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Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #39 from mcwhittemore/master

    Fixed the package.json
Commits on Mar 9, 2013
  1. @mcwhittemore

    fixing main file name

    mcwhittemore authored
  2. @mcwhittemore
  3. @mcwhittemore
  4. @mcwhittemore
Commits on Mar 8, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #37 from mcwhittemore/master

    Add Nodejs demo and a NPM package.json
  2. @mcwhittemore

    added note-demo.js as a functional copy of taffy-test.html for node. …

    mcwhittemore authored
    …Added package.json so this can be updated in NPM
Commits on Feb 26, 2013
  1. Fixed Twitter URL

  2. remove readme

    Ian authored
  3. Merge pull request #35 from DanielRuf/master

    fixed some issues and merged most of the pull requets
  4. Added back Readme

    Ian authored
  5. Removed readme

    Ian authored
  6. remove

    Ian authored
  7. Added -min version back

  8. Update TaffyDB to 2.7 with a large number of changes

    Large number of style changes, bug fixes, and tweaks. Big thanks to everyone who has helped!
  9. Recreate ReadMe

  10. Recreate ReadMe

  11. Merge pull request #30 from mmikowski/master

    Updates to tests
  12. Merge pull request #28 from japettyjohn/master

    Caching bug fix
  13. Merge pull request #22 from lea-anthony/fix-for-issue-19

    Fix for empty array checking
Commits on Feb 24, 2013
  1. @DanielRuf
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. @DanielRuf

    Updates to tests

    DanielRuf authored
  2. @DanielRuf

    Create README

    DanielRuf authored
  3. @DanielRuf

    has function's return should default to false

    DanielRuf authored
    Defaulting to true resulted in returning false positives.
  4. @DanielRuf

    Caching bug fix

    DanielRuf authored
  5. @DanielRuf
  6. @DanielRuf
Commits on Jan 8, 2013
  1. @snapadmin

    Update tests:

    snapadmin authored
    1. object equals prototype is improved
    2. abstracted people list
    3. added test for update() method
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @japettyjohn

    added a few utility functions and fixed a bug with caching of queries…

    japettyjohn authored
    … using regex always returning the same results due to the handling of objects by JSON.stringify
  2. @japettyjohn
  3. @japettyjohn
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. @lea-anthony

    Fix for zero length array checking

    lea-anthony authored
    A fix for eroneously matches of zero length arrays will when using
    'has' to search for strings in an array.
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