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3.2.0 (unrelased)

  • [CHANGED] Application emails now use host_with_port to generate the url. This is usefull when running multi-domain applications.

  • [CHANGED] Updated gems dependencies.

  • [CHANGED] Dropped support for Ruby 1.8.7. This doesn't mean Typus will not run with that version of Ruby, but I don't longer have plans to test against that version.

  • [CHANGED] We do not longer look for Typus configuration files in the plugins folder. Store them in config/typus or lib/*/config/typus. Rails 4 will not support plugins and Rails 3.2 marks them as deprecated so doesn't make sense to support them anymore.

  • [CHANGED] Require at least Rails 3.2.2.

  • [FIXED] Documentation about exporting data.

  • [CHANGED] login_info helper becomes admin_login_info.

  • [CHANGED] search helper becomes admin_search.

  • [CHANGED] title helper becomes admin_title (and merged methods).

  • [CHANGED] apps helper becomes admin_apps.

  • [CHANGED] We do not longer detect if the application has a root_path defined. A new setting Typus.admin_title_link has been added so we have more control on which URL we want to use. This is useful because we don't always want to link to the main site.

  • [CHANGED] display_flash_message becomes admin_display_flash_message.

  • [CHANGED] "Add New" becomes "Add".

  • [FIXED] return_to now works as expected so now it's easier to send links to the admin interface.

  • [CHANGED] "Applications" in dashboard is now "Site administration".

  • [FIXED] Model names in Trash module.

  • [CHANGED] Removed generate_html alias method and use get_paginated_data. This also fixes the usage of ctags.

  • [CHANGED] Do not show "Add" link on the sidebar because it's confusing, duplicated. We also have plans to remove the sidebar, so consider this as an starting point. (Sidebar will be replaced by a drop down menu.)

  • [CHANGED] No need to confirm when pressing "Sign out".

  • [CHANGED] Instead of settings the session to nil when login out, we are now removing it using session.delete(:typus_user_id).

  • [CHANGED] TypusClass#to_label now returns the email.

  • [CHANGED] Session and account forms are now using Typus.user_class.

  • [CHANGED] Extracted account and session forms into a partial.

  • [CHANGED] not_allowed now accepts an param so we can give better feedback to the user when an action is not allowed.

  • [FIXED] Filter scopes so we can only run those scopes defined in configuration files.

  • [NEW] Model.typus_scopes to detect defined scopes.

  • [CHANGED] Datetime/Time filters use Time intervals. (all_day, all_week ...)

  • Added pagination detection on associations.

  • [FIXED] acts_as_tree select values should be scaped.

  • [FIXED] Scope should be always we applied to index action.

  • Added Typus.whitelist_ip so we can configure which IP are allowed to log into Typus, this is useful on systems with critical data stored.


3.1.11 (unreleased)

  • Added pagination detection on associations.


3.1.10 (2012-03-27)

  • [FIXED] Filter scopes so we can only run those scopes defined in configuration files.

  • [NEW] Model.typus_scopes to detect defined scopes.


3.1.9 (2012-03-08)

  • [FIXED] _addanother save button is only shown if the user has permission to perform the action.

  • [FIXED] Custom actions on show are now showed.

  • [CHANGED] Detect if application has Kaminari or WillPaginate, otherwise we will not setup a paginate and will tell the user to install one of those mechanisms. In the near future Typus will provide a simple pagination mechahism.

  • [NEW] Option to enable and disable counters on resources. Enabled by default.

  • [FIXED] Fixed Dir compatibility for Jruby.

  • [CHANGED] session#destroy now uses DELETE.

  • [CHANGED] CSV/XML links should include filters.

  • [CHANGED] Removed find_in_batches from "csv_export". It was useless.

  • [FIXED] Fixed converting route to resource for "singular" class. Eg. "CustomerData" was being converted to "CustomerDatum".


3.1.8 (2012-02-05)

  • [CHANGED] CSV generation is now performed in memory so we play nice with Heroku.

  • [CHANGED] We now can export XML, CSV and JSON without restriction. If fields are not defined for a format, defaults will be used.

  • [CHANGED] Updated Kaminari to 0.13.0 so we are now Rails 3.2.0 compatible.

  • [CHANGED] We now also load configuration files from "lib//config" as this is marked as deprecated in Rails 3.2.0.

  • [CHANGED] Updated Gems for the dummy application. This fixes deprecation warnings and keeps the plugin up to date.


3.1.7 (2012-01-25)

  • [FIXED] Require ActiveRecord extension only if ActiveRecord is defined.

  • [NEW] Show association name on related tables.

  • [FIXED] Fixed gemspec to add compatibility with Rails 3.2.0


3.1.6 (2012-01-02)

  • [FIXED] "Save and continue editing" button was shown even when the user didn't have acess to it.

  • [CHANGED] Improved MongoDB support.

  • [NEW] We can now filter by integer.

  • [FIXED] Independent paginators when showing associations.


3.1.5 (2011-12-10)

  • [CHANGED] Association tables now contain a "show" link.

  • [FIXED] Generators check if there's a database connection.

  • [CHANGED] ActsAsList module now can only perform whitelisted actions.

  • [CHANGED] ActsAsList hooks moved completely to it's module.

  • [CHANGED] Repository moved again to



  • [FIXED] Belongs to helper was not creating properly class ids.



  • [CHANGED] Added Typus.chosen so we can disable "Chosen". This will be in Typus until "Chosen" supports remote data calls.

  • [NEW] This is not really new ... I've taken back the autocomplete feature which will be used eventually by "Chosen" once they support remote calls.

  • [CHANGED] Typus::Resources.minute_step is now nil by default.

  • [CHANGED] Date and DateTime selectors should not set current date by default.

  • [CHANGED] Generator now stores model configuration in a file with the name of the model, not the plural.

  • [CHANGED] Generators can be run without setting up a database.

  • [CHANGED] We do not longer hide search boxes on Chosen. Apparently it has been fixed:

  • [FIXED] Detaching a Paperclip was not working.



  • [CHANGED] Images, links and belongs_to associations do not have links when popup mode. This will avoid an "Inception" problem.

  • [FIXED] Problems on HABTM associations when generating association names.


  • [CHANGED] Removed user guide. Docs can now be found at

  • [NEW] New configuration setting which allows serving Typus from a subdomain. (42b5d8ae)

  • [FIXED] HABTM associations were not working as expected when using namespaced models.

  • [CHANGED] Configuration can be read from subfolders so you can organize better your models. I'm starting to use a file per model and I'd recommend you start using it ... (8a3fc09f)

  • [FIXED] Helper Method display_virtual was not defined. (2b7e1948)

  • [FIXED] Do not show Trash link when user can't edit items.

  • [CHANGED] Updated Rubies list for Travis-CI.

  • [CHANGED] Default development/test database is now Postgresql.


  • [NEW] Filter with scopes.

  • [NEW] Three different actions to save a record.

  • [CHANGED] Now we have a dashboard for every installed application.

  • [CHANGED] Associations are now cleaner. No more "relate" and "unrelate".

  • [NEW] (

  • [NEW] Formalize (

  • [NEW] Chosen (

  • [CHANGED] We now support data types, which is basically a cleaner way to add support to future data models. (Eg. CarrierWave)

  • [CHANGED] Dragonfly attachments now also show details. (Size, date ...)

  • [CHANGED] Improved usability by using Fancybox to add new related records.

  • [NEW] Bulk actions.

  • [CHANGED] Controllers are now splitted into modules so we can have a library of common use cases.

  • [CHANGED] WillPaginate has been replaced by Kaminari.

  • [CHANGED] TypusCMS becomes TypusCMF.

  • [NEW] Applications tabs can be sorted!

  • [NEW] Models can be hidden from sidebars and dashboard.

  • [NEW] Module to enable Trash functionality. Need the rails-trash plugin.

  • [FIXED] We should be able to use namespaced models with more than 2 levels of namespace.

  • [CHANGED] We can't longer set models as "Read Only" from the configuration files, this was interesting but not really usefull as anyone could mass-assign attributes. Now to set an attribute as "Read Only" you only need to protect it using "attr_protected".

  • [NEW] Detect "attr_protected" roles.

  • [NEW] Asset pipeline usage. (Yes, we are in Rails 3.1)

  • [CHANGED] Removed "Autocomplete" module.

  • [NEW] Typus is now tested with Travis-CI.

  • [NEW] Improved MongoDB support.

  • [NEW] Improved Devise support out of the box.

  • [CHANGED] Improved how exporters work. Exporting only works if we define it on the model, otherwise will raise a 422 error.

  • [CHANGED] Updated mailer templates and renamed them. We are using the templates provided by Devise.

  • [CHANGED] We can set image sizes.

  • [CHANGED] Moved demo application to "test/dummy" following "enginex" conventions.

  • [CHANGED] We are not longer using FasterCSV on Ruby 1.8.7.

  • [NEW] Introduced the concept of "Widgets". Dashboard is now a "Widget".

  • [CHANGED] Custom actions are back!

  • [REMOVED] Read Only option has been removed from configuration files. This wasn't really protecting the forms. We are now using attr_protected with roles: attr_protected :title, :as => :admin.

  • [CHANGED] Configuration files are now generated by model not by groups.


  • [FIXED] Use will_paginate 3.0.0.


  • [NEW] Refactored and renamed User extensions to AdminUserV1.

  • [NEW] AdminUserV2 which uses bcrypt and it's simpler. This will be the default authentication mechanism for my new apps.


  • [FIXED] Missing alias. (Commit 2af7d4cfd98bb0)


  • [CHANGED] Updated assets. Please run the typus:assets generator in order to create the new files on the new location.


  • [NEW] Support for has many through relationships. [jmeiss]

  • [CHANGED] Removed typus pagination module and use will_paginate one. Pagination options can be configure overriding Typus.pagination variable.

  • [FIXED] Queries are now using the table name. [tyx]

  • [NEW] All queries are unscoped so we can separate completely the frontend from the backend.

  • [NEW] We can disable sortable tables.

  • [FIXED] Url generation bug when using namespaced STI models. [masone]

  • [NEW] Raise an exception if config for model cannot be found. [masone]

  • [FIXED] Minor bug fixes and re-styling ...

  • [NEW] Layouts contain metatag with generator information.

  • [NEW] Added missing csrf_meta_tag in session.html.erb layout.

  • [NEW] Added constrain to database to avoid duplicated emails.

  • [FIXED] Dates on tables are localized.

  • [FIXED] @resource.classify.constantize becomes @resource.constantize.

  • [CHANGED] Updated typus_preview to display original filaname when file is not an image.

  • [NEW] Support for Dragonfly attachments. Template for this kind of attribute is _dragonfly.html.erb.

  • [CHANGED] Paperclip attachments are detected as :paperclip thus the form template is not _paperclip.html.erb.

  • [NEW] 中文 (zh-CN) translation. [ZoOL]

  • [CHANGED] action_after_save by default is index. This has been changed after a usability test with a client.

  • [NEW] Greek (el) translation. [Spyros Livathinos]

  • [CHANGED] Updated jQuery to v1.4.4

  • [CHANGED] Updated fancybox to v1.3.4

  • [NEW] New generator: rails generate typus:assets.

  • [NEW] Created UserVoice (

  • [CHANGED] Table of contents on documentation for easier access.

  • [CHANGED] Display — where no content is available.

  • [NEW] Admin::ResourcesController includes Typus::Extensions if available.

  • [CHANGED] Removed remove_filter_link helper in favour of predefined links to filters.

  • [NEW] Custom actions can be injected into table actions. This needs some refector to be more powerful (roles) but it works for now.

  • [CHANGED] current_user is now admin_user.

  • [CHANGED] All available locales are shown to the user.

  • [CHANGED] All the I18n stuff of typus is now under Typus::I18n namespace.

  • [CHANGED] /admin/help is now /admin/user_guide.

  • [NEW] Link to /admin/user_guide from the sidebar.

  • [CHANGED] AdminUser::LANGUAGES becomes AdminUser::LOCALE so you'll have to update your AdminUser.

  • [NEW] Better application templates.


  • [FIXED] Use Arel to get the data on lists. After moving to will_paginate I broke the data method, on each list we where "selecting ALL on the table of the current model" (Really ugly bug) [Reported by NateW]

  • [FIXED]* If @current_user was being set many times on each request, thanks to Rails caching mechanism this was not affecting to the performance. Now we only see the @current_user once. (As it should be.)


  • [FIXED] After moving from a vendored paginator to will_paginate I removed some stuff which shouldn't be removed, so the 3.0.0 gem is totally broken.

  • [FIXED] Force query with postgresql adapter to not be case sensitive [jmeiss]


  • [NEW] New gem version compatible with Rails 3.


Why a 3.0.0 version? After considering the work done for the Rails 3 transition I though it would be a good idea to keep versions syncronized with Rails.

Typus will have the same version numbers as Rails as I considered it's pretty tied to it. With each release of Rails, we will take the latest features into Typus.

Pending stuff that someday will be done, donations and collaborations are accepted.

  • Add AJAX, specially when removing and adding new relationships.

  • Transversal search and full models search.

  • Test the helpers and add some functional testing.

  • Nested models.

  • Contextual content depending on the role logged.