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A plugin for ESDoc that enables end to end Javascript ES6 documentation providing support for replacing ES6 classes extends target which is useful for architectures where the target is indirectly imported. An example architecture is backbone-es6 where the main access point is a composed class, Backbone. In this case developers import Backbone as such:

import Backbone from 'backbone';

export default class MyCustomView extends Backbone.View {}

ESDoc has no visibility into the composed Backbone instance which occurs at runtime nor is there relevant data to link Backbone.View to the actual implementing class / file in the bare source code which is parsed by ESDoc. In this example case JSPM / SystemJS is used to manage the backbone-es6 dependency. To support end to end documentation it's necessary to replace Backbone.View with <ProjectRootPath>/jspm_packages/github/typhonjs/backbone-es6@master/src/View.js.

For the latest significant changes please see the CHANGELOG.

Installation steps:

  • Install esdoc or gulp-esdoc in devDependencies in package.json.
  • Install esdoc-plugin-extends-replace in devDependencies in package.json.
  • Create an .esdocrc or esdoc.json configuration file adding the plugin.
  • Add option -> replace data listing the extends tag to replace with the partial path on the right.
  • Run ESdoc then profit!

For more information view the ESDoc tutorial and ESDoc Config documentation.

As an alternate and the preferred all inclusive installation process please see typhonjs-npm-build-test for a NPM package which contains several dependencies for building / testing ES6 NPM modules including ESDoc generation with the following plugins including esdoc-plugin-jspm, esdoc-plugin-extends-replace, esdoc-importpath-plugin & esdoc-es7-plugin support.

Additionally typhonjs-core-gulptasks provides a NPM package which contains several pre-defined Gulp tasks for working with JSPM / SystemJS, ESLint and ESDoc generation.

esdoc-plugin-extends-replace can be used independently of JSPM / SystemJS, but the sample below from backbone-parse-es6-todos shows the .esdocrc file that uses esdoc-plugin-extends-replace and esdoc-plugin-jspm.

Please refer to this repo that is using this plugin to generate end to end documentation:

This is the .esdocrc configuration file for the above repo:
   "title": "backbone-parse-es6-todos",
   "source": "site",
   "destination": "docs",
   "excludes": ["^(?:(?!\\.js$).)*$"],
         "name": "esdoc-plugin-jspm"

         "name": "esdoc-plugin-extends-replace",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.Collection": "backbone-parse-es6@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/ParseCollection",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.Events": "typhonjs-core-backbone-events@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/Events",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.History": "backbone-es6@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/History",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.Model": "backbone-parse-es6@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/ParseModel",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.Router": "backbone-es6@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/Router",
               "backbone~[B|b]ackbone\\.View": "backbone-es6@[\\s\\S]+\/src\/View"
      "overview": ["./manual/"],
      "installation": ["./manual/"],
      "tutorial": ["./manual/"],
      "faq": ["./manual/"],
      "changelog": ["./"]

In the option.replace object hash the left hand is a text string or regex to search for in extends tags available for modification in onHandleTag. This string is turned into a RegExp instance and its test method used for substitution matching. On the right hand side the string is turned into a RegExp instance to capture a partial path & name of the class to replace matched extend targets. Using a RegExp versus a bare string is recommend in order to capture variation particularly in the semver / version of the JSPM package / path being linked. In onHandleTag all tags are first processed storing the longname tag for the class path in question. Then a second pass is made replacing any classes extends tags that match the left hand side with the longname of the class found on the right hand side.

Another option is silent which if true silences any logging output from the plugin.

Of course it should be noted that using bare strings instead of regex expressions could result in potential clashes. It's recommended to use a regex defining a partial path including the JSPM package name as shown above. Please take note of the semver / version number or @master for a dependency pulling directly from the master branch of a repository. The regex example above takes into account any semver for the JSPM packages. It also allows some flexibility in the code matching allowing Backbone.<class> or backbone.<class> matching in the extends statements. It also requires the import statement for Backbone to match import Backbone from 'backbone'; or import backbone from 'backbone';

If installing and working directly with esdoc-plugin-extends-replace the following is an example integration for package.json along with an NPM script to run ESDoc:


  "devDependencies": {
    "esdoc": "^0.4.0",
    "esdoc-plugin-extends-replace": "^0.4.0",
    "esdoc-plugin-jspm": "^0.6.0",
    "jspm": "^0.16.0"
  "jspm": {
    "main": "src/ModuleRuntime.js",
    "dependencies": {
      "backbone-es6": "github:typhonjs/backbone-es6@master"
     "devDependencies": {
  "scripts": {
    "esdoc": "esdoc -c .esdocrc"

For the example above the local source root is src and the ESDoc documentation is output to docs. The backbone-es6 JSPM package is automatically linked by esdoc-plugin-jspm.

You may use any version of ESDoc including gulp-esdoc, but the example above provides an NPM script entry to launch esdoc via: npm run esdoc.

To suggest a feature or report a bug:

Many thanks to the ESDoc community for creating a valuable documentation tool.

esdoc-plugin-extends-replace (c) 2015-present Michael Leahy, TyphonRT Inc.

esdoc-plugin-extends-replace may be freely distributed under the MPLv2.0 license.


An ESDoc plugin to replace unconnected "extends" tags w/ actual class references.




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