Ruby tool for functional testing of Flex applications
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Please look under gem/website
We should put this on the GitHub wiki to make it easier to edit.

TODO before 0.2.0


  • (P) Get rid of the AutoQuick codebase – base FunFX only on the automation API
    • Must not depend on XML file at runtime

Website / Docs

  • Automate gem release on RubyForge (rake release)
  • Automate publish of website (rake website_upload)
  • Make demo app part of website
    • (A OK) git mv demo-app/lib/DemoApp.* gem/website/
    • (A OK) Update scripts so specs still pass
    • (P) Update howtos
    • Move rest of this file to gem/website/
  • (P) More demo app specs

TODO after 0.2.0

  • Refactor the awful duplication in
    • Different return values for unsynched and invisible
    • eval() is gone from AS3, but we can fake it… with apply and our own dotted syntax.
  • Add method to get all properties of an element (useful for debugging)
  • Get rid of ARG_SEP – use varargs instead.
  • Use RCov and aim for 100% coverage of all generated methods
  • Add method to retrieve screenshot
  • Allow lookup of elements from elements:
    • tree = @flex.tree({:id => ’objectTree’})
    • button = tree.button(:label => ‘Default Button’)
  • Make snake_case aliases for camelCase methods (in code generation) – use camelCase in PDF
  • Split PDF into 3-4 smaller PDFs
  • Add method to get all properties of an element (useful for debugging)


  • Put the Flex app’s ID in the beginning of the @flex_id
  • Extract a Decoder class
  • Turn off DOT in RDOC
  • Generate code based on same code that we generate class diagram with (no longer use bang!)



  • The showInAutomationHierarchy property seems to cause that elements can’t be looked up. Investigate…