Tools for type annotations in Java
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Annotation Tools README file

This directory contains the Annotation Tools.
When distributed, this is known as the Annotation File Utilities, which is
one of its components; see the annotation-file-utilities subdirectory.

The Annotation File Utilities homepage is:
and it also appears in this directory as:


asmx contains modifications to asm to allow it to read and write JSR
308 annotations to/from class files.

The most modified classes are (in org.objectweb.asm):
 * ClassReader
 * ClassWriter
 * ExtendedAnnotationVisitor
 * ExtendedAnnotationWriter

Most of the changes are delimited by
// end jaime

asmx was branched off of asm 2.2.2, available at either of these locations:
To see the changes, diff the current source files against the 2.2.2

The diffs are complicated by the fact that in a few cases, a post-2.2.2
version of a file was added to asmx.
One example is file src/org/objectweb/asm/optimizer/