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.github Improve issue template [ci skip] Jul 18, 2017
checker-qual Update Eclipse configuration & manual chapter (#1973) May 28, 2018
checker Improve building the jdk8.jar and using the built jdk8.jar Jun 20, 2018
dataflow Wrap long lines, as per google-java-format Jun 18, 2018
docs Enable switching between distributed and local Checker Framework [ci … Jun 19, 2018
framework Correct documentation and behavior of -AprintVerboseGenerics (#2038) Jun 19, 2018
gradle/wrapper Convert the build scripts from Ant to Gradle. (#1871) Mar 22, 2018
javacutil Small cleanups of dead code, code styles, usage of Java 8 APIs, etc. (#… Jun 14, 2018
maven-artifacts new release 2.5.2 Jun 1, 2018
util Handle wrapped diagnostic lines Jun 19, 2018
.gitignore Update .gitignore. Apr 17, 2018
.lgtm.yml Update lgtm to use Gradle. Mar 26, 2018 Fixes asking credentials for non-existent repository (#1980) May 30, 2018 Improve building the jdk8.jar and using the built jdk8.jar Jun 20, 2018
.travis.yml Add crash checking Guava to all-tests (#1974) May 11, 2018
LICENSE.txt Don't encourage use of checker.jar at run time (#1937) Apr 5, 2018 Developer documentation Feb 21, 2018
build.gradle Improve building the jdk8.jar and using the built jdk8.jar Jun 20, 2018
changelog.txt Correct closed issues. Jun 1, 2018
gradlew Convert the build scripts from Ant to Gradle. (#1871) Mar 22, 2018
gradlew.bat Convert the build scripts from Ant to Gradle. (#1871) Mar 22, 2018
settings.gradle Move source sets (#1939) Apr 10, 2018

Please see the Checker Framework manual (HTML, PDF).

Additional documentation for Checker Framework developers is in directory docs/developer/.