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;;; ps-def.el --- XEmacs and Emacs definitions for ps-print
;; Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
;; Kenichi Handa <> (multi-byte characters)
;; Maintainer: Kenichi Handa <> (multi-byte characters)
;; Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
;; Keywords: wp, print, PostScript
;; X-URL:
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; See ps-print.el for documentation.
;;; Code:
(unless (fboundp 'declare-function) (defmacro declare-function (&rest r))))
(declare-function ps-plot-with-face "ps-print" (from to face))
(declare-function ps-plot-string "ps-print" (string))
(defvar ps-bold-faces) ; in ps-print.el
(defvar ps-italic-faces)
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; XEmacs Definitions
((featurep 'xemacs) ; XEmacs
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ps-bdf
(defvar installation-directory nil)
(defvar coding-system-for-read)
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ps-mule
(defvar leading-code-private-22 157)
(or (fboundp 'charset-bytes)
(defun charset-bytes (charset) 1)) ; ascii
(or (fboundp 'charset-dimension)
(defun charset-dimension (charset) 1)) ; ascii
(or (fboundp 'charset-id)
(defun charset-id (charset) 0)) ; ascii
(or (fboundp 'charset-width)
(defun charset-width (charset) 1)) ; ascii
(or (fboundp 'find-charset-region)
(defun find-charset-region (beg end &optional table)
(list 'ascii)))
(or (fboundp 'char-width)
(defun char-width (char) 1)) ; ascii
(or (fboundp 'chars-in-region)
(defun chars-in-region (beg end)
(- (max beg end) (min beg end))))
(or (fboundp 'forward-point)
(defun forward-point (arg)
(let ((count (abs arg))
(step (if (zerop arg)
(/ arg arg))))
(while (and (> count 0)
(< (point-min) (point)) (< (point) (point-max)))
(forward-char step)
(setq count (1- count)))
(+ (point) (* count step))))))
(or (fboundp 'decompose-composite-char)
(defun decompose-composite-char (char &optional type
(or (fboundp 'encode-coding-string)
(defun encode-coding-string (string coding-system &optional nocopy)
(if nocopy
(copy-sequence string))))
(or (fboundp 'coding-system-p)
(defun coding-system-p (obj) nil))
(or (fboundp 'ccl-execute-on-string)
(defun ccl-execute-on-string (ccl-prog status str
&optional contin unibyte-p)
(or (fboundp 'define-ccl-program)
(defmacro define-ccl-program (name ccl-program &optional doc)
`(defconst ,name nil ,doc)))
(or (fboundp 'multibyte-string-p)
(defun multibyte-string-p (str)
(let ((len (length str))
(i 0)
(while (and (< i len) (not (setq multibyte (> (aref str i) 255))))
(setq i (1+ i)))
(or (fboundp 'string-make-multibyte)
(defalias 'string-make-multibyte 'copy-sequence))
(or (fboundp 'encode-char)
(defun encode-char (ch ccs)
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ps-print
;; GNU Emacs
(or (fboundp 'line-beginning-position)
(defun line-beginning-position (&optional n)
(and n (/= n 1) (forward-line (1- n)))
;; GNU Emacs
(or (fboundp 'find-composition)
(defalias 'find-composition 'ignore))
(defun ps-xemacs-color-name (color)
(if (color-specifier-p color)
(color-name color)
(defalias 'ps-mark-active-p 'region-active-p)
(defun ps-face-foreground-name (face)
(ps-xemacs-color-name (face-foreground face)))
(defun ps-face-background-name (face)
(ps-xemacs-color-name (face-background face)))
(defalias 'ps-frame-parameter 'frame-property)
;; Return t if the device (which can be changed during an emacs session)
;; can handle colors.
(defun ps-color-device ()
(eq (device-class) 'color))
(defun ps-mapper (extent list)
(nconc list
(list (list (extent-start-position extent) 'push extent)
(list (extent-end-position extent) 'pull extent)))
(defun ps-extent-sorter (a b)
(< (extent-priority a) (extent-priority b)))
(defun ps-xemacs-face-kind-p (face kind kind-regex)
(let* ((frame-font (or (face-font-instance face)
(face-font-instance 'default)))
(and frame-font
(assq kind
(font-instance-properties frame-font))))
(kind-spec (cdr-safe kind-cons))
(case-fold-search t))
(and kind-spec (string-match kind-regex kind-spec))))
;; to avoid XEmacs compilation gripes
(defvar coding-system-for-write)
(defvar buffer-file-coding-system)
(and (fboundp 'find-coding-system)
(or (funcall 'find-coding-system 'raw-text-unix)
(funcall 'copy-coding-system 'no-conversion-unix 'raw-text-unix)))
(defun ps-color-values (x-color)
(let ((color (ps-xemacs-color-name x-color)))
((fboundp 'x-color-values)
(funcall 'x-color-values color))
((and (fboundp 'color-instance-rgb-components)
(funcall 'color-instance-rgb-components
(if (color-instance-p x-color)
(make-color-instance color))))
(error "No available function to determine X color values")))))
(defun ps-face-bold-p (face)
(or (ps-xemacs-face-kind-p face 'WEIGHT_NAME "bold\\|demibold")
(memq face ps-bold-faces))) ; Kludge-compatible
(defun ps-face-italic-p (face)
(or (ps-xemacs-face-kind-p face 'ANGLE_NAME "i\\|o")
(ps-xemacs-face-kind-p face 'SLANT "i\\|o")
(memq face ps-italic-faces))) ; Kludge-compatible
(defalias 'ps-face-strikeout-p 'ignore)
(defalias 'ps-face-overline-p 'ignore)
(defalias 'ps-face-box-p 'ignore)
;; XEmacs will have to make do with %s (princ) for floats.
(defvar ps-color-format "%s %s %s")
(defvar ps-float-format "%s ")
(defun ps-generate-postscript-with-faces1 (from to)
;; Generate some PostScript.
(let ((face 'default)
(position to)
;; XEmacs
;; Build the list of extents...
(a (cons 'dummy nil))
record type extent extent-list)
(map-extents 'ps-mapper nil from to a)
(setq a (sort (cdr a) 'car-less-than-car)
extent-list nil)
;; Loop through the extents...
(while a
(setq record (car a)
position (car record)
record (cdr record)
type (car record)
record (cdr record)
extent (car record))
;; Plot up to this record.
;; XEmacs 19.12: for some reason, we're getting into a
;; situation in which some of the records have
;; positions less than 'from'. Since we've narrowed
;; the buffer, this'll generate errors. This is a hack,
;; but don't call ps-plot-with-face unless from > point-min.
(and (>= from (point-min))
(ps-plot-with-face from (min position (point-max)) face))
((eq type 'push)
(and (extent-face extent)
(setq extent-list (sort (cons extent extent-list)
((eq type 'pull)
(setq extent-list (sort (delq extent extent-list)
(setq face (if extent-list
(extent-face (car extent-list))
from position
a (cdr a)))
(ps-plot-with-face from to face)))
(t ; Emacs
;; Do nothing
)) ; end cond featurep
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; Emacs Definitions
((featurep 'xemacs) ; XEmacs
;; Do nothing
(t ; Emacs
;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; ps-print
(defun ps-mark-active-p ()
(defun ps-face-foreground-name (face)
(face-foreground face nil t))
(defun ps-face-background-name (face)
(face-background face nil t))
(defalias 'ps-frame-parameter 'frame-parameter)
;; Return t if the device (which can be changed during an emacs session) can
;; handle colors. This function is not yet implemented for GNU emacs.
(defun ps-color-device ()
(if (fboundp 'color-values)
(funcall 'color-values "Green")
(defun ps-color-values (x-color)
((fboundp 'color-values)
(funcall 'color-values x-color))
((fboundp 'x-color-values)
(funcall 'x-color-values x-color))
(error "No available function to determine X color values"))))
(defun ps-face-bold-p (face)
(or (face-bold-p face)
(memq face ps-bold-faces)))
(defun ps-face-italic-p (face)
(or (face-italic-p face)
(memq face ps-italic-faces)))
(defun ps-face-strikeout-p (face)
(eq (face-attribute face :strike-through) t))
(defun ps-face-overline-p (face)
(eq (face-attribute face :overline) t))
(defun ps-face-box-p (face)
(not (memq (face-attribute face :box) '(nil unspecified))))
;; Emacs understands the %f format; we'll use it to limit color RGB values
;; to three decimals to cut down some on the size of the PostScript output.
(defvar ps-color-format "%0.3f %0.3f %0.3f")
(defvar ps-float-format "%0.3f ")
(defun ps-generate-postscript-with-faces1 (from to)
;; Generate some PostScript.
(let ((face 'default)
(position to)
;; Emacs
(property-change from)
(overlay-change from)
(save-buffer-invisibility-spec buffer-invisibility-spec)
(buffer-invisibility-spec nil)
before-string after-string)
(while (< from to)
(and (< property-change to) ; Don't search for property change
; unless previous search succeeded.
(setq property-change (next-property-change from nil to)))
(and (< overlay-change to) ; Don't search for overlay change
; unless previous search succeeded.
(setq overlay-change (min (next-overlay-change from)
(setq position (min property-change overlay-change)
before-string nil
after-string nil)
;; The code below is not quite correct,
;; because a non-nil overlay invisible property
;; which is inactive according to the current value
;; of buffer-invisibility-spec nonetheless overrides
;; a face text property.
(setq face
(cond ((let ((prop (get-text-property from 'invisible)))
;; Decide whether this invisible property
;; really makes the text invisible.
(if (eq save-buffer-invisibility-spec t)
(not (null prop))
(or (memq prop save-buffer-invisibility-spec)
(assq prop save-buffer-invisibility-spec))))
((get-text-property from 'face))
(t 'default)))
(let ((overlays (overlays-at from))
(face-priority -1)) ; text-property
(while (and overlays
(not (eq face 'emacs--invisible--face)))
(let* ((overlay (car overlays))
(overlay-get overlay 'invisible))
(or (overlay-get overlay 'priority) 0)))
(and (> overlay-priority face-priority)
(setq before-string
(or (overlay-get overlay 'before-string)
(or (and (<= (overlay-end overlay) position)
(overlay-get overlay 'after-string))
face-priority overlay-priority
((if (eq save-buffer-invisibility-spec t)
(not (null overlay-invisible))
(or (memq overlay-invisible
(assq overlay-invisible
((overlay-get overlay 'face))
(t face)
(setq overlays (cdr overlays))))
;; Plot up to this record.
(and before-string
(ps-plot-string before-string))
(ps-plot-with-face from position face)
(and after-string
(ps-plot-string after-string))
(setq from position))
(ps-plot-with-face from to face)))
)) ; end cond featurep
(provide 'ps-def)
;; arch-tag: 4edde45b-af10-4685-b8ee-7cd0f951095a
;;; ps-def.el ends here
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