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Translating Typora

If you want to help translate Typora into other languages, we would very appreciate that.

Improve existing translations

  • Just fork this project, change text resources and make a pull request

Add a new language Interface

  1. Check our issue list to see if there are already someone else translating the text recourse to your language. If not, open an issue to tell others that you doing the translation, in order to avoid duplicate work.
  2. Fork this repo.
  3. Create a folder named {locale}.lproj, local code should be picked from locale-identifiers.csv.
  4. Copy *.strings files from Base.lproj to {locale}.lproj.
  5. Open *.strings with any text/code editor, do the translation. Please also check the translation rules.
  6. Make a pull request to us.
  7. We could also appreciate if you leave any contact method, like email, in issues or in *.strings file after your translation, so we can reach you and, at least, give free license as rewards after we come out of beta. You could also email us directly if you do not want your email address go public in Github.

Translation rules


01/25/2018 Add missing text resouces: #04218fa42

02/16/2018 Add missing text resouces: #7ae85cf42

03/10/2018 Add missing text resouces: #a636f57f1

03/17/2018 Add text resource for images related function: #ce636bae9

05/01 #b3fe265ff5


Can I test my translations?

Sorry… We do not support that. If you are not sure about the context of the some original English text resource or have doubts about your translation, please feel free to contact us.


Feel free to contact us via