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Creates a desktop app from backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved using backbone-parse-es6 and Electron.

More documentation and tutorial coming soon. The basic installation steps:

  • Install Node (only once as necessary)
  • Install Gulp globally "npm install gulp -g" (only once as necessary)
  • Install JSPM / SystemJS globally "npm install jspm -g" (only once as necessary)
  • Check out the source repo.
  • Run "npm install" from the local copy directory. (post install script will run jspm install automatically)
  • If using WebStorm or an IDE which can import Gulp tasks then import them.
  • Gulp task electron-start will launch the Desktop version of backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved.
  • Gulp task electron-package-<platform>-<arch> will build a standalone version of the app and place it in the ./build directory. From the command line run gulp --tasks to find the specific platform / architecture task for your machine. On my MBP / OSX the task is: electron-package-darwin-x64. For more information on all available Gulp tasks supported please see typhonjs-core-gulptasks

For now though a brief walkthrough of what is going on follows:

What this demo is doing is using JSPM to load backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved from Github which is a standalone web app version of the canonical TODOs app using backbone-parse-es6. There is a JSPM override in package.json which only loads the necessary files from backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved from the self executing bundled app + assets. The local file app.js is designated as the main entry point in package.json which controls launching Electron and the bundled backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved web app. Please review .electronrc. For typhonjs-core-gulptasks to import Electron tasks a given repo must have a valid .electronrc file in the root path and also have loaded electron-packager and electron-prebuilt. Please review the options available for electron-packager which may be used in .electronrc:

While it is certainly possible to enable Electron support directly in any given repo. The reason electron-backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved separates itself from the web app version is that electron-prebuilt is a large download. This separation also shows the power of JSPM to link a separate repo and provide an alternate deployment mechanism via Electron.


Creates a desktop app from backbone-parse-es6-todos-improved using Electron.




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