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Provides shared test data resources for all typhonjs-escomplex repos.

This repo is included in devDependencies linked directly to GitHub such as:

  "devDependencies": {
    "typhonjs-escomplex-test-data": "git+"

The following files are available:

./files/large-project/results/results.json: A serialized ProjectResult of typhonjs-escomplex-project and dependencies.

./files/large-project/results/results-no-reports.json: A serialized ProjectResult of typhonjs-escomplex-project and dependencies without ModuleReports serialized.

./files/large-module/report/report.json: A serialized ModuleReport of backbone-es6-> Collection.js.

./files/large-module/src/Collection.js: The JS source that generated large-module report.json.

An examples follows on how to load and parse files for use:

import ProjectResult    from 'typhonjs-escomplex-commons/src/project/result/ProjectResult';

// You can either use `fs`.
// const largeProjectJSON = 
//  JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./node_modules/typhonjs-escomplex-test-data/files/large-project/results/results.json', 'utf8'));

// Or for JSON files simply `require` it.
const largeProjectJSON = require('typhonjs-escomplex-test-data/files/large-project/results/results');

const projectResult = ProjectResult.parse(largeProjectJSON);