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This script set is for adding local time tracking feature to Hiveminder.

Yeah, I know Hiveminder supports time tracking. But it doesn't work at offline. I sometimes place myself at offline, because working at online has a number of temptations, twitter/irc/im and so on.. That's why I want this.



  • Simple time tracking
  • Fluid app support (also include my userstyle for this)
  • Enable growl notification instead of jGrowl (Fluid only)
  • Notify current tasks every 10 minutes (it probably get you back to work ;)

Current issues

  • Currently it doesn't save elapsed time, so you lost it when reload page.
  • And also doesn't save it to official time record.

How to use

For fluid app users

  • Setup hiveminder fluid app
  • Open the app and go preferences panel -> Userstyles, and copy 'hiveminder-fluid.css' and paste it there.
  • Copy jgrowll.user.js and hiveminder-local-time-track.user.js into ~/Library/Application Support/Fluid/SSB/{Your App Name/Userscripts/ and enable these.

For firefox users

  • install hiveminder-local-time-track.user.js as Greasemonkey script and enable it.


Daisuke Murase

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