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pinst Node.js CI npm

pinst lets you have postinstall hook that runs only in dev 🍺

This can be useful if you want to automatically run commands just after npm install, but don't want your package users to be affected.

Alternatively, you can also use it the other way around and prevent postinstall hook to run in dev (that's how I'm using it for husky).


$ npm install pinst --save-dev
// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "...",
    // Add pinst to npm publish hooks
    "prepublishOnly": "pinst --disable",
    "postpublish": "pinst --enable"
$ npm publish

On prepublishOnly, postinstall will be renamed to _postinstall (disabled)

On postpublish, it will be renamed back to postinstall (enabled)


pinst accepts the following flags

--enable, -e   Enable postinstall hook
--disable, -d  Disable postinstall hook
--silent, -s

Try it

You can test that everything works, without actually publishing your package, by manually running the following commands

npm run prepublishOnly # Check package.json
npm run postpublish    # Check package.json


By inverting commands, you can also use pinst to enable postinstall for your users only and not yourself.

pinst also supports install alias.


MIT - Typicode 🌵

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