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Booster is a framework for creating complex, application-like RoboFont extensions. RoboFont has an incredibly rich set of built in tools and APIs for creating complex tools. It's really fantastic and the parts for 99.something% of scripts and extensions are already built in. Booster fills in the 0.something% that I have needed in my recent extensions. The features include:

  • A base class for extension controllers.
  • A font manager for fonts with and without interfaces.
  • Application inactivity monitoring.
  • A request center.

And other stuff. It has been useful to me.


The documentation will be in the code. It's not perfect, but it's the only way that I'm able to keep documentation up to date. Besides, if you aren't comfortable reading code, you probably don't need this.

The best place to start is


If at attribute, property, method, function, class or variable name starts with an underscore, DO NOT USE IT. Anything starting with an underscore is for internal use only and is subject to change whenever I want to change it.

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