Provides a `typhonjs-core-logging` enabled version of `typhonjs-core-backbone-events`.
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Provides a typhonjs-core-logging enabled version of typhonjs-core-backbone-events. Please refer to typhonjs-core-backbone-events documentation for usage details.

TyphonLoggedEvents adds new functionality for triggering events. The following are new trigger mechanisms:

  • triggerDefer - Defers invoking trigger.
  • triggerFirst - Only invokes the first target matched and passes back any result to the callee.
  • triggerResults - Invokes all targets matched and passes back an array of results in an array to the callee.
  • triggerThen - Invokes all targets matched and adds any returned results through Promise.all which returns a single promise to the callee.

mainEventbus.js provides a standardized instance of TyphonLoggedEvents which serves as the name implies as a main eventbus.

Enabling eventbus logging aids debugging. A notable addition to the API is the following methods:

  • setEventScrubber - Sets a function which should accept one parameter which processes the logData object hash which is about to be sent to the logger. This is useful for scrubbing sensitive data such as username / password.
  • setLogLevel - Sets the log level used for logging output.