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Typus: Admin interface for Rails applications

Typus is designed for a single activity:

Trusted users editing structured content.

Typus doesn't try to be all the things to all the people but it's extensible enough to match lots of use cases.

Key Features

  • User Authentication with registration and account activation

  • User Permissions by using Access Control Lists (stored in yaml files)

  • CRUD and custom actions for your models on a clean interface.

  • Internationalized interface.

  • Extensible and overwritable templates.

  • Low memory footprint.

  • Works with Rails 3.0.0 and is Ruby 1.9.2 compatible.

  • Tested with SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • MIT License, the same as Rails.



Install from GitHub the latest version which it's compatible with Rails 3.0.0.

$ rails plugin install git://

Once installed, run the generator to create required files.

$ rails generate typus

Start the application server and go to


Copyright © 2007-2010 Francesc Esplugas, released under the MIT license.

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