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A generator for Backbone in Rails >= 3.1. The Language is javascript (no coffee) and the template engine is (only) handlebars wrapped in haml! However this generator takes advantage of hooks (brought by yehuda in rails 3) so it is easy to add other template engines and so on...


This is not a general purpose generator. I made it to fit my needs, specially with Views which heavily rely on backbone.grid. My plan is to make a more generic version later, or gladly accept a pull request that adds one ;-). Regarding templates I'm using handlebars, but it's fairly easy to add another one and use hooks to make the hole thing extremely modular.

Install with Rails 3.1

In your Gemfile :

gem "backbonify"


In your console :

rails g backbonify:install
rails g backbonify:scaffold Model field:type field:type

More Usage

backbonify:scaffold hooks on those (sub) generators. You can also cherry pick them!

rails g backbonify:model Model field:type ...
rails g backbonify:router Model
rails g backbonify:view Model
rails g backbonify:template Model field:type ...

What it Looks like (with styling)


Dependencies for haml and handlebars

Include them in your Gemfile

gem 'handlebars_assets'
gem 'haml_assets', :git => ""
gem 'haml', :git => '', :branch => 'form_for_fix'


specs ! & examples.

Thanks to

Originally I wanted to fork backbone-rails to add javascript version (instead of coffeescript only). But it was too far a part.


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.