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= 3.2.0 (unreleased)
* [PLANNED] Models without a controller defined should use the "Resources"
* [PLANNED] New theme and theme support.
= 3.1.0 (unreleased)
* [PLANNED] Block changing uploaded files.
* [PLANNED] Use roles when using `:none` authentication.
* [PLANNED] Fix bulk actions combo separator. (UI)
* [PLANNED] Remove "Versions" stuff from demo sidebar.
* [PLANNED] Fix selector UI problems.
* [PLANNED] Reload data on forms only if data has changed. (UI)
* [PLANNED] Take back "Add New" on "BelongsTo" associations.
* [PLANNED] Document: `text_with_ckeditor_with_assets`.
* [PLANNED] Document: Migrate from `3.0` to `3.1`.
* [PLANNED] Document: How to test an admin controller?
* [PLANNED] Namespace filters to avoid collision with model attributes.
* [PLANNED] Helpers for `display_dragonfly` and `display_paperclip`.
* [NEW] Mountable apps support!
* [NEW] Filter with scopes.
* [NEW] Three different actions to save a record.
* [CHANGED] Now we have a dashboard for every installed application.
* [CHANGED] Associations are now cleaner. No more "relate" and "unrelate".
* [NEW] (
* [NEW] Formalize (
* [NEW] Chosen (
* [CHANGED] We now support data types, which is basically a cleaner way to
add support to future data models. (Eg. CarrierWave)
* [CHANGED] Dragonfly attachments now also show details. (Size, date ...)
* [CHANGED] Improved usability by using Fancybox to add new related records.
* [NEW] Bulk actions.
* [CHANGED] Controllers are now splitted into modules so we can have a library
of common use cases.
* [CHANGED] WillPaginate has been replaced by Kaminari.
* [CHANGED] TypusCMS becomes TypusCMF.
* [NEW] Applications tabs can be sorted!
* [NEW] Models can be hidden from sidebars and dashboard.
* [NEW] Module to enable Trash functionality. Need the rails-trash plugin.
* [FIXED] We should be able to use namespaced models with more than 2 levels
of namespace.
* [CHANGED] We can't longer set models as "Read Only" from the configuration
files, this was interesting but not really usefull as anyone could mass-assign
attributes. Now to set an attribute as "Read Only" you only need to protect
it using "attr_protected".
* [NEW] Detect "attr_protected" roles.
* [NEW] Asset pipeline usage. (Yes, we are in Rails 3.1)
* [CHANGED] Removed "Autocomplete" module.
* [NEW] Typus is now tested with Travis-CI.
* [NEW] Improved MongoDB support.
* [NEW] Improved Devise support out of the box.
* [CHANGED] Improved how exporters work. Exporting only works if we define it
on the model, otherwise will raise a 422 error.
* [CHANGED] Updated mailer templates and renamed them. We are using the
templates provided by Devise.
* [CHANGED] We can set image sizes.
* [CHANGED] Moved demo application to "test/dummy" following "enginex"
* [CHANGED] We are not longer using FasterCSV on Ruby 1.8.7.
* [NEW] Introduced the concept of "Widgets". Dashboard is now a "Widget".
* [CHANGED] Custom actions are back!
= 3.0.12
* [FIXED] Use will_paginate 3.0.0.
= 3.0.9
* [NEW] Refactored and renamed `User` extensions to `AdminUserV1`.
* [NEW] `AdminUserV2` which uses `bcrypt` and it's simpler. This will be the
default authentication mechanism for my new apps.
= 3.0.8 (unreleased)
* [FIXED] Missing alias. (Commit 2af7d4cfd98bb0)
= 3.0.7
*[CHANGED] Updated assets. Please run the `typus:assets` generator in order
to create the new files on the new location.
= 3.0.3
* [NEW] Support for has many through relationships. [jmeiss]
* [CHANGED] Removed typus pagination module and use `will_paginate` one.
Pagination options can be configure overriding `Typus.pagination` variable.
* [FIXED] Queries are now using the table name. [tyx]
* [NEW] All queries are `unscoped` so we can separate completely the frontend
from the backend.
* [NEW] We can disable sortable tables.
* [FIXED] Url generation bug when using namespaced STI models. [masone]
* [NEW] Raise an exception if config for model cannot be found. [masone]
* [FIXED] Minor bug fixes and re-styling ...
* [NEW] Layouts contain metatag with generator information.
* [NEW] Added missing csrf_meta_tag in `session.html.erb` layout.
* [NEW] Added constrain to database to avoid duplicated emails.
* [FIXED] Dates on tables are localized.
* [FIXED] `@resource.classify.constantize` becomes `@resource.constantize`.
* [CHANGED] Updated `typus_preview` to display original filaname when file is
not an image.
* [NEW] Support for Dragonfly attachments. Template for this kind of attribute
is `_dragonfly.html.erb`.
* [CHANGED] Paperclip attachments are detected as `:paperclip` thus the form
template is not `_paperclip.html.erb`.
* [NEW] 中文 (zh-CN) translation. [ZoOL]
* [CHANGED] `action_after_save` by default is `index`. This has been changed
after a usability test with a client.
* [NEW] Greek (el) translation. [Spyros Livathinos]
* [CHANGED] Updated jQuery to v1.4.4
* [CHANGED] Updated fancybox to v1.3.4
* [NEW] New generator: `rails generate typus:assets`.
* [NEW] Created UserVoice (
* [CHANGED] Table of contents on documentation for easier access.
* [CHANGED] Display `—` where no content is available.
* [NEW] `Admin::ResourcesController` includes `Typus::Extensions` if available.
* [CHANGED] Removed `remove_filter_link` helper in favour of predefined links
to filters.
* [NEW] Custom actions can be injected into table actions. This needs some
refector to be more powerful (roles) but it works for now.
* [CHANGED] `current_user` is now `admin_user`.
* [CHANGED] All available locales are shown to the user.
* [CHANGED] All the I18n stuff of `typus` is now under Typus::I18n namespace.
* [CHANGED] `/admin/help` is now `/admin/user_guide`.
* [NEW] Link to `/admin/user_guide` from the sidebar.
* [CHANGED] AdminUser::LANGUAGES becomes AdminUser::LOCALE so you'll have to
update your AdminUser.
* [NEW] Better application templates.
= 3.0.2
* [FIXED] Use Arel to get the data on lists. After moving to will_paginate I
broke the data method, on each list we where "selecting ALL on the table of
the current model" (Really ugly bug) [Reported by NateW]
* [FIXED]* If @current_user was being set many times on each request, thanks
to Rails caching mechanism this was not affecting to the performance. Now we
only see the @current_user once. (As it should be.)
= 3.0.1
* [FIXED] After moving from a vendored paginator to will_paginate I removed
some stuff which shouldn't be removed, so the 3.0.0 gem is totally broken.
* [FIXED] Force query with postgresql adapter to not be case sensitive [jmeiss]
= 3.0.0
* [NEW] New gem version compatible with Rails 3.
= Previously
Why a 3.0.0 version? After considering the work done for the Rails 3 transition
I though it would be a good idea to keep versions syncronized with Rails.
Typus will have the same version numbers as Rails as I considered it's pretty
tied to it. With each release of Rails, we will take the latest features into
Pending stuff that someday will be done, donations and collaborations are
* Add AJAX, specially when removing and adding new relationships.
* Transversal search and full models search.
* Test the helpers and add some functional testing.
* Nested models.
* Contextual content depending on the role logged.
* Replace typus authentication by devise.
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