This package contains a selection of sniffs which implements the Coding Guidelines for the TYPO3 CMS.
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TYPO3CMS CodeSniffer standard


This standard consist of a subset of sniffs from the TYPO3SniffPool and implements the Coding Guidelines for TYPO3 CMS.

It contains just a ruleset.xml file in which we refer to the sniffs from PHP_CodeSniffer and from TYPO3SniffPool.

How to get

In case you didn't have installed the TYPO3SniffPool or the PHP_CodeSniffer yet - no problem. This packages are marked as dependencies of this standard and will install automatically.

There are several ways to get the standard, which I am going to describe now. There is no right or wrong. Which way you choose depends on your preferences and at least on your requirements.


We support Composer, a dependency manager for PHP.

Create a composer.json in the root folder of your project or extend the existing one and declare this package as a dependency:

For install the develop branch (unstable)

	"minimum-stability": "dev",
	"require": {
		"typo3-ci/typo3cms": "dev-develop"

For install the master branch (stable)

	"require": {
		"typo3-ci/typo3cms": "dev-master"

Since the package is managed with Packagist this is all what you need.

This will install the PHP_CodeSniffer and the TYPO3SniffPool into the vendor/ folder of your project. For more informations about Composer have a look at their documentation.

For a system-wide installation, you can use:

composer global require "typo3-ci/typo3cms=dev-master"

Make sure to have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ in your path.


The second way is to clone the repository from github. In this case you have to take care about the dependencies by yourself.

$ git clone
$ git clone

How to use

As various the installations methods are, as various the usage is.


Change into your project folder and call the PHP_CodeSniffer from there:

$ cd myproject
$ php vendor/squizlabs/php_codesniffer/scripts/phpcs --standard=TYPO3CMS /path/to/folder

Its also possible to call this standard with a global installed PHP_CodeSniffer (f.e. via PEAR)

$ cd myproject
$ phpcs --standard=vendor/squizlabs/php_codesniffer/CodeSniffer/Standards/TYPO3CMS/ruleset.xml /path/to/folder


After you cloned the standard and it dependencies the usage is nearly the same as above. There are two main methods.

  1. Copy the standard into the Standards/ folder of the PHP_CodeSniffer and call it with --standard=TYPO3CMS

  2. Put the standard at any place you want and call point to it absolutely --standard=/path/to/TYPO3CMS/ruleset.xml


Please have a look at the dedicated wiki page for information about how you can contribute to this project.

Further informations