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ack-and-a-half.el provides a simple compilation mode for the perl grep-a-like ack (


Add the following to your .emacs:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/ack-and-a-half")
(autoload 'ack-and-a-half-same "ack-and-a-half" nil t)
(autoload 'ack-and-a-half "ack-and-a-half" nil t)
(autoload 'ack-and-a-half-find-file-same "ack-and-a-half" nil t)
(autoload 'ack-and-a-half-find-file "ack-and-a-half" nil t)
;; Create shorter aliases
(defalias 'ack 'ack-and-a-half)
(defalias 'ack-same 'ack-and-a-half-same)
(defalias 'ack-find-file 'ack-and-a-half-find-file)
(defalias 'ack-find-file-same 'ack-and-a-half-find-file-same)

This will load the ack-and-a-half functions, and create shorter aliases for them.


ack-and-a-half was created from ack.el and full-ack.el. Both had features that I liked, but neither was satisfactory on its own. Thus ack-and-a-half was born.


Many thanks to the following people for their contributions:

  • Gleb Peregud
  • Kim van Wyk
  • Ronaldo M. Ferraz