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# Declare your gem's dependencies in typus.gemspec.
# Bundler will treat runtime dependencies like base dependencies, and
# development dependencies will be added by default to the :development group.
# Gems used only for assets and not required
# in production environments by default.
group :assets do
gem "sass-rails", "~> 3.2.3"
gem "coffee-rails", "~> 3.2.1"
gem "uglifier", ">= 1.0.3"
# Database adapters
platforms :jruby do
gem "activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter"
gem "activerecord-jdbcpostgresql-adapter"
gem "activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter"
gem "jruby-openssl" # JRuby limited openssl loaded.
platforms :ruby do
gem "mysql2"
gem "pg"
gem "sqlite3"
# Typus can manage lists, trees, trashes, so we want to enable this stuff
# on the demo.
gem "acts_as_list"
gem "acts_as_tree"
gem "rails-permalink", "~> 1.0.0"
gem "rails-trash", "~> 2.0.0"
# We want to be able to use Factory Girl for seeding data.
gem "factory_girl_rails", "~> 1.6.0"
# For some reason I also need to define the `jquery-rails` gem here.
gem "jquery-rails"
# Rich Text Editor
gem "ckeditor-rails", "~> 0.0.3"
# Alternative authentication
gem "devise", "~> 2.0.0"
# Asset Management with Dragonfly
gem "dragonfly", "~> 0.9.10"
gem "rack-cache", :require => "rack/cache"
# Asset Management with Paperclip
gem "paperclip", "~> 2.5.2"
# MongoDB
gem "mongoid", "~> 2.4.3"
gem "bson_ext", "~> 1.5.2"
group :test do
gem "shoulda-context", "~> 1.0.0"
gem "mocha" # Make sure mocha is loaded at the end ...
# Remember to install the Chrome or Safari extension, otherwise it doesn't
# make sense to have this here.
group :development do
# gem "guard-livereload"
# gem "rb-fsevent"
# gem "growl_notify"
gem "SystemTimer", :platform => :ruby_18
gem "kaminari"
# gem "will_paginate"
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