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From TSD to Typings

You're possibly wondering what it's like going from using TSD to Typings. Using Typings is very similar to using TSD. Where you previously would have:

tsd install react --save

You would now:

typings install dt~react --global --save

Likewise, this:

tsd query react


typings search react

The --global flag tells Typings to accept type definitions that are "global" in nature. Currently, DefinitelyTyped typings are all "global".


Delete the old typings directory:

rm -rf typings

Use the old tsd.json to load the config for typings and then delete that as well:

typings init --upgrade
rm tsd.json
typings install

Change .tsdrc to .typingsrc

You may have created a .tsdrc file in your user or project directory if you were behind a firewall, used a proxy, or had setup a github token. Change the filename to .typingsrc In Windows Explorer, type .typingsrc. and the last period is removed automatically.

Update the names of two properties in .typingsrc:

rename token to githubToken

rename strictSSL to rejectUnauthorized

Finally, update your tsconfig.json according to the Typings resolution you wish to include. For example:

  "files": [