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Configuring local .localhost domains

This step is totally optional and you can use hotel without it.

To use local .localhost domain, you need to configure your browser or network to use hotel's proxy auto-config file which is available at http://localhost:2000/proxy.pac [view file content].

Important hotel MUST be running before configuring your network or browser so that http://localhost:2000/proxy.pac is available. If hotel is started after and you can't access .localhost domains, simply disable/enable network or restart browser.

Configuring another .tld

You can edit ~/.hotel/conf.json to use another Top-level Domain than .localhost.

  "tld": "test"

Important Don't forget to restart hotel and reload network or browser configuration.

System configuration (recommended)


Network Preferences > Advanced > Proxies > Automatic Proxy Configuration


Settings > Network and Internet > Proxy > Use setup script


On Ubuntu

System Settings > Network > Network Proxy > Automatic

For other distributions, check your network manager and look for proxy configuration. Use browser configuration as an alternative.

Browser configuration

Browsers can be configured to use a specific proxy. Use this method as an alternative to system-wide configuration.


Exit Chrome and start it using the following option:

# Linux
$ google-chrome --proxy-pac-url=http://localhost:2000/proxy.pac

# macOS
$ open -a "Google Chrome" --args --proxy-pac-url=http://localhost:2000/proxy.pac

Preferences > Advanced > Network > Connection > Settings > Automatic proxy URL configuration

Internet Explorer

Uses system network configuration.