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3 people committed 2e3f3ab Jul 9, 2020
* follow work

* mod => core

* fix follow bug

* remove logs

* perm handling

* Update src/commands/core/follow.ts

Co-authored-by: Nicholas Sylke <>

* cleanup

* remove useless line

* remove unused string

* add true back

* webhooks limit handling

* fix typo

* Update src/commands/core/follow.ts

Co-authored-by: Tyler Richards <>

Co-authored-by: Nicholas Sylke <>
Co-authored-by: Tyler Richards <>


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Discord Crowdin

About TypicalBot

TypicalBot is far from typical. It's stable, lightning fast, and easy to use— TypicalBot will seamlessly help you moderate your server and provide entertainment for its members, no problem at all!

Table of Contents


Project Description
typicalbot-cluster-manager Inter-process communication manager

Getting Started

This section provides a quick-start guide.


  • Node.js: Node.js 12.x or newer is required.
  • RethinkDB: RethinkDB is required.
  • PM2: PM2 is required.

Windows Only

  • Windows Build Tools: Python 2.7 and VisualStudio is required to compile dependencies.
  • GTK+: GTK 2 is required for canvas, use version 2.X.X (Do not use version 3.X.X)


  1. Make sure all prerequisites above are installed.
  2. Clone the repository, ie. git clone
  3. Install the dependencies with npm install
  4. Start RethinkDB database with rethinkdb
  5. Run npm run build:database to build the database structure.
  6. While the above is running create your config.json file using the example file provided in the repo.
  7. Run npm run build:instance
  8. Profit!

Show Your Support

If you like what we do, consider supporting us on Patreon.

Security Vulnerabilities

Please review our security policy on how to report security vulnerabilities.


TypicalBot is an open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


TypicalBot is open-source Discord bot written in TypeScript, using the Discord.js library.




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