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Typus: Admin Panel for Ruby on Rails applications

Typus allows trusted users to edit structured content.

Key Features

  • Built-in Authentication and Access Control Lists.
  • CRUD and custom actions for your models on a clean interface.
  • Internationalized interface (See available translations)
  • Customizable and extensible templates.
  • Integrated paperclip and dragonfly attachments viewer.
  • Works with Rails 3.0.X.
  • Tested with latest versions of 1.8.7, ree, 1.9.2 and jruby.
  • Tested with SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.



Add Typus to your Gemfile

gem 'typus', :git => 'git://', :branch => '3-1-unstable'

Update your bundle, run the generator and start the application server:

$ bundle install
$ rails generate typus
$ rails server

and go to


Typus is released under the MIT license.

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