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A sliding post plugins to display featured content in a nice carousel

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Typo Sliding Posts

This plugin is – obviously – a carousel for Typo, the famous Ruby on Rails blogging system avaliable at

Typo carousel displays featured posts at the topcontent on your blog homepage grabbing pictures from the post.

Installing Typo Sliding Posts

To use Typo Sliding Posts, you’ll need to download and install Hpricot. Hpricot is a cool HTML parsing library. Install the gem if you don’t have it yet.

Installing Typo Sliding Posts is pretty easy :

./script/plugins install git://

Then, edit your template, and add this to your articles index view (should be views/articles/index.html.erb) and add the following:

<%= render_sliding_posts(@articles) %>

You’re done!

Now, everytime you want to display some featured content on your blog, just add a picture into your post, using the ‘carousel’ class:

<img src='/some/path.jpg' class='carousel' alt='my cool picture' />

Typo Sliding Posts will take care of everything else.

Copyright © 2009 Frédéric de Villamil, released under the MIT license

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