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For essential information pertaining to backbone-esnext please refer to backbone-esnext and the main issues forum.

backbone-esnext-events separates 'Events' support from backbone-esnext in addition to adding TyphonJS extensions found in TyphonEvents. The events dispatch functionality is useful well outside the context of Backbone and is utilized across several TyphonJS repos. It should be noted that there are no dependencies with backbone-esnext-events and it can be used independently in any project without pulling in Underscore like Backbone does.

The default trigger mechanism work justs as it does with Backbone:

  • trigger - Invokes all targets matched with a one way message.

TyphonEvents adds new functionality for triggering events. The following are new trigger mechanisms:

  • triggerDefer - Defers invoking trigger to the next clock tick.
  • triggerSync - Synchronously invokes all targets matched and passes back a single value or an array of results to the callee.
  • triggerAsync - Asynchronously invokes all targets matched and passes back a promise resolved with a single value or an array of results through Promise.all which returns a single promise to the callee.

To import TyphonEvents and create a new instance:

import Events from 'backbone-esnext-events';

const eventbus = new Events();

// or extend a class to add event functionality
export default class MyThing extends Events {}

Please see backbone-esnext-eventbus for a module which provides a default main eventbus instance for ease of use across modules.


Provides enhanced Backbone events functionality.




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