-doc and var-doc renamed
to apropos-item, apropos-fn-doc and apropos-var-doc.
(apropos-item, apropos-var-doc, apropos-fn-doc)
(apropos-accumulate, apropos-regexp): New defvars.
(super-apropos): Bind apropos-regexp to regexp.
(super-apropos-accumulate): Use apropos-regexp.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-save-match-data): Macro deleted.
Most callers use save-match-data.
(ange-ftp-process-filter, ange-ftp-process-sentinel)
(ange-ftp-gwp-filter): Don't save the match data explicitly.
* ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-process-filter, ange-ftp-gwp-filter):
After comint output processing, update STR.
1994-12-24 Richard Stallman <>
* fast-lock.el: New file.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp): Accept symbol chars
as well as word constituent chars.
* startup.el (command-line-1): If help-command has no key binding,
say `M-x help', not `M-x help-command'.
* emacs-lock.el: New file.
1994-12-23 Richard Stallman <>
* msb.el: Fix quoting conventions and spaces at end of sentence.
* msb.el: New file.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-completion): Now searches all buffers
when given prefix arg 16.
(dabbrev--version): Variable deleted.
* dabbrev.el: Don't require cl, picture, or reporter.
Don't provide new-dabbrev.
(dabbrev--try-find): Don't use `loop'.
Don't create or kill local bindings.
(dabbrev-completion): Use key-description to say what to type.
Fix style of "done" message.
(dabbrev-submit-feedback): Function deleted.
(dabbrev--same-major-mode-p): Simplify.
(dabbrev-completion, dabbrev--abbrev-at-point): Fix error msg style.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev-filter-elements): New macro.
(dabbrev--select-buffers, dabbrev--find-expansion): Use that.
(dabbrev--search): Use that.
* dabbrev.el: Complete rewrite by
1994-12-23 Barry A. Warsaw (bwarsaw@cnri)
* elp.el (elp-pack-number): New function.
(elp-output-results): Use elp-pack-number to truncate time strings,
watching out for very small or very large numbers.
* elp.el (elp-unset-master): Make it an interactive command.
* reporter.el (reporter-submit-bug-report): Set up for status messages.
Use mail-text to position point to the body of the message.
* reporter.el (reporter-beautify-list): Complete rewrite.
Optional nocompact-p argument.
* reporter.el (reporter-dump-variable): Invert the test and
passing of compact-p argument to reporter-beautify-list. List
values are not printed as defuns or function calls.
* reporter.el: Updated package list.
* reporter.el (reporter-lisp-indent): New defun.
* reporter.el (reporter-dont-compact-list)
(reporter-status-message, reporter-status-count): New variables.
* reporter.el (reporter-update-status, reporter-beautify-list)
reporter-dump-variable): Now smarter about formatting variables
with list values. Checks the value of reporter-dont-compact-list.
1994-12-23 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (next-line, previous-line): If interactive and not in
kbd macro, catch the error and beep instead.
1994-12-22 Richard Stallman <>
* bibtex.el (bibtex-string, bibtex-preamble): Use forward-line.
(sort-subr): Don't call autoload for this--that's done in loaddefs.el.
(bibtex-mode): Add autoload cookie.
* server.el (server-switch-buffer): Cope with dead frames and windows.
1994-12-22 Dave Love <>
* gud.el (gdb): Correct tbreak doc string.
(gud-mode): Define a Gud menu.
(gdb): Set debugger-specific menu entries.
(sdb) (dbx) (xdb): Likewise.
1994-12-22 Richard Stallman <>
* novice.el (enable-command): Always insert code to enable.
(disable-command): Insert newline before as well as after.
1994-12-21 David M. Smith <>
* imenu.el (imenu-always-use-completion-buffer-p): A value of
`never' now means never display a completion buffer.
(imenu--completion-buffer): Implement 'never behavior.
1994-12-21 Stefan Schoef <>
* bibtex.el: Changed keybinding for bibtex-print-help-message
(from \C-ch to \C-c?). Therefore, describe-mode is not longer on
\C-c?. Also, changed prefix \C-cn for bibtex-narrow functions to
(bibtex-string-files): Changed documentation.
(bibtex-mode-map): Inscriptions of menu bar changed from "Entry
Types" to "Entry-Types" and "Bibtex Edit" to "BibTeX-Edit".
(bibtex-string-files): Changed documentation.
(bibtex-mode): If environment variable BIBINPUTS isn't defined,
string files are searched in the current directory.
(bibtex-completion-candidates): Now buffer-local to allow
evaluation of different bibtex-string-files in different buffers.
(bibtex-autokey-edit-before-use, bibtex-clean-entry): New variable
that determines, if the user is allowed to edit auto-generated
reference keys before they are used.
(bibtex-generate-autokey, bibtex-clean-entry): New function to
generate an autokey if necessary.
(bibtex-autokey-names, bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings,
bibtex-autokey-name-length, bibtex-autokey-name-separator,
bibtex-autokey-year-length, bibtex-autokey-titlewords,
bibtex-autokey-year-title-separator): New variables related to
(bibtex-find-entry-location): Optional second parameter maybedup
to tell it that entering a duplicate entry isn't to report by an
error but by the return value of the function (necessary for
bibtex-clean-entry to find the correct position of an entry with
an autogenerated key without disturbing the user with unwanted
(bibtex-help-message): New variable to avoid printing of help
messages in the echo area.
(assoc-of-regexp): New function to match an alist of regexps.
(bibtex-string-files, bibtex-completion-candidates, bibtex-mode):
New variables to allow bibtex-complete-string to work on strings
initialized from a variable and from @String definitions in a list
of files, too.
(bibtex-predefined-strings, bibtex-entry-field-alist): Changed to
user options.
(bibtex-mode): Changed doc string.
(many functions and variables): Changed documentation strings of
variables and functions to hold a complete sentence in the first
(bibtex-print-help-message): Now line dependent and reports if it
is called outside a BibTeX fi