📷 Create a timelapse of your web development... or just automatically take screenshots of your hard work ;)
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tlapse Build Status npm

Create a timelapse of your web development 📷

A tiny utility that takes periodic screenshots of your site while you develop. Uses Puppeteer for creating beautiful high resolution screenshots 🌸.


npm install npm-run-all tlapse --save-dev
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "run-p server tlapse",
    "server": "node server",
    "tlapse": "tlapse localhost:3000"
npm run dev

Note npm-run-all lets you run scripts in parallel and makes sure that both tlapse and server are started.

Options tlapse can be configured to use different screenshot resolution, interval, etc... to view available options run

tlapse --help



MIT - Typicode 🌵 - Patreon