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Revision history for Perl extension Kamaitachi
0.05 2010-02-25T10:13:40+09:00
- fix compile error caused latest Moose is no longer export Carp::confess in latest version
0.04 2009-09-11T17:13:17+09:00
- fix example
0.03 2008-12-22T18:14:50+09:00
- add URL based ACL service
- add invoke error response handler
0.02002 2008-12-05T15:49:17+09:00
- just a pod fix
0.02001 2008-12-05T13:27:21+09:00
- add missing dependency, Test::TCP.
0.02 2008-12-05T11:15:44+09:00
- add AudienceCounter service
- add simple connection test
- upgrade examples
0.01 2008-12-03T22:03:33+09:00
- initial release
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