A library for working with WOFF files.
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woffTools is a collection of command line tools for verifying and
examining WOFF files. This is also a Python package that can be used
to manipulate and examine WOFF files just as you can examine SFNT files
with FontTools.

FontTools: https://github.com/behdad/fonttools/
Numpy: http://numpy.scipy.org/

Run setup.py in your preferred Python interpreter.

Command Line Tools
woff-validate - Validate a WOFF file and output an HTML report.
woff-info - Generate an HTML file containing information about a WOFF file.
woff-proof - Generate an HTML file that shows a WOFF file.
woff-css - Generate a CSS @font-face rule based on the content of a WOFF file.
woff-all - Run all of the tests above.

Python Objects
Refer to the documentation in woffTools.__init__ for information
about using the available Python objects.

Bugs? Suggestions?
If you notice bugs or have any suggestions, please contact me
at tal@typesupply.com.